Allied Insurance Brokers Limited
(Kingston, Jamaica)

"The sessions were excellent. We learnt new concepts that will be utilized by the staff to aid their thought processes and their decision making. For instance, everyone has learnt the five stages of change. It’s fully embraced. If someone is taking too long to do something, they now jokingly ask, ‘Are you still stuck in pre-contemplation?’ I am happy to learn that ‘stress’ is actually fear. I hear the buzz word ‘stress’ used and that’s not a good thing. I will make an effort to remember this. I have a formal time to talk with my 11 managers and I will now have discussions about how we can manage and therefore eliminate fear. We will definitely embrace the breathing exercises. For instance, in the next strategic retreat, we have included diaphragmatic breathing on our agenda. We will also make it a part of our monthly management and staff meetings. The manner in which you present is very effective because you are not only showing us the evidence that change is needed, but you are also show us how to change. Our organisation is willing to change and our staff is making change a natural part of their environment."
Amanda Beepat
Chief Executive Officer, Allied Insurance Brokers Limited, Kingston, Jamaica


"It was an excellent set of workshops. I have been in a process of change since the start of last year. Your sessions have given me the tools and latitude to change. You have helped me confirm that some of the steps I have taken were good and that the task that I have set before me will have a successful end. What empowered me the most was the structure you have given us, such as tools to make changes and I how to navigate and succeed making changes. I liked how you taught us to forget the externals and focus on what matters: sustaining happiness is paramount for me and with the ingredients of happiness presented along with the supported statements backed by research the key to happiness is within reach."
Garfield Grant
Employee Benefits Manager, Allied Insurance Brokers Limited, Kingston, Jamaica


"I was so impressed. You’ve clearly put a lot of effort into your course material and presentation. People are interested when they know they will gain something. I definitely know, not only will many of the staff be changed people in the future, but so will our organisation. I learnt so much from you. Sometimes you try to get other people to change and you don’t understand, ‘why don’t you do it this way?’ But now I understand the processes of change. You surprised me with some techniques to help people change, but going through the workshops I began to realize that there are different ways to handle things and different approaches to help people understand why they need to change. You helped me make more conscious decisions. I especially liked your pre-mortem technique. At one time or another we all sit in our groups and complain about something, but pre-mortems will give me more ideas and help me make sounder decisions. We are so impressed that when we meet in the corridors we use your techniques, even without realizing it. All the topics were very useful, especially change and there were many ideas that we need to implement, but what was most impressive for me was the way you embraced us and interacted with us. You allow people to make their point without feeling afraid or ridiculed. You showed us where we went wrong and you had enough data to back up what you were saying."
Kay Ann Harry-Taylor
Assistant Manager, Allied Insurance Brokers Limited, Kingston, Jamaica


"For me the most important part of your sessions was getting us to examine, 'Are we happy?' and that we have the ability to change. Although peoples’ personalities are defined at an early stage, I like how you suggest we can change and adapt to our environment for the better. You are challenging us to decide are we making the best choices. For most of the staff you have highlighted the benefits of being happy, having long- and short-term goals, making healthy lifestyle changes, and making changes. You are helping the staff let their guard down. People put on a facade about how they are truly feeling. Unless people put their guard down, you don’t know how they are feeling. For instance, you challenged us by asking us what our true values are and highlighted the importance of doing techniques like diaphragmatic breathing consistently."
Robert Thomson
Account Executive, Allied Insurance Brokers Limited, Kingston, Jamaica


"Your workshops stimulated me to look on life in a new perspective. They also taught me that the usual way of breathing was incorrect. The simple technique of diaphragmatic breathing which you taught us has assisted me relax throughout my hectic work day. You've also stimulated me to get over my shy and reserved personality. The PowerPoints you presented were not only informative, but you've also given us your research sources, so that we could look at the information for ourselves if there was any doubt in your guidance."
Shelleha Christie
Claim Associate, Allied Insurance Brokers Limited, Kingston, Jamaica
Belize Chamber of Commerce
(Belize, Central America)

"I enjoyed it. There wasn’t anyone who didn’t want to interact. You helped me work out what I was thinking and fight my fears by answering your questions. You opened the audiences’ minds to look at issues in a different manner. I personally learnt that perception plays a lot. If I keep on fearing things I will not be successful. I really wish my mom had been here. The key for me was perception of my fear is the key to my happiness and success. Hence, being hardier can help me accomplish meeting my goals, blocking out the fears within. I also learnt that I can change with enough dedication and support."
Akmar Codd
Membership Representative, Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Belize City, Belize


"The audience responded well. They were not afraid to open up and say what they really felt. sI didn’t know that it would be as interesting as it turned out to be. I thought I would be bored, but I found it very interesting and helpful. For instance, I have a lot of things I want to change about myself and you have shown me how. You made me admit that I need to change what’s wrong with me and I realized that I can change if I really want to and put my mind to it. Change is hard for me, but I am willing to open myself up to it. Change will be the difference between life and death in my case, and therefore the choice is clear."
Ruth Gillett
Senior Administrator/Human Resource Officer, Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Belize City, Belize


"I have attended so many leadership workshops but not like this one. Your course was so different. Never before have I done a workshop from this angle – on values and goals. The course was very intense, but as a result, I now understand values far more thoroughly. What I enjoyed the most was coming to the realization that I need to get my fundamental values in their right place and set goals to be who I really want to be in this life and of course, get true happiness, while at the same time ensuring that I am not self-centered. There are so many values but I can’t have all of them at the forefront. So I need to choose the core ones that will develop direction for me in my personal life and as an effective leader in the workplace. Each person has their own set of values. I can’t force my values on others who are around my daily surroundings. But I can adopt values as tolerance and respect to help me successfully work with them. I must say this is a challenge as it seems too perfect but I am sure I can work diligently towards."
Yorshabell Cattouse
Manager of Member Relations, Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Belize City, Belize


Belize Emergency Response Team
(Belize City, Belize)

"Brilliant presentation and relevant material, thank you! So much of your information is applicable to my staff. My staff benefited from learning how not to allow fear to affect them as much. I often try to discuss what you are saying with them, in different ways of course. Culturally Belize is a very complacent country; frequently blaming everyone else for issues and never pausing to consider what was 'my' role in a negative outcome and what change would make a difference. I loved your NOISE and NESTS, especially the optimism, as it’s easy to remember and I am an optimist. I am now working with my staff in an attempt to foster positive changes and conquer fear."
Yvette Burks
National Coordinator, Belize Emergency Response Team, Belize City, Belize


Ceylon Chamber of Commerce
(Colombo, Sri Lanka)

"You were an eye-opener. Many people tell you to do what you love, but few people tell you how to be happy when you’re not. You taught me to be happy so I can engage in struggles in a better way. You can create greater impacts when you are happy. I liked how you emphasised that happiness is a choice. Choosing to be happy or not happy was the greatest wakening call I got. You made us all feel at home. It was fantastic. The audience felt one with the session and alive. Your 5-hour sessions were not fatiguing. I felt great that I was part of this and immersed in the experience. You made it seem so natural and thus we didn’t feel as if our perceptions had been pushed to change, even though we did change them."
Asanka Wickramasinghe
Founder, Consulage and Channelcert, Colombo, Sri Lanka


"The basic essence of life is what you have been teaching us. From birth we encounter fear. When parents have problems with their children eating they use fear, but instead we should use your happiness approach. I’m Head of Human Resources at UB Finance so I see real advantages in using your techniques and material. We don’t want our employees in ‘fear psychosis’ (worrying about the past and future). We need them to leave in the present moment and eliminate fear. You initially set us up with many questions and were made to think. Your topics are not discussed in Sri Lanka, so you made us think differently."
Meditha Karunatillaka
Head of Human Resources, UB Finance, Colombo, Sri Lanka


"After hearing you explain how there is no such thing as stress, my initial reaction was complete denial. I have just been working on an Occupational Stress Survey. However, as the sessions went on I realized that fear is a fundamental obstruction. Fear stops people doing things that they can do. I started seeing a pattern in the examples that the audience were providing when they said that they were ‘stressed.’ I recognised that they all came from the exact same source: fear. The discomfort I initially felt when you challenged my perspective was excellent because I realised that I was a prisoner of my own ego. As a therapist we are trained to separate ourselves from our own biased thinking for the benefit of our clients in order to improve their lives. Therefore eradicating fear is essential in order to avoid jeopardizing the therapeutic intervention. I actually like being put on the spot and so you helped me reevaluate my opinions."
Shanelle De Almeida Guneratne
Clinical Psychologist, MAS Holdings, Colombo, Sri Lanka


"It was very informative, plus it was very interesting. The Sri Lankan culture is very reserved and so we don’t open up. So you getting them to open up was a real success. You got them to answer your questions and provide questions. I liked how you got them involved in the exercises. It was actually very good and was well publicized. Some of the Managing Directors and CEOs were wanting to learn from you. I was very happy. It was a great way to start the year. We try to help small entrepreneurs and to develop themselves, not only in business, but also personally. Your material fitted in our framework well. It was like your website: if you visit your website once you get the need to visit it again. It was a pleasure meeting you as well."
Vinuri Perera
Management Executive, Ceylon Chamber of Commerce, Colombo, Sri Lanka


Face Impressions Modeling Agency
(Kingston, Jamaica)

"I loved your sessions because I gained knowledge that I wouldn't even know how to find. The models were able to relate to you in a positive way and they liked your practical techniques. They were actually wanting more sessions. I kept thinking that you're never too old to learn and that anything is possible once you’re dedicated enough to listen. The main message for me was I must first change my thoughts and practice positive thinking, let go of my fear, better myself and improve the quality of life by working towards positive possibilities. In other words, I need to aim and maintain my focus. Because if I have an aim, I'm more likely to see where I am going and pursue it. My Mission Statement was too long and I didn't have my values and goals written down, let alone where I could see them every day, but now I see the point of doing this. In the past I burdened myself with things I couldn't control, but you taught me to stop doing that. I now understand that I am the person who has to determine and control my future. As a result, I will impact my staff and others positively."
Keneisha Mitchell
Chief Executive Officer, Face Impressions Modeling Agency, Kingston, Jamaica


"Psychology is one key to success in the modeling industry. As a result of attending Adrian's courses on such topics such as change, choices, fear, and health, I have concluded that, Ďstressí is disguised as inner fear, which once analyzed, can be managed through positive perception and compelling reasons to change. We are ultimately responsible for our lifestyle and we can decide (right now) to live a healthier and happier one. Adrian helped me face the fact that we are ultimately responsible for our actions as well as the consequences. Likewise, I now understand that happier habits are often synonymous with a healthier lifestyle. If I have a keen focus on good health, good nutrition, adequate sleep, exercise, and social support, then I will have greater fulfillment. Adrian's unique approach with the models of the Face Impressions Modeling Agency was fun, practical and timely. The outcomes of each session for all involved, were instantly applicable techniques to achieve life balance. Adrian knows his stuff and is highly recommended."
Locksley Waites
Business Consultant, Face Impressions Modeling Agency, Kingston, Jamaica


"You have made me a better model. I definitely have made changes due to the knowledge I’ve obtained from you over the past few weeks. For instance, I’ve changed my eating habits. I am eating healthier, exercising more regularly, and sleeping better. But better still, more is yet to come, because everything won’t happen overnight. In the past, due to being afraid of potential outcomes, I spent a lot of time contemplating whether or not I should make changes. Due to you, I now understand how to undergo the necessary changes I need to make and then how to reflect on my life to make more good decisions. I’ve also learnt from you that there’s no such thing as stress and so I now deal with my fears head on and think more positively. As a result, I don’t say things now that I will regret later and I don’t get as angry and upset. Most importantly, I have identified the need to take time out to think and make better choices, not rush to make choices, so that I better my life and the lives of those around me. Every 3 months I will evaluate my life to ensure that I’m on the right path and if changes have been accomplished."
Nicolas Anderson
Model, Face Impressions Modeling Agency, Kingston, Jamaica


"These sessions have impacted my life, as I have gained some important knowledge about how I can improve my life. In all honesty, I am not doing anything differently at the moment, but this is not surprising, as you taught me that change does not occur overnight, but is a process that has many stages. I must be patient with myself if I truly want to change. I do need to change. For instance, your sessions helped me realize that I need to focus on getting enough sleep and eating properly, as well as maintain a good support system in order to be a healthier and happier individual. The most important point I’ve gained from this experience is that stress is not real, the underlying issue in ‘stressful’ situations is fear, and in order to overcome this feeling, I need to change the way I handle certain situations. In these situations, I need to be unbiased and rational to ensure effective decision making. Thus, in order to have a better life, I need to change and overcome my fears so that I can reach my full potential. When I make these changes I will be a better model, as I now believe that understanding psychology is useful for modeling, because self-confidence is very important for this career and the topics discussed helped in gaining self-confidence."
Shenae Cummings
Model, Face Impressions Modeling Agency, Kingston, Jamaica


Lantern Software and Security Systems Company Ltd
(Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia)

"You’re blending your knowledge with reality experiences. You teach practically and I liked how you related your practical experience with the medical diseases such as diabetes and asthma with the material you presented. As a result, we practiced some of your techniques in our office. After doing your Thriving Habit for twenty-one days, we need to continue it so as to give us better results, especially anxiety reduction and managing work load pressures. I liked the PMR. I didn’t really feel the difference much initially, but after practicing it for a while I really noticed the differences. I feel more relaxed now. I’m now teaching my family members how to do them. Likewise, our site guys start practicing the PMR and other techniques you taught prior to their site work. I would encourage all my colleagues to share with our families, friends, and colleagues the techniques we learnt from the training so we can make our professional and personal lives successful. So one of the main messages for me was, it’s not the count of years in life, it’s the life in your years that matters."
Gulam Faizal
Manager of Operations, Lantern Software and Security Systems Company Ltd, Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia


"The staff really loved it. I enjoyed it a great deal. I don't think I would have made the changes I have made without your program. You got me thinking and re-evaluating myself. You made me think about: 'The skills you retire with - Are the skills you die with' and trying to 'Add one skill a year.' I'm going to learn Spanish in September. I found the Stages of Change sessions very informative, especially focusing on how it is scary to make changes. You're very motivating. You made it fun and exciting without even trying. It's not like you were throwing it down our throats. You make it fun and therefore we are learning without realising it."
Jabir Shah Hameed
CEO, Lantern Software and Security Systems Company Ltd, Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia


"You were helpful. You allowed us to be free with our ideas and discuss the material. You helped us reorganize ourselves and improved us by correcting many of our mistakes. We were working towards anxiety, but you helped us become happier. I used to breathe from my chest, but I didn’t know it was wrong. I am now more relaxed and less anxious. Gradually I’m decreasing the number of negative thoughts. I can see your program being very effective with any one in Saudi Arabia who has at least completed high school studies."
Sayed Aathif
Projects Engineer, Lantern Software and Security Systems Company Ltd, Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia


Mandarin Oriental (Kuala Lumpur)
(Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

"It’s been very fruitful. Generally speaking our colleagues are very high achievers and they don’t always stop to think about themselves. So you were able to make them question themselves about their personal well-being. We were able to question whether we are indeed happy and if we weren’t, what are the things we should focus on to achieve a certain level of happiness. You had the class responding and they were relaxed. Interaction was very good. You had them laughing and they were hanging on to your words. I could see that in their faces. As our staff are people who deal with facts they appreciated how your information is very evidence-based."
Anne Ng
Director of Business Management System, Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


"Because we are all senior management, we have been through thick and thin to get where we are. So we all have our own ways of doing things and it's not easy to change us. However, you present in such a way that it is very easy to accept and interpret your message and reflect on ourselves. It's the convincing power that you have. You touch the heart. The choice of words you use and the examples you give, makes it easy for me to reflect on my day to day lifestyle. The sessions, were comfortable, easy-going, and casual. There is no pressure. The comfort level started at the beginning of Day One during the introduction when you said, 'if you don't want to say something, then you can just say, pass!' The material you gave is another convincing tool, because you are always supporting your message with evidence. For instance, you provide other psychologists' quotes that show that the research is very thorough and legitimate."
Cindy Kong
Director of Rooms, Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


"Your courses are very suitable for Asia, are applicable for the hospitality industry, and are easily put into practice. The sessions were very beneficial for the senior managers. They were conducted in a very relaxed environment with lots of participation from the managers. You support your message with lots of images and quotes. This made the sessions very enlightening and easy to understand. You made the staff open up and share their thoughts and comments freely. I liked the five steps of change because we could apply this model, especially with our staff. The managers now will be able to plan more effectively. In the past, the managers expected change to occur instantly, but now they understand that it should be done gradually. I also liked your PSBS methodology to create solutions for our problems with the guidance of the WAR criteria. All the while I thought there was a thing called 'stress', but after going through the sessions I now understand that it is not 'stress'; it's fear. We have to plan more effectively to avoid any unforeseen circumstances."
William Lim
Director of Learning and Development, Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Mandarin Oriental (Singapore)

"You were very insightful with lots of examples. The case studies you provided really helped to elaborate understanding of your topics. I really liked the information about the Pygmalion effect because no extra effort is required and yet you can have a huge impact on other peoples’ lives, which in turn makes a difference for yours. You moderated the sessions well with standing up and sitting down interaction. Every one of the audience was involved because you provided a variety of teaching methodologies. I liked the sessions best when you sat down and challenged us. For managers, the discussions were impactful as you added on from our current knowledge."
Ang Woon Jiun
Learning and Development Manager, Mandarin Oriental, Singapore


"Sometimes we are afraid to change, especially in the hotel environment, because our daily routine causes us to fall back on our experiences. Hence I thought your topics were ideal because you challenged me and helped me unlock my potential. Hence, I enjoyed the sessions. You made us focus on the things we know through our life experiences that we need to do, but you made us think about it more and have stimulated me to put them into practice. My past training in the military made me make quick decisions. So you helped me get all the facts before making important decisions."
Toni Robertson
Executive Chef, Mandarin Oriental, Singapore


Pullman Kuala Lumpur Bangsar
(Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

"I have gone through many changes, but you reminded me that I still need to move on and change every year. I liked all the examples of how we can change. A lot of these I have experienced. I have probably experienced half of these difficulties. I know that it is hard to make changes. Our staff are open to change and having someone to push them or mentor them is important, even though you also need to back off and allow them space to move into change. The interaction was fantastic. You have very down to earth recommendations. Most of the points speak to us very clearly."
Charlie Lim
Director of Finance, Pullman Kuala Lumpur Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


"It was very good and so are you in terms of interaction. Time flies with you. Wow. We never really noticed the time. This was the first time I have not wanted the time to fly so fast. You interacted with staff on every table and no-one missed out. The role plays made a lot of difference, instead of just presenting. The main message for me was that changes are not easy, but I shouldn't fear change. Hence, five years from now, I am likely to remember to change to become more confident in dealing with things and not hesitating. You told me not to worry about external factors when hiring people, but instead focus on what matters. I need to focus on one thing and not on all areas and work out my goals."
Chloe Tay
Assistant Guest Experience Manager, Pullman Kuala Lumpur Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


"I didn't read your material before the courses, so I walked in here and didn’t know about a lot of the topics you discussed. Your courses were very interesting. You give a lot of information. You were very deep in your analysis. I could relate to your examples. For example, one of my village friends with three children is struggling with diabetes and with change. All of us need changes in our lives to allow us to become an enlightened person, but it is not that simple. Therefore, I will take this challenge in five years’ time and like to encourage all youngsters, elders, and co-workers to love their health by doing more exercise and choosing healthy foods for their daily life. You made me more open to change and gave me more energy for drive. I need to go for it or otherwise I will be left out."
Kailasam Karuppan
Laundry Manager, Pullman Kuala Lumpur Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Rajasthan Chamber of Commerce and Industry
(Jaipur, India)

"I was very skeptical initially when we were planning these sessions if the audience would stay involved. The audience may not have been able to understand hundred percent of what you presented due to their lack of English, but with your accent, to keep the audience participating for 3 hours is a great achievement and you did that every time. You are very involved in your presentations and the development of a happier planet. You achieved your objectives for your course. You taught the audience how practically it can be done. The thing I heard the most was if we plan small, small things and achieve them, then they can over a period of time amount to something worthwhile. Our Prime Minister is doing the same thing. He’s getting general people to do small things and so by the end of his term he will have achieved substantial change. Like his campaign for cleaning India, you motivated our audience to do better."
Arun Godika
Executive Director, Rajasthan Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Jaipur, India


"The audience responded well to all your non-stop 3-hour sessions. No-one asked for a break. You had their attention as you didn’t just give a delivery, but instead you involved everyone. I have been working in the stone industry for the last 7 years. I’ve found it very ‘stressful’ in my daily business, as there is a lot of competition inside the business community. On top of that I have other things I worry about, such as my liabilities. I came a long way to see you and I’m glad I came. The best thing you taught me was how my thinking affects me and that there is no such thing as ‘stress.’ You taught us some very practical things, like NESTS and the diaphragmatic breathing. NESTS is something I can adopt in my life now and in five years time."
Mayank Raja
Associate, Rajasthan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (and CEO, Tulip Exim), Jaipur, India


"You are doing a great thing. You are teaching people so much. I’ve taught my mother and brother the techniques such as diaphragmatic breathing. People often times are so busy that they don’t look after themselves. You are giving them a clear message of how to change your life for the better. As you said there is no such thing as stress. If you’re not stressed then you can do your work better and others may notice that and want to change as well. You didn’t give people any chance to get bored. When you saw someone get a bit fidgety, you quickly tried to get them involved in a positive way. I am sure that they took away something from the sessions. I have learnt a lot from your sessions and I am sure I am going to apply it and help people apply it in their daily lives so that they can handle situations in a much better way and find joy even when they are struggling."
Sneha Arora
Associate, Rajasthan Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Jaipur, India


Singapore Island Country Club

"Many of the staff are very resistant to change. I have worked in this club for five years and I have found they are too set in their ways. I learnt from you that if I keep chipping away, change can occur here. I need to get the staff to buy in that change is positive. After all, change is inevitable, even though surveys show we don't change. I always want things to be done immediately and I expect too much, but I need to be more adaptable in the environment that I work in. You were very informative. I liked the interactive part of the sessions. I thought the content was excellent. You made us look at life from a different perspective. You made me get away from my beliefs of 'what I know is what I know'. There are always other avenues to approach life and you showed us that. You aren't static, you move around, which is great. You got everybody's attention by the tone of your voice. Your pictures are really good, especially as they tell a thousand stories."
Brenden Gurusamy
Director of Food & Beverage, Singapore Island Country Club, Singapore


"Most of the people here are resistant to change because they have been here a long time doing the same thing. Doing these courses gave our managers options to make the right decisions before they actually make them. Your material is not just important for work, but carries on to their personal life as well. I really found the PCPAM information useful, especially as you generated a large amount of participation."
Marilyn Boo
Training & Development Manager, Singapore Island Country Club, Singapore


The Excelsior Hong Kong
(Hong Kong, China)

"Your sessions are very positive. I am a really positive and open-minded person, but you taught me how to maintain this and take this a step further. I was actually interested before you even turned up, because I wanted to change myself and I wanted to know how to help my colleagues change as I am the Learning and Development Manager. I thought the most important message is that everyone can change and that we have to be active and not just think about change. For instance, I have my dreams and goals, but I need to have written goals and not just think about them. I also liked how you explained what we need and can do. I noticed that as the sessions progressed the staff changed, as they could see how to apply what we need to do. The managers became more and more interested, as they really got the ideas of what you are talking about. They understood your message and what are the advantages of doing what you are suggesting. After a few sessions, especially as you encouraged them to speak in Cantonese, they talked, talked, talked."
Brian Mok
Learning and Development Manager, The Excelsior Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China


"Your training was the very best I’ve ever done. The Hong Kong hotel business environment has changed because of the global economic market changes, such as the recession, political change, and currency devaluation. If the staff aren’t ready for such changes, then the hotel won’t perform as well. Hence, it was pleasing that everyone gained from your sessions, even those who are very comfortable in their positions and don’t want to change. You helped us unlock ourselves to make changes and helped us understand why we don’t make the changes we know we should. For me, I was able to apply your information into my life. For instance, I’ve had to make some important decisions in the last two weeks and that’s been difficult. Using your approach, however, helped me question my decisions and made me understand why I was fearing a lack of control. I now know why I didn’t change and more importantly know very clearly that I now can make the changes."
Doris Ip
Director of Human Resources, The Excelsior Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China


Uncommon Goods Pty. Ltd.
(Manhattan, New York)

"Adrian's program - Happier Horizons - has positively impacted our company and given me insights and tools I can use in my professional and personal life. Adrian provided value in several ways: first, research-backed analysis of the components of happiness and how each impacts individual performance; second, specific techniques to increase individual and team performance; third, one-on-one private coaching to help individuals understand how his work applies to their work or home lives. Adrian presents in a way that acknowledges the difficulty of change, but shows clear, immediate and long-term rewards for their effort. Further, his specific individual performance techniques are especially helpful - simple, powerful, easy-to-remember and easy-to-do. Adrian's insights have helped me think differently about individuals in our organization, and where they stand on the continuum of the stages of change. Consequently, I can coach more effectively. In the end, I found it ironic that although I was more familiar with the research behind his work than others on the team, I seemed to be the person who learned and gained the most from his program. That said, considering Adrian's personalized attention, I'm certain that others on the team also feel that they gained the most."
Thomas Epting
Chief Operating Officer, Uncommon Goods, Manhattan, New York


"The 'Happier Horizons' program has made a big impact. It's clearly been very positive for the staff. People are more reflective and open to change. One of the staff members doing Tai Chi - I never thought I'd see that in my lifetime. This whole thing makes you think about things more deeply. It forces you to look at things in a different way. It made me realise things about myself that I was not aware of. It causes people to realise that there are things we need to change. It's a really, really positive experience. It's a fantastic use of your time. For only 45 minutes of your day, you gain so much. And it lasts so much longer than that. It helps you learn the most effective ways to manage yourself, your staff, and the people above you. It's intensely relevant for business. I truly believe that the skills learnt in this program can and will be applied on a daily basis in this business. The sessions just fly by; the length of the program appears to be ideal. Less than 10 weeks would be less effective, because there is so much to learn. 10 weeks of an Australian accent makes you smile."
Jennifer Grim
Customer Service Manager, Uncommon Goods, Manhattan, New York


"It's triggering off a lot of positiveness in the managers; wanting to believe in themselves more. It's a self-check; looking at yourself; what can I be doing better? It's like putting yourself in the mirror. Your sessions hit home, especially the stages of change with the relapse, and the affirmations with the 'Results, Not Excuses' affirmation I came up with in your program. When you mentioned the pre-contemplation, contemplation stages, it triggered off a thought in my head of: 'Was I doing all these things to attain these goals?' I believe you got me closer to my goals. I now feel that regardless of the obstacles I can get to the goal. I try to bring things from this class into my personal life. When I come to work now, I don't think of Mondays as 'Oh my God it's a Monday.' I really use to look at Mondays as: 'Oh God it's a Monday, I'll have to wait until Friday.' I don't see the day as such a struggle any longer. You talked about perception. If you perceive it as 'Rotten Friday', then it will be rotten. If you perceive it as 'Good Monday', then it will be good. I look at a lot of things differently now, especially when I put things into action. For instance, I now check myself. I think about things more and faster. I take things from your class and use them now and will use them in our busy season. Others use to see me as coasting along, but now I have a burning sensation that nothing is going to be given to me and I have to go and get it. The sessions give you a chance to learn people. It gives staff and managers a chance to express themselves. Most businesses are dictatorships, but during your sessions it's all for one and one for all - All for the common goal."
Qadeer Parrish
Fulfillment Operations Manager/Facilities Manager, Uncommon Goods, Manhattan, New York


Valley Foods Specialties LLC
(Chatham, New York)

"The general consensus of the salespeople was that it made a lot of sense, they liked your message, and it had application in sales. You opened up their understanding that they can get out of their comfort zone and that they in fact need to get out of their comfort zone. I liked your style, especially the structure in presenting the problem, presenting the solution, and then coming up with the facts that supports the solution; I liked the flow. It works. I think you are very personal and you provide a very warm, human feeling. You deal with a topic, change, which is not comfortable for everyone, however, you presented it like a friend and that helps - like someone who cares. You don't have a preaching style, but a human style. It doesn't sound like it's coming from a university professor. Instead, it sounds like it's coming from a buddy."
Steve Auerbach
Owner, Valley Food Specialities LLC, Chatham, New York


Weichert Realtors
(White Plains, New York)

"You have a way of relating to people that just exudes positive energy. You obviously understand your material inside out, believe in it, and believe in other people's abilities to use the skills and information presented. People pick up on that. You also incorporate a variety of communication styles. Sometimes you appeal to the auditory learners, other times the visual learners, and other times the kinaesthetic learners. People learn in so many ways and if a presenter does not communicate in various ways, then people just don't get it, but you ensure that they get it. The order of the sessions is very logical; it makes so much sense to me. You start with the basics, and then build up to the more complex topics. It just seems like the natural progression. You provide proof via the studies of what you say. People like that. It's not just you and your opinions; you provide scientific evidence for what you say."
Amanda Molloy
Licensed Real Estate Salesperson, Weichert Realtors, White Plains, New York


"The staff really loved it. I enjoyed it a great deal. I don't think I would have made the changes I have made without your program. You got me thinking and re-evaluating myself. You made me think about: 'The skills you retire with - Are the skills you die with' and trying to 'Add one skill a year.' I'm going to learn Spanish in September. I found the Stages of Change sessions very informative, especially focusing on how it is scary to make changes. You're very motivating. You made it fun and exciting without even trying. It's not like you were throwing it down our throats. You make it fun and therefore we are learning without realising it."
Stephanie Mason
Licensed Real Estate Salesperson, Weichert Realtors, White Plains, New York


Xerox Services
(Kingston, Jamaica)

"I'm really imparting your information and techniques and I so appreciate your content. I've even been talking to my 8- and 12-year old daughters about how they need to do some of the things you have been teaching us, such as being more responsible. I can see a relationship between your information and what's been happening in my life. I saw myself in a box due to back pain. I felt powerlessness; that things were just happening - like the victim thing! However, after realizing certain truths about myself, I know I need to change. You not only reinforced things for me that I already knew, but more importantly you told me how to do the things I know I need to do."
Handel Brown
Customer Service Representative, Xerox Services, Kingston, Jamaica


"Your sessions are the first training I have ever done when I haven't dozed off. You're very enlightening. You have helped me to look into my inner self. It's like a self-check. It makes me ask questions such as, 'Is this the way of life I want or the type of life I want?' I'm seeing in myself where I need to make changes. I lie in my bed and think about your sessions. I have now changed a significant behavior. I have also started exercising. It's had a positive effect on me. The audience are also very engaged in your sessions. They talk to each other and they are learning something new. You're very professional and I like the way you do both mental and physical exercises to get your point across. I see a lot of staff on my floor doing the breathing exercises at their desk. They now say, "there is nothing called stress'!"
Nadine Cunningham-Murray
Customer Service Trainer, Xerox Services, Kingston, Jamaica


"I am a Change Agent and so I especially liked the information that you presented about the stages of changes and the information that identified how I needed to be and what I should do to help someone through the various stages of change. I found your sessions very useful and very informative. I like the quality of the research that went into it. You made me go home and start to think about things I needed to change and why it was important to do it now. Even though you were talking about exercise, I related the questionnaires about change to something else I needed to change. I liked how you made sure we understand the breathing exercises. The interaction was funny. I like the way you use words. You pay attention to peoples' concerns. You recognize that not everyone will immediately agree with the research. So you give them the facts and time to absorb the information. You want to see a difference and that sent home the message. My job is to inspire my staff, but you inspired me. So High Five! I'm very proud of you."
Simone P. Graham
Service Recovery Representative and Net Promoter Score Analyst, Xerox Services, Kingston, Jamaica


"Adrian and I connected during my research of ideas for on how to take a holistic approach towards leading and managing my team, my team of call center staff at Xerox, while focusing on taking ownership and managing change. From the get go Adrian was very organized a great communicator and very professional. Adrian’s presentations to my staff and the others who participated from other groups exceeded my expectations. The 5 days of just 2.5 hours each was successful in getting all the participants to think differently and reflect on how they have been living their lives. I am a firm believer in taking responsibility for our lives and our outcomes and this was certainly a mind opening concept for many who previously had been attached to a 'victim' mindset. Over the short period of time, Adrian connected with all participants, even those who were skeptical and did not want to participate at the start. In fact, the majority of the skeptics were the ones saying the most thanks for the opportunity to participate by the end of Day 5. Five years from now I will still remember the importance of my personal values and upholding the personal standards I have set for myself"
Tracy Ann Davis
Strategic Business Unit Manager, Xerox Services, Kingston, Jamaica


York Street Partners
(Colombo, Sri Lanka)

"In a corporate environment, very little time is spent towards fulfilling your personal needs (as opposed to professional). Happiness, although outside the sphere of traditional corporate training and development, is a vital part of our productivity as an organization. Hence, your happiness training sessions at York Street Partners were very valuable. I liked the way you cited real-life examples and backed up your claims using scientific research. You were very professional, yet cordial. You provided clear and coherent presentations, engaged each and every participant, and took a personal interest towards questions and concerns. I especially liked the slow-breathing techniques and the mind-silencing exercises and will be practising these many years from now."
Ashan Roche
Associate, York Street Partners, Colombo, Sri Lanka


"The staff connected with you brilliantly. You built a good understanding with our smart, skeptical, young, Western-trained staff whom have not had extensive exposure to mental skills training. I can see your training being very useful for them, not only in the corporate life, but also if they go onto other aspects of leadership. Corporate life is difficult and busy. It was a great way for the staff to interact with each other in a non-business forum. They found the sessions thought provoking and entertaining, and it gave them an opportunity for reflection that is rarely provided in their hectic lives. It challenged culturally-imposed obstacles to communication and encouraged them to open up and share unreservedly."
Romesh Abhayaratne
Managing Director, York Street Partners, Colombo, Sri Lanka


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Government Organisations:
Antigua and Barbuda Port Authority

"You gave me a more positive perspective and how to be more relaxed at work. I was pleasantly surprised that you were good. When you think of stress management, you think of slow instrumental music. This was so much better than that."
Latisha Jacobs
Senior Administrative Assistant, Antigua and Barbuda Port Authority, Antigua


"I remember walking in the room and being asked if I think the world is a better place these days. My answer was 'Yes. My world is.' The truth is I was a person plagued by negative thinking for most of my life - until recently. So the sessions gave me some practical ways to continue on my journey such as: being optimisti, as it's good for my health; small changes are the best changes to help go from being a pessimist to an optimist; building a better social network; breathing exercises help one to relax; and more than often what we have is fear and not stress, so seeing a positive outcome helps remove fear."
Patrice King
Budget Control Officer, Antigua and Barbuda Port Authority, Antigua


"You were pretty interesting and motivating, especially due to your attitude and energy. What was interesting is that now that it is all over I feel as though the better you are at being a good person, the less complicated life is."
Norriston Matthews
Health and Safety Coordinator, Antigua and Barbuda Port Authority, Antigua


Belize Ministry of Health
(Belize, Central America)

"You made us look at ourselves and accept who we are. For instance, you made me more aware of my happy-go-lucky personality. I now know who I really am; very sociable and get the work done, but can be a little grumpy. You were very open and down to earth, The staff felt at the same level and thus could respond back to you. Staff are often times afraid to answer with other presenters. You made the staff comfortable by the way you interact with the group, asking for their life experiences. I will remember being optimistic, getting the work done, and stop worrying. This morning the staff were telling our Supervisor about the program in a very positive manner. They liked the breathing exercises as they were almost going to sleep."
Ann Matute
Nursing Administrator, Maternal and Child Health Unit, Belize Ministry of Health, Belize


"I believe in light of my life experiences, many of the issues may have spread into my consciousness, but the way you present them ties all the information together making me conscious of how better to control situations that might have been out of my control. The thing that resonated with me the most is that we are the agents of change, but not only with external factors, but also our personal lives. If we make changes to our lives, then we become an example for the people around us and thus make a better Belize. The staff were really willing to participate and that is simply because they understand what great value these sessions will have in our lives in the future. As a labour force, it is highly likely they will take this knowledge back to their working environment, because we have a higher meaning to productivity; we’ll give better service in relation to the greater expectation that we have ourselves."
Edwin Paulino
X-Ray Technician, Punta Gorda Hospital, Belize Ministry of Health, Belize


"It forced me to do something that I don’t usually do, which is to focus on myself as the person who controls everything that happens to me. It is easy to blame the system and blame the people in my life, but then I realize that when I do that I am putting myself in a powerless situation and then accept mediocrity, failure, and that things can’t change. We have a very religious culture in Belize. We think we have little control over our situations, due to forces bigger than us. But I realized that I actually have a lot of control. That is definitely something I will remember in the future. I liked the tool of seeing myself as I would be once I have achieved my goals and believing that I can achieve them. I liked the interaction, because it's not just people listening and taking in. We are learning new skills and participating. What really worked is your simplicity. You don't use a whole lot of technical words and phrases. Likewise, you present only one thought per slide. I also liked the pictures you use, as they not only get people to think, but they complement your delivery."
Eleanor Bennett
Nursing Administrator, Mental Health, Belize Ministry of Health, Belize


"Your workshop was a great eye-opener. It sets a basic foundation of life. One of the things I liked that the best was that you made me realize that we don’t promote happiness in our workplace. For instance, you made me think of an example. One of my workers asked for Monday off. I said ‘no.’ She walked away unhappy. After much reflection, I then organized it so she can have the day off, because it would make her happier and me happier because she would be happy and thus she would not call in sick or come to work with a negative attitude and not perform at her best. In every single aspect of our lives, if we are not happy, we are not fundamentally strong to achieve our desired goals, dreams, our aspirations. The key point for me was that there is no stress, only fears, and our fears are decreased, the less we worry and the more we’re happy and happiness is a positive attitude and thought that creates positive changes in behaviour to achieve desired goals of life."
Jersha Lennan
Clinical Nurse Specialist, Outpatient Department, Cleopatra White Polyclinic II, Central Health Region, Belize Ministry of Health, Belize


Ghana Immigration Service
(Accra, Ghana)

"It was great. In Ghana we donít interact so much. Our system is such that if you give the wrong answer the reception will cause you to recoil into your shell. So your interactive nature of the sessions were very good for us, because it created an avenue to voluntarily put ideas across, especially when talking to our peers. This showed up when you passed the microphone around. Initially people were hesitant, but then they opened up and good ideas came up and it became very interesting. Another important aspect was how you told us that you would not tell us what to think, but rather we had to think. As a result, I am more committed to the decisions I make. Your sessions are useful for personal decision making, especially when you are a supervisor and you have to get the attitude of assertiveness. In a supervisory role you canít be indecisive as it stifles progress and your subordinates can easily see it. Your sessions made me identify what my real values are and that I donít have to be stressed; that I can turn a bad situation into a good one by seeing the positive side of it. You have helped me study my subordinates to determine their strengths and weakness so that I can allocate tasks to each person appropriately so that they perform better. This canít be achieved without knowing myself well. But now I can do this"
Abraham Quaye
Deputy Superintendent, In charge of Stores, Ghana Immigration Service Headquarters, Accra, Ghana


"The sessions were very friendly. People came up with their views. I also contributed as I wanted to be part of the discussions and share what I had learnt. They were also very educative and you imparted knowledge into us. As a consequence, I learnt so many things. In life we need to set our values and then you set goals to achieve your life. I shouldnít look up to the multitude because they are all going in one direction and thus I will end up in that direction. I donít want to follow the same things they are doing, but instead I need to achieve what I want to do in life. The thing that touched me the most was the information on fear. In our society we are scared about what people will say when you want to do something. They may say this or they may say that, but I have learnt that whatever Iím doing I should not let fear prevent me from doing that. Then I can achieve my aim in life. Something I had not really thought about, but you made me think about here was the importance of getting the right information for decisions. If I get good information, it will help me make a very good decision, but if I donít get good information, then I may not benefit from the decision."
Cynthia Opoku
Assistant Inspector, Ghana Immigration Service headquarters, Accra, Ghana


ďYou gave us the confidence to speak our minds. You let us say what we were thinking, even if it was foolish. You are not partial. You didnít direct your attention only to a few people. You donít force anyone to speak, unless they want to speak. You helped others not coming up to speak to open up. Weíve really done a lot. I have come to learn that if you are happy in life, then you are able to achieve a lot more than someone who is unhappy (or moody) and live healthier. I liked the section on tolerance. We are not equal. We come from different cultures, backgrounds, and political affiliations. So I need to learn to tolerate other peopleís differences and then we can learn from them. I learnt how our values direct our behavior and pattern of life. There were certain things you said that I can apply in my profession. For instance, I studied accountancy and I will not allow bosses to manipulate me in ways that are not acceptable to me. There are certain things we simply should not do. The thing that really kicked me and boosted my moral was when we discussed how the way we set our values in life directs our lives negatively or positively. For instance, whatever happens in life, I shall be responsible for the action and inaction of the kind of values that I set for myself, as these values are what I believe. You made me think that I shouldnít treat people badly because of where someone is coming from. Whether black or white, we are all human and Godís creation. We should always treat other human beings equally. It is very necessary for me to be honest, loyal, and disciplined in whatever I do in life in order to achieve my set goals. It is essentially necessary that, in life we learn to lay aside every human impurity out of our lives in order to make life meaningful and worth-living to ourselves and others around us; by leaving an indelible mark in oneís life. Above all let us learn to affect other people lives positively by leaving a remarkable legacy behind before passing away. Read Romans 6:19-23.Ē
Irene Katako
Assistant Superintendent, Second in Command Stores Unit, Ghana Immigration Service Headquarters, Accra, Ghana


Lobatse Town Council
(Lobatse, Botswana)

"The sessions were very illuminating and eye-opening. The most impacting thing you did was to explain how the thing that has been the biggest problem for me is actually not there. We have always believed in ‘stress’ and allowed this belief to affect us negatively. But now looking forward, your presentations have completely transformed the way in which I will view situations. There is always a solution to our problems and hence we do not need to run away from our difficulties. You not only showed us the problems, but also the solutions. You paid attention to each and every individual. You were involving and helped the staff to open up. It’s very difficult to get Batswana people to open up, but you were able to do that within a short time, get them to talk. They were free to say things and not just hold back. They gained more confidence to step forward. I was very impressed by the validation of facts that you were presenting. Your sessions had a two-pronged impact. First, you helped us become healthier and happier. As a result our workforce is more productive. Second, you helped us become more innovative. You nailed the point that you can never be innovative if you are not relaxed. Your relaxation exercises helped us relax, become happier, and thus more innovative."
Oganne Domkrag Gontse
Deputy Town Clerk, Lobatse Town Council, Lobatse, Botswana


"We’ve been having work relations problems and many of the staff used to call themselves ‘stressed.’ Most of the workers in Botswana use sick leave because they are bored, demoralized, and not because they are sick. So this program is going to help, as we can use what you have suggested directly. In our culture we believe that we shouldn’t talk to our colleagues about our problems, but now I know we should share our problems. The staff now understand the importance of sharing. One thing that I won’t forget is the diaphragmatic breathing exercise. It relaxes me, so I am going to use it with my family, subordinates, and church. I’ve been limiting myself due to my qualifications. I’ve been inspired by you applying your principles in your own life. You are teaching something that you have tried and actually done. For instance, you don’t limit yourself and so I am not going to limit myself. The staff like you because you are jolly. You are active and use lots of actions, especially when it comes to exercises."
Onkemetse Gase Sikwa
Principal Accounts Officer, Lobatse Town Council, Lobatse, Botswana


"I think positive thinking is really important, but we don’t talk about it. As a consequence of these sessions I will be reminding myself of this and making a conscious effort to think positively. It will be part of my affirmations every morning. It really made sense that I should ask my clients to use their time with me wisely – it was a wow. Having to listen to three hours of an individual’s sorrows can cause burnout, but if I listen to my clients come up with what they want to do with their lives, then I am less likely to get burnt out. For a change someone came with lots of evidence, challenged me, and used an evidence-based approach. You pushed us to do something to make our lives better. I was asked to hear a message and then decide, ‘Do I want to just push the information aside or do I want to do it?’ Your information is something I can take away and give to my clients. And lastly, I am going to get myself a bicycle and do lots of exercise."
Mpolokeng Nawane
Social Worker, Lobatse Town Council, Lobatse, Botswana


Ministry of Youth, Sports, and Culture
(Kanye, Botswana)


"It was brilliant. I enjoyed the content and learning new things. The audience appreciated the life skills information you provided and how they can be applied to any situation in your life. You teach how to deal with life more effectively. I really liked how we can apply the information. Contrasting opposite poles of personality dimensions and doing the personality tests, such as emotional stability and neuroticism, helped me understand where I stand on such dimensions. I wish we had more time to learn even more, as it improves one’s life regardless of whether you are a student, an employee, or a businessperson. It is crucial to organize more of these presentations as we nurture Botswana’s future leaders. As a youth officer who deals with young people daily I have noticed that most of the youth in my area lack the life skills necessary to prepare them for survival in this era of globalization. We have beneficiaries who are funded to implement business ideas, but their business skills can be improved through such presentations and this can help them compete and grow their establishments. A confident, optimistic and emotionally stable business leader would thrive as compared to one with opposite attributes. In the past I solved problems within restricted limits and over-reacted to events. Now due to your information and techniques my reactions to events have changed, as I am calmer and more rational. I’ve always believed in my abilities, but your sessions have given me a greater boost."
Tumelo Ramogotsi
Youth Officer, Ministry of Youth, Sports, and Culture, Kanye, Botswana


"Before you came here I was feeling anxious and having negative attitudes about the farm. My goats were dying and others were sick. I didn’t sleep well and would wake up worried. But ever since your second day I’ve improved my knowledge in such a way that I am now able to handle life better. I learnt a lot and it has opened my mind about how I can have more control. You gave lots of examples. You allowed us to ask questions about the things we didn’t understand. The conversations we had were very good. Your use of someone in the room to translate information into Tswana really helped. No one got exhausted. You helped us be in a good position to understand every word."
Aubrey Tlhapi Maseko
Aubrey’s Rearing Investment (Ministry of Youth, Sports, and Culture Stakeholder), Morenane, Botswana


St. Lucia Air and Sea Port Authority
(Castries, St. Lucia)

"I learnt a lot of things from your program and I'm trying to put them into practice. Thanks to you I learnt a lot. I wish we could have more sessions like this. A lot of our staff members got your message. I enjoyed the idea of there's no such thing as stress. That was your most interesting session for me. I'd heard that before, but I never took it seriously, until I met you. We would love to have you again in the future. The interaction in the group was great. A lot of people spoke about their own experiences. Your sessions are definitely relevant for St. Lucians. It would be especially helpful for the young people on our island. I believe it would be great to have your program in the schools so that you could help the children be happier, less stressed, and more optimistic. The whole West Indies would gain from your program. In fact, your sessions are definitely good for the whole Caribbean region."
Stanislaus Jeremie
Pilot Boat Coxswain, St. Lucia Air and Sea Port Authority, St Lucia

"I have learnt that stress does not exist and that it is just the emotion fear. I learnt to think more optimistically and you will have a better outlook on life. I definitely think that these sessions have had a positive impact on my life and should be continued in the future. I thought the interaction was good. I think that out of the discussions we learnt a lot about each other. I learnt about the different personalities in the group. You asked a lot of questions which was good because it made me realise what kind of person I really am. You made me and the group think. I really enjoyed everything. Your program is very useful for people in St. Lucia. I have known people in the past who were depressed and the company had to send them on vacation and on sick leave, but if they had been exposed to your sessions then that probably would have been avoided. I'd recommend that you definitely pursue your program in St. Lucia and at the St. Lucia Air and Sea Port Authority in the future."
Victorin Ghirawoo
Technical Supervisor, St. Lucia Air and Sea Port Authority, St Lucia


Westchester County Department of Senior Program and Services
(Mount Vernon, New York)

"It bought a buzz here, even after only the first session. Three weeks later, they were still talking about you and the information. The response was very, very positive. The staff got a lot out of it and they mentioned to me that they were able to apply many of the things you talked about into their working and private lives. Especially the reframing; finding the good in a situation that happens. I liked it because it was like a refresher. I do a lot of wellness stuff, but you tend to forget it or get bogged down. So it was good to refresh. Just the topic; just the word happiness is in itself wonderful. I liked the simplicity of happiness and the simplicity of your messages; like happiness is within. You are very experiential - You were able to pull people into the discussion, without them even knowing it. That helped make the sessions such a success."
Yemaja Jubilee, Project Director for Services Outstation to Seniors
Westchester County Department of Senior Programs and Services, Mount Vernon, New York
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Sports Organisations:
African Aquatics
(Gaborone, Botswana)

"The athletes loved you. They kept asking me to organize more sessions. Your sessions helped the kids question their training and be more accountable and responsible. They became more self-motivated (internal motivation) opposed to coach-motivated (external motivation). I saw a huge role model thing going on between you and one of the children. He came up to me and said, ‘I love this, can I create another session.’ You allowed everyone to talk and their opinions were never considered right or wrong. Your questioning helped them think on a completely different level. They started to explore things that they originally thought were obvious and then they realised that it was not so obvious and that they could use their minds to look at more than just what was in your slides. It caused a trigger of becoming more exploratory and not just accepting. Likewise, the adults suddenly realized that it was not all about going up and down a pool to become an elite athlete. They started to realize that the relationship between the mind and the body is also important. You opened up a whole new paradigm for the adults with regards to education in sports and the importance of working holistically. You made me view choices differently. When I had a tough time with some of my friends, you made me question whether I am choosing things. I viewed it initially as I had no choice, but you brought to the forefront that I had choices and I was making choices. Now I question what I should do and that I have choices. I am now not saying that I have no choice, but am unpacking what’s in front of me and seeing that I do have a choice. I liked how one time you took us outside and got us to have a lot of fun learning about the stages of change model. It got us to be incredibly interactive while learning. I also enjoyed your ability to work with a very mixed and diverse group of people within the same group session. Everyone got something out of what was discussed. There are a fair amount of things you teach that I can use in my training sessions. I’ll remember your acronyms such as NESTS and PCPAM many years from now as they were put in a form that will stick in my brain. Many of your things I am now using with my swimmers. For instance, I am now going to push the importance of NESTS with my athletes and for them to understand that everything is up to their choice. I now get them to realize that I am not there to force them, but rather as a facilitator."
Debbie Rouse
Director, African Aquatics, Gaborone, Botswana


Bangladesh Cricket Board
(Dhaka, Bangladesh)

"I didn’t know what we would do, but I knew that if I could control my nerves, then I can perform really well, like great players. We have done lots of sessions. I’ve learnt lots of things, including strange things like breathing on my back with my legs on a chair. I liked your breathing technique because when I concentrate on it, negative thoughts do not come. The most useful thing we did was to learn how to leave fear and prevent negative thinking. In tough situations I can think positive. My concentration is better. In the past if I bowled a bad ball I felt bad, but now I am calmer and come back stronger. I have learnt to believe in myself, work hard, practice properly, and think positive all the time. I should never, ever tell ‘I can't’, but instead think positive all the time, believe in my potential, work towards my maximum potential, don't over-show how good I am, and enjoy the happy life."
Sajedul Islam
National player, Bangladesh Cricket Board, Dhaka, Bangladesh


"The information I got from you was amazing. For instance, the words you told me in the net gave me the direction of what I should do as a batsman. It gave me the upper hand over the bowler. I felt energetic and empowered from within. Likewise, the additions we made to my approach to the field routine when I am about to bat are brilliant. You didn’t change my routine, but the additions remind me of four brilliant words that give me success. It gives me strength. I can now feel what I use to only think. The NOISE affirmation you helped me create is also brilliant. It defines what I want and what I want to do. The words I chose are appropriate words. They are the formula of success. Your Thriving Habit is cool because it will keep reminding me of my targets and help me to achieve it. It's very hard for me to have a negative thought now. I'm more optimistic, enthusiastic, energetic, and positive now. Some of the things you taught me were not to say ‘NO’ or ‘I can’t’; that doubt and negativity may come, but I need to stay emotionally stable; always be the guy who tries and says, ‘I can, I do’; and that I shouldn’t be fearful of doing new things. Probably the most useful thing we did was the breathing exercises. I immediately feel a feeling of relaxation with your breathing technique. It gave me focus, calmness, peace, and I found it very nice. It helps, like all the techniques, to focus on what you want and not looking at negativity."
Shahriar Nafees
National cricketer, Bangladesh Cricket Board, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Since training with Adrian:
86 not out (off 57 balls)
55 (off 34 balls) in his 1st BPL match of the season
63 (off 43 balls) in his 2nd BPL match of the season
65 (off 58 balls) in his 3rd BPL match of the season


Botswana Cricket Association
(Gaborone, Botswana)

"The financial resources of BCA are limited and most of the money goes towards improvement of technical and playing aspects of cricket. Hence, we haven’t engaged any long-term sport psychology consultancy. Having previously worked in the higher realms of cricket and seeing other sport psychologists work with their players, I have noticed that the mental aspect of playing cricket is really important, especially in terms of long-term goal-setting and inter-match psychological issues. Being able to manage your playing career and being able to cope mentally with varying match scenarios is fundamentally important to all cricketers. In the last decade or so the most successful cricket nations have displayed very strong mental fortitude in how they achieve success on and off the playing field. Psychological skills have to become habit if we are going to take Botswana places on the global stage. You helped the players open up and talk about their lives. As a result, they are now ready to take their performance to another level. You opened up a new world to the players as to how they can look at cricket. For instance, goal-setting has become very cliché and yet my players really did not know how to set goals. You showed them how to do it. Players and laypeople alike do know about it, but to have someone like you come in and break it down and give them a template to work from is invaluable. If my Batswana players now see successful overseas cricket players performing on the world stage, it won’t be so much a mystery as to how they coped mentally and how they got there in the first place. You came with a fresh and vocal approach. Batswana are not used to someone being so engaging, but they listened and interacted well. They found it interesting and something they can put into practice. For instance, you got one of our youngest players to open up in front of the senior players and display a sense of confidence that I had never seen before."
Arjun Menon
Head Coach and High Performance Manager, Botswana Cricket Association, Gaborone, Botswana


"This was huge. I don’t think you understand how big a difference you are making. We have always gone with a good team, but we have had a soft underbelly. This experience will transform a lot of players’ lives. It will make them stronger people and handle pressures in life and on the sports field better. You have helped us turn up as a different team and different players. I think it was very interesting and different. I believed everything you said. For instance, you were trying to remove our fears so that we don’t have limitations and help us believe that the sky is the limit. I believe in God and your message is similar to the bible. For instance, Mark 9, Verse 23 says, ‘If you believe, all things are possible to him who believes.’ I enjoyed the breathing exercises, because it is not very often that you are able to do things without concentrating on a whole lot of things. Yesterday I had a few troubles, but the breathing exercises allowed me to lose myself and get out of the negative moment – definitely. For instance, I had some anxiety about a decision I had to make, but the breathing really relaxed me a lot. It’s so true, that when you think in a certain way, the outcome will most likely head in that direction. If you go out there thinking, ‘oh my goodness there’s a lot to do,’ instead of thinking, ‘let’s get out there and just have fun,’ then you are already half way out. I like the way you joke around the players, as you put them at ease. You make everyone feel a part of the team."
Karabo Modise
Captain, Botswana Senior Men’s Cricket Team, Botswana Cricket Association, Gaborone, Botswana


"The sessions were good as I learnt a lot. People were participating and they were giving good answers. The best thing you did was that you helped everyone understand what you were doing. You went over and over enough times so we understood. You taught things that we can use with different kinds of athletes. At first some of the audience were nervous, but after a while they became more confident. The younger audience members were impressive, as after only one session they could do your techniques without any problems."
Innocent Chando
Coach, Botswana Under 19 Women’s Cricket Team, Botswana Cricket Association, Gaborone, Botswana


"It was an eye-opener. Our girls haven’t experienced psychology sessions so it will change their mind-set about the way they act. They will think more positively and think twice about what they will do. Same for me as well. As a captain I tend to question myself after I make decisions, but now I’ll have a second to think about what I will do using the diaphragmatic breathing technique and then I’ll feel more confident with my decision. The players were having fun doing the exercises. They were confused initially, but then they gave it a go, as they realized your techniques could help them not only in cricket, but in their social lives."
Shameelah Mosweu
Captain, Botswana Under 19 Women’s Cricket Team, Botswana Cricket Association, Gaborone, Botswana


Botswana Football Association
(Gaborone, Botswana)

"Your psychology course is needed, especially implementing it with juniors, so that they grow up with it and become stronger and able to understand the importance of balancing life with their football career. Initially they were reluctant to attend because they did not know what was going on. They didnít know what psychology is. But over time they became more interested It really helped the players a lot as there was a real improvement in the way they started reacting to different situations, such as on the field. They gained more confidence. They use to have low self-esteem, but now they are really there in terms of their approach to the game. It really gave them confidence and self-belief in achieving whatever they want to achieve. For example, some of the players are from the rural areas and so when they come to the city they lack confidence. But after your sessions they began opening up and chatting to their colleagues freely as they gained a new approach towards life. They now even mix with the players from Gaborone. One of the players was really quiet, but he is now opening up, lively, and happy. They were feeling that they were not good enough, but we have matched them against stronger players and they are doing better due to your sessions. Even the coaches noticed this. For instance, the Under 20 coach noticed this and he also noticed how one of the players was being negative and did not want to be part of the team. He was drifting away from the coaches, but because you helped him he is now becoming an integral member of their team. You even affected the captain who is now doing his role more effectively."
Raizor Tsatsilebe
Under 20 Team Manager, Botswana Football Association, Botswana


"If your sessions were more of an everyday thing it would actually benefit the association very much. We are losing games and our problems are not because we are not talented, but rather because of the ways we are perceiving some things. We usually lack confidence and donít believe we are good enough. Most of the players believe this. For instance, we think players from Spain are better than us, but thatís not always the case. But the truth is, you are only as good as you think you are. The breathing techniques and the Stop technique were really useful. They were match related and we need them almost every 10 minutes in training and in a game. We are trying your techniques and they are working. I havenít actually been angry or sad for more than 5 minutes since you taught us the techniques. The guys listened to you and in fact they were actually responding better with you than the coaches. A more permanent psychology program should be put in place here at BFA because football is 75 percent psychology and 25 percent what you can do with your feet. As much as we use the breathing techniques to avoid the negativity, we must be put in an environment that is positive Ė you can feel positive energy in a place when everyone is happy. Likewise, I think it should be compulsory for coaches to do a psychology course, or even just a mini-psychology course so they can learn about negativity and positivity."
Letlhogonolo Masigo
Under 20, Botswana National Football Player, Botswana Football Association, Botswana


"It helps to have confidence in soccer as you wonít be disturbed by anything unimportant. Iíve learnt to overcome negative things by thinking positively. Iíve learnt to ignore things that stress me out on the soccer field. For instance, when people say negative things I no longer worry about what they say. I am now thinking positive, positive, positive. Helping us to understand that there was no such thing as stress really helped me. This gave me confidence in everything I do."
Thero Asele
Under 20, Botswana National Football Player, Botswana Football Association, Botswana


"When I first came to see you I was nervous because I was wondering why I was here, but after the first session I began to concentrate more as I tried your techniques and everything worked perfectly. After rehearsing your techniques I couldnít wait to come back to see you. I donít like to be anxious, so when you talked about how there is no such thing as stress I paid more attention. You helped me to learn how to overcome fear. I have used your techniques in two games now and they worked. When the players and coaches were shouting at me it was confusing, but my performance didnít go down because I used your techniques Ė I did the right thing. The Stop technique was the most effective as I was able to ignore negative things. I would like to thank the BFA for bringing you to us as it helped us improve. That really showed that they would like to see us prosper. I would like them to organize such things more often such as every camp, or better still have it part of our training 52 weeks a year, so that we can become a stronger football team and country."
Unobatsha Mbaiwa
Under 20, Botswana National Football Player, Botswana Football Association, Botswana


Botswana National Olympic Committee
(Gaborone, Botswana)

"Your sessions were a big mind-opener to us at the Botswana National Olympic Committee. Personally, the thing I learnt the most was that I can be in control depending upon how I perceive situations. In other words, my perception is what I am. Your techniques and information are something that definitely needs to be continued in order for us to see the proper benefits. Sport is ninety percent mental. I learnt that as an athlete first-hand. But we donít have a sport psychologist in our organisation, even though sport psychology is very much needed in Botswana sports. One of the reasons for not having someone like you is because sports administrators donít understand the true benefit you can make, as many often think that sport psychologists are only about pumping athletes up. They donít understand the importance of other aspects of sport psychology. That is a pity as you made psychology easy to understand. You were not complicated, but instead you broke things down into simple messages. Our athletes really needed your help. They certainly need help handling pressure. For instance, many got very anxious just doing a fitness test in the past. A lot of them do not have goals and dream goals. And they certainly donít have them written down, even though we need them to do this. Some of the athletes and coaches did not have a high level of English proficiency, but you simplified it for them. As a result, they warmed up to you very quickly. Your demeanor was ideal, especially as you made yourself part of them, and thus they felt as if they were talking to a peer. You did not need to use ice breakers as you broke down any potential barriers by interacting with the coaches and athletes immediately and making them laugh."
Tapiwa Marobela
Programmes Officer-Technical, Botswana National Olympic Committee, Gaborone, Botswana


"I’ve learnt a lot. I’m using what you have told me to make me more relaxed. I have noticed that I’m paying attention to my social live more. I’ve also learnt not to treat everyone the same way. As a result I see how it builds confidence. I feel more confident talking to people – definitely. I have seen that in my personal life – it helps. Sometimes when I stand up in front of people I am nervous, but now I can be more calm."
Ketlwaelo Rahube
Basketball coach, Botswana National Olympic Committee, Gaborone, Botswana


"The relaxation exercises were amazing. I never thought that breathing would make me so calm. I thought, ‘Okay, I’ll give it a go.’ I can’t really explain how well it works. It’s just amazing. It really works. I found it very easy to learn and very easy to teach other people. You could see the expression in the faces of the other people that it was really working with them as well."
Mohammed Ameen Jada
Mixed martial arts and kick-boxing coach, Botswana National Olympic Committee, Gaborone, Botswana


Botswana Tennis Association
(Gaborone, Botswana)

"Having a sport psychologist on a regular basis will help me in many ways such as having a different way of seeing things in tennis and playing to the best of my ability. Your techniques are really effective and really working. You made me realize what really brings me down and that I should own my fears. I now have a clear idea of how to overcome my weaknesses and overcome them. You helped me to work on turning my weaknesses into my strengths so that I can perform better on the court. I’ve realized that there is no such thing as stress, but that it’s my fears that hold me back. Before I saw you I use to think that things that were difficult to obtain were stressful, but now I know better. Your visualisation exercises helped me have a more positive mindset on the court and be calm in difficult situations. You made me be able to do things with the tennis ball more effectively. I now believe I am able to get my way on the court more often."
Dimpho Wilfred Legoreng
Botswana national tennis player, Botswana Tennis Association, Gaborone, Botswana


"My biggest problem is mental. For instance, I sometimes don’t believe in myself and think I am going to lose. I have gone into matches and got scared after the first serve, but now I know that I can say to myself, ‘there is another two sets to go’ and hence I can think positive. I should look at the positive aspects of situations. An opponent may be getting anxious and hence going fast, but I can turn that around and take my time. The exercises for breathing and calming ourselves down and not thinking negative thoughts when I’m in certain situations was very useful because I now know what to do. I try your breathing exercises and they work. They really calmed me. Upgrading my confidence with regular sport psychology sessions would be very helpful."
Kaone Montshioa
Botswana national tennis player, Botswana Tennis Association, Gaborone, Botswana


De La Salle University Judo Varsity Team
(Manila, Philippines)

"I see the real importance of what you are teaching for competition. The techniques help us relax before we get on the mats. I liked your NOISE and NESTS acronyms, as they are the basic ingredients for life. They are simple and easy to follow, and not hard to memorise."
Keith Ver
Assistant Coach and 66kg Judo competitor
De La Salle University Judo Varsity Team, Manila, Philippines


"It was very helpful, especially the Thought Stoppage technique and the emphasis on values. For me, thinking about my values guides me more and keeps me on track. In the past I haven’t been able to think and focus in tournaments. I get side-tracked before tournaments, so to have a clearer idea of what I want to achieve helps."
Mia Baguisi
Under 57, Women Judo competitor
De La Salle University Judo Varsity Team, Manila, Philippines


"The exercises were very helpful. I’ve used the diaphragmatic breathing, progressive muscular relaxation, and meditation a lot. It helps players focus and not only in sport, but also in general life. They are life-long exercises that should be practiced every day. The players told me you gave them a more specific way to focus and perform better. For instance, everyone knows we should think positive, but our players did not know how to do that and how to remove negative thoughts. Your techniques were very specific and can be performed very easily."
Samson R. Bernales
Head Coach
De La Salle University Judo Varsity Team, Manila, Philippines


Ghana Cricket Association
(Accra, Ghana)

"Your sessions are really relevant to cricket. When I get tired in cricket I breathe too much and my performance gets worst. But if I am able to slow my breathing down I am able to get back on track. When I play bad shots, I sometimes say bad things, and then the opponents hear it and use that to their advantage. But if I can do it in my head, then they won’t hear. Some times when fielding I lose concentration, but with your techniques I am able to concentrate better. I liked the newspaper article exercise about thinking and feeling. It helps me stay on track and go the extra mile. Exposing myself to negative things I can get down, but when seeing positive things I think right and do not ponder negativity as much. So you helped me push harder. I need to think about the game that I want and not think about negative things."
Eugene King
Development Officer, Ghana Cricket Association, Accra, Ghana


"Most of the guys were saying, ‘we need someone like you to be with the team.’ You know for some time now the players haven’t had such an experience that you provided. They are not use to someone getting them so involved and interacting with each other. The players tell me that they have gained confidence and are playing their lives both on and of the pitch more effectively. These guys are relatively young and so they sometimes won’t ask before they reason. They fail to think enough; – ‘I shouldn’t have hit that shot.’ You gave them a consciousness of when to apply certain shots on the cricket pitch and in real life. They now see the point of making right decisions at the right time, especially under pressure."
Francis Asare
General Secretary, Ghana Cricket Association, Accra, Ghana


"These sessions have been what we have been waiting for. We have the skills and everything to play good cricket. But somewhere along the lines we lack the mental toughness to really take us forward. The way we approach the game has only been about hitting balls and getting wickets. We are now mentally tougher due to you. We can now bowl more overs in an accurate manner without getting hit over the wall. I liked your NESTS. As a player we lack the nutrition aspect; although the exercise component has been good; we don’t spend the amount of time we need to on sleep; the thinking has been positive, but not strong; and the social support has been average. It is hard to change habits, but we will use your motto of, ‘perfect practice makes perfect,’ so that we can compete against our brothers in other countries. So in the future we will add your techniques to our practice and games. We will spend more time with our friends and colleagues in a more positive manner so that we can deliver better on the field."
Lawrence Ahadzi
National Men’s Team Player, Ghana Cricket Association, Accra, Ghana


Ghana Olympic Committee
(Accra, Ghana)

"You achieved a lot in your sessions. I gained substantially, especially learning about diaphragmatic breathing, progressive muscular relaxation, and meditation. I’ll practice these techniques to eternity, because I tried them and as a consequence I had better sleep. It sure helped me relax. You taught me what psychology can do for me personally, what it can do for my athletes, and what it can do for Ghana. Your services are crucial for the whole of Ghana if we want to do even better internationally than we currently are doing."
Amuzu Logosu
Sprint Coach, Ghana Olympic Committee, Greater Accra, Ghana


"The classes were lovely. You helped the coaches relax. You were very clear with your message. I really liked the interaction you created between the coaches, because that helped us understand your information and techniques more thoroughly. As a result of these three things, when you presented difficult information, we did not become overwhelmed. We could understand even complex information. I learnt a lot, but especially how to prepare my athletes for competition more effectively. For instance, I learnt how to teach my athletes not to fear as often. I now know how to make my athletes happier and as a result they will perform better."
Aniah Bernard
Long Distance Coach, Ghana Olympic Association, Accra, Ghana


"Athletes can train as hard as they like, but if their minds are not strong, then they won’t be able to achieve their aim. Every sport needs physical and mental strength and hence what you did was extremely useful for athletes in particular. We need to use your training nationwide and bring our coaches together from all regions for such training. For instance, it would be good to have two coaches from all ten regions attend so they can learn, discuss the information, and then take it back to their separate regions. Personally I learnt a lot. You helped me understand, especially because you communicate very clearly. I learnt how to control myself better. I told you that I sometimes have too many things to do, but you explained to me that I need to control the situation better. That was very useful advice. I will make sure that things do not hold me down in the future. Likewise, the coaches also learnt. They felt better at the end of the workshops because they learnt how to control their breathing, how to teach their athletes more effectively, that there is no such thing as stress, and that they need to be social with their athletes. The coaches listened intently, you had their attention, even though many have low levels of education."
Fuseini Bahwah
Secretary General of Athletics, Ghana Olympic Association, Accra, Ghana


Ghana Tennis Association
(Accra, Ghana)

"Learning and teaching is not simple, but it was like you had a toolbox with various tools that you could use whenever the need arised. If you needed a hammer, then you could take out a hammer and use it. If you needed scissors, then you could pull them out. You were systematic. You were simple and straight forward. You talked about what was real. You presented facts and showed non-complex techniques. You made me think about things that we don’t normally think about. You made me realize that I was neglecting important things around me. For instance, you helped me summarise one session as, ‘I must honour sleep in both quality and quantity in order to get the benefits of health and happiness.’ People want to be happy and they look for money to get this and they have restless lives and don’t sleep well. So it’s an irony; what people think will make them happy is actually not making them happy. They don’t have time for family and people when chasing after money. In the end you are like a sunflex – you think you are seeing something that will make you happy when in fact it doesn’t. I learnt that the foundations of happiness and a healthy lifestyle is NESTS. I see NESTS as a summary of solutions for life’s problems. The problems we are having in life is, ‘how to be happy?’ We are trying all sorts of different things to be happy. NESTS says, ‘stop beating around the bush and just do NESTS’."
Ali Bansie Baba
Player and Coach, Ghana Tennis Association, Accra, Ghana


"Your sessions help me to think positive, know what to do, and keep me away from fear and negative things. You helped me stay mentally active. It’s all been useful, but especially with the breathing exercises. It helps me on the court. I don’t bother as much about things on the court now. I now am more focused, don’t have fear and do the right thing. I don’t waste energy on thinking about irrelevant things. In the future I will still remember the need to be consistent – that is, doing the same thing over and over which causes you to become addicted to what you are doing and not feel fear. You made me realize how to handle issues, understand people, and what to do. I like the way you make us active mentally and physically."
Peter Atsu Tomegah
Player, Ghana Tennis Association, Accra, Ghana


"You were very useful, especially as psychology fits straight into tennis. I have learnt a lot about how to impact my players. I don’t have to think bad for them, think negative, or try to pump them up. I now see the need to stay positive and not put unnecessary pressure on the players. I liked the breathing exercises, as it really works on perception. Even like walking up stairs. If you perceive stairs as difficult, then they are difficult, but if you see them as easy, then they are easy. Now that I have been exposed to this idea, I understand that there is nothing to be afraid of. The breathing exercises bring me back whenever I am thinking badly. It helps you freeze, think about positive things, and then go back to what I was doing. So by doing so, I increase my ability to play more. You were very, very cordial. You explained things well with the pictures and you’re very encouraging. We know we are learning a lot. Such things need to be taught at the club levels so that when the players come to tournaments they will be aware of what to do and what not to do. Tennis is played 95 percent mentally, but most players do not know how to do the mental aspect of tennis. Oftentimes players have been beaten by another player and that brings fear when they met the same person again, but they don’t need to be afraid."
Philip Plange
Player and Coach, Ghana Tennis Association, Accra, Ghana


Jamaica Cheer Federation
(Kingston, Jamaica)

"I use to be a flier as a cheerleader, but I then became afraid of flying. I would worry about falling and say things like, 'I can't fly. I'm going to fall and coach is going to yell at me.' With your confidence section, especially the information about positive self-talk from confidence, along with getting us to create a positive sentence based on neuroticism, I should be able to overcome my fear with flying. I need to see flying as something that I am not afraid of, but rather something that I want to do. I liked the repeating of NESTS and NOISE as fast as we could because it was fun and interactive. You kept it personal. You didn’t make it seem like you were superior. It was easy to talk to you. You gave us enough time to understand and interpret the information."
Janine Forbes
Cheerleader, Jamaica Cheer Federation, Kingston, Jamaica


"I learnt things from you such as I need to try harder, be hardier, and gain more confidence. The information that was given was very useful, I just need to apply your information and not be a procrastinator or be lazy. I think that if I have the confidence then I can execute my stunts in cheerleading properly each time I do them. I see your sessions helping me in school. If I believe that I can actually do Accounts, which is my weakest subject at the moment, then I'll practice harder and pass the course. I will try to remember that I need to be more persistent."
Racquel Ebanks
Cheerleader, Jamaica Cheer Federation, Kingston, Jamaica


"As a cheerleader I apply NESTS and NOISE every day. For instance, I have to exercise, take good nutrients, sleep well, focus on everything I do, and socialise. We have to be able to think ahead and put everything that we have learnt into play. Hence, your breathing techniques can help me control my energy in my performance. Your sessions were excellent for my everyday life. You connect with us, made it comfortable for us to speak freely, and help us understand what needs to be taught. I’d be glad to do more sessions like this as we have learned a lot."
Romario Thomas
Cheerleader, Jamaica Cheer Federation, Kingston, Jamaica


Jamaica Hockey Federation
(Kingston, Jamaica)

"It was very encouraging. Everyone has heard about sport psychology, but I never knew you would be so helpful. Learning how I can approach and structure conversations to have positive feedback was invaluable, even in the worst situations (when you want to tear your hair out). I liked the thought stoppage technique because it made me think differently about not only what I want to say, but also my tone. Your courses are not just about hockey, but also life. I was pleased how receptive the boys were. I don’t know what you did to them, but even though my players are bright, knowledgeable, and willing to research things on their own, they could immediately see how they could gain from you, both on and off the field, especially with the breathing exercises, optimism, and goal-setting. They are willing to implement your techniques which had a profound effect on them."
Aubyn Ferguson
Senior Coach, Jamaican Men’s Hockey Team, Jamaica, Caribbean


"I don’t normally think negative thoughts, but the breathing exercise was so surprisingly effective. It was peaceful. I almost feel asleep. I found working on goal-setting very useful. I gave myself until September to change some things. You actually made us write our goals down, instead of just talking about them. As you said, ‘put it up where other people can see it and that will make you accountable for them’. I’m doing this. Most of the players found your sessions a useful experience. Helping them to calm down, take a step back, and get their emotions under control is helping the team. Not even the most difficult players didn’t tune you out. Instead they changed the most, as they often times take out their frustrations of life onto the field, but they don’t now as much."
Demi Nicholson
Player, Jamaican Women’s Hockey Team, Jamaica, Caribbean


"You have changed my life. For instance, I now automatically sit the way you taught us. I learnt how to control my brain and breathing. Even on the first night you showed me the breathing technique, I was able to help my girlfriend calm down. I now look at life in a different way. Instead, I now look at life more positive, positive, positive. I just touch my index finger and I can move on. One of the players in particular you really calmed down. You taught him to be more focused."
Kishawn White
Player, Jamaican Men’s Hockey Team, Jamaica, Caribbean


"Your sessions are all very important. The fact that you kept them on one day from 11am to 3pm shows you got a connection. I really liked how you asked on one night, ‘How many hours do you spend training physically?’ and then ‘How many hours do you spend training mentally?’ and then you gave them techniques to use so they can train mentally. Even the players that were not interested initially benefited in the long run. Getting one of the players to sit up and say her goals is more than anyone else has ever been able to. She now stands taller and wants to be involved in your more advanced technique sessions. I like how you have shown them how to do this on their own. You have challenged them to become stronger on their own."
Michelle Holt
Coach, Jamaican Women’s Hockey Team, Jamaica, Caribbean


"The players will change gradually due to your sessions and it’s the coaching staff’s responsibility to remind the players if they see the players “acting out” to use your techniques. A lot of the players get angry, especially due to comments from other players. So the thought stoppage technique is the one that we need to practice with the players the most. Your sessions were needed and they turned out to be well received. The players were very receptive to what you brought to the table and they were willing to look at the flaws that they did not know how to correct. I especially liked how you helped the players to remain focused and be able to perform at their highest level. You helped them truly understand that they are responsible for their actions and happiness and to focus on what is important.”
Richard Wisdom
Chairman of the Umpire and Technical Committee, Jamaica Hockey Federation, Jamaica, Caribbean
Former National Coach, Jamaica Senior & Under 21 Men’s Hockey Teams, Jamaica, Caribbean
Head Coach, University of West Indies Hockey Male and Female Teams, West Indies, Caribbean


Malaysia Cricket Association
(Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

"I learnt from this training that mental strength is very important in helping us improve our performance. For things to happen we need to change the things we are doing wrong. It will take time, but with small, small steps, change is possible for the better. I am the sum of my training. It all depends on me. If I want to do it, then I can do it. The information you gave showed that small changes can make a real big difference. Like sleeping an extra two hours showed increased performance by 9 percent and reaction time improved. Everything is related to happiness; if you are happy, everything will fit into place nicely. And when you are not happy, you tend to do the things that damage you. It's been fun. We did sessions for four hours and we didn't realize it went that long. It just went like that. Time flies when you are enjoying yourself. I also learnt that I can help people by understanding them more by looking at myself. In the words of the Beatles, 'Help me, help you.'"
Derek Dureisingam
Malaysia National Male Cricketer, Malaysia Cricket Association, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


"At first I was going with the motion when the coach told me that a psychologist was coming and that I had to do some sessions with you. But then, after the first session about being happy, I was excited to go for further sessions. What I liked the most is all the facts that you showed us, along with the specific topics. A lot of the research you showed was very good because the relationships between the variables you talked about were very high. Thus, it made me believe and then it made me want to know more. I became more interested. I'm a player who has always been aggressive, but due to these sessions I've become more relaxed and am able to plan my game accordingly with the team better. My coach recently said to me, 'I like the way you bat now. It's sensible and you look calm.' In the past I would sweep my very first ball, as it's my favourite shot. However, now I have a better batting plan. For instance, in the last match I scored 77 runs off 51 balls. I started off playing singles and then started to play my scoring shots once I got my eye in and had the feeling that I could really play my shots. I hit 11 fours and 2 sixes. I now say to myself, 'I am in control and I'm able to control the situation better.'"
Mohd Shafiq Mohd Sharif
Malaysia National Male Cricketer, Malaysia Cricket Association, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


"When I heard about you I was in Chennai, India, and I thought it was going to be boring. But after the fifth session I realized that you meant business. I remember the first session with you and you said you were different from all other sport psychologists. You proved it! Whatever you said and the slides you showed us all made sense. For instance, we have never scored 400, but after your sessions I feel our players are more confident and believe they can do it. Two of our batsman scored hundreds and another made 70 plus in a recent match where we scored 407. Everything you did was new. I learnt we shouldn't be afraid of changing ourselves. If we need to change something in our lives, we should try and if it doesn't work out, then we can go back to our normal ways of doing things. We should take changes in life in a positive way. I usually get very angry about things, even small things, but after you showed us that happy people make wiser decisions, I applied what you said. I also realized that sleep is very much more important than we think it is. Just a few hours of extra sleep can help me improve my performance which will eventually help the team. Other things I have learnt are: I am responsible for any mistakes that I do; instead of blaming others I should be responsible for the mistakes that I have done, taking it as a learning curve, and not repeat it in the future; and it is good to be an extrovert, but we need to have a limit for everything we do and we should know the consequences that we would need to face if we do something wrong. Hence, I am responsible for what I say, what I think, and what I do. The most important thing that I need to believe in is that I can. At last I've learnt that nothing is stopping me from improving ourselves besides myself. All I have to do is believe in my capabilities and strive towards greater heights. As the saying goes, 'If you never try, then you will never know what you are capable of!'"
Pavandeep Singh
Malaysia National Male Cricketer, Malaysia Cricket Association, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


"You helped me in your own unique way by being creative, hard-working, and kind. Before you, I was scared and didn't believe in myself. You helped me believe in myself, especially because of your material and the practical exercises like breathing. I found it interesting because your information is new. No-one has told me these things. And you made it easier for me by translating your material into Bahasa. I liked your evidence. The PCPAM information helped me set a plan for the SEA games in 2017 and be in the national team. I have to set plans and believe I can achieve my goals. I can also help others to change by mastering the stages of change and having more knowledge about changes. Every day I memorise the PCPAM information to help me change. One of the players scored a hundred after your classes. That hundred was totally different from what he does every day. He was more patient in the center and is taking on more responsibility. Another one of the players is believing in himself more."
Vimallan Palaniandy
Under 19 Malaysia Cricketer, Malaysia Cricket Association, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


"The most important thing I have learnt from you is to believe in myself. If I believe in myself, then I have a positive vibe in me and that's when things start to turn around. Before these sessions, I never thought we could get into Division 1, but then I thought to myself, 'Why does he keep emphasizing the word 'believe' and 'believing in myself'?' So then I thought, 'Let's try. There's no harm in trying.' I am now slowly believing in myself more. Before you came, no one emphasized the things you discussed. For instance, I didn't know about the need for ten hours sleep. You made me go back and think about things. It made sense. Other things I have learnt are: don't waste time thinking about negative things, get your act together, and move towards the positive route; it is totally up to me if I want to achieve my goals; and after this I think I would like to grow some guts and try being an extrovert. If I follow what you said then I really can change. Many things you said were new to me and so I was able to take it as a challenge. For instance, I already knew that there are different steps in order to be happy, but I learnt that it's important to follow them and be honest with ourselves. I enjoy the sessions, as I am learning new things. I liked the big group sessions, as they were funny and enjoyable. We talk about many of your things away from you. We went to a Christmas Party and we were talking about your PCPAM. The way you conduct your classes is fun. If it was boring, we would never talk about it. I'm like a camel being brought to drink water by my owner, which in this case is Adrian, at a lake. So the water is right in front of me, but now it's purely up to me if I want to drink the water or not. In other words, Adrian has already provided the staircase to success. It is totally up to me if I want to follow the route or not."
Virandeep Singh
Malaysia National Male Cricketer, Malaysia Cricket Association, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


"The group sessions helped with teamwork. Initially the staff thought it would be useless, but by the end of it they found it hundred percent useful. If the working environment is good, then you'll be happy. From that you can become positive and creative in your thinking. It helped me actually want to change. It helped me become more positive. The main message for me is to manage your life, think positive, less negative, and do it. Everyone needs to have a mission statement and a vision statement if they want to be the best. I need to have a vision. Then I need to achieve that vision. The work I do should be work I like to do. So it's all about: be a better person. The way that I think effects how I achieve my goals. I can change, but not too fast. Instead, do it in a small way. I need to think positive, then follow with actions. It taught me a lot; I need to take care of my health, control my thinking, and change to encourage ourselves to be more positive and have good teamwork, and must have a goal to achieve."
Mia Syazlyn Zainon
Finance Executive, Malaysia Cricket Association, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


"Your sessions have definitely made me realise that I can help people and myself for the better. Sometimes we hold back and so I liked the information on courage. I need to be brave and understand why I need to change. If we are sincere, then why not go ahead and do it. I've learnt that it's not easy to change, as people don't want to change. It's normal for a person not to change and there's nothing wrong with that. If you know that, then you can help them. To make changes you must know the stages of change of each individual and apply techniques according to each individual's needs. It has given me the confidence that we can change. The studies you showed me convinced me that I don't have to wait to change; you gave me the confidence to change. We tend focus on cricket skills as if they are the only factors for performance enhancement. We think that getting the boys to catch 100 balls, or hitting 200 shots, or sending the boys on attachments to other countries will improve performance, but many fail to realize that there are other factors that need to be developed such as sleep, rest, social support, and nutrition. What molds a cricketer and a better person is all these other things as well. For instance, social support is a vital link in having a better life. I now know that I need to organize myself, the importance of social support, sleep, how to change, and the importance of belief. But I can't make changes in my life, or to anyone else's life, if I myself don't believe and practice all that I've learnt. I have to make these a priority."
Ramani Batumalai
Development Officer and Coach/Umpire Educator, Malaysia Cricket Association, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


"I find this all interesting as I wanted to learn and wanted to change. If a person knows they have a flaw and they need to change that flaw, then when you hear this information in a simple manner, it gives a big impact. I knew about this earlier, but I didn't know the effective way to go about doing this. As a Hindu, we say our Guru will come to guide us when we are ready to change. So I look it in that manner. You show ways in a simple and effective method. I've read books about change, but to actually put it into action in my daily life has been difficult because what I read was only theory. What you did was put things in a simple form, with simple steps, which you need to do in a daily manner, which gives positive results. I was able to list three of my weakest points and then list what I needed to do. It was easy because of the way you teach and all the information you provided. Like when you say it's hard, but you can change, and be honest to myself. I had the answers inside of me, but didn't know how to tap them out. I just found the answer."
Subanantha Nagasingam
Event Coordinator, Malaysia Cricket Association, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


"There are certain things in life that we already know, but we're not using. Adrian brings out those potentials inside us. For instance, everyone knows that happiness is everything in life, but still we worry. Fear disturbs our confidence levels, but if a person becomes hardy, they will most probably not experience fear, increase their confidence level, achieve their goals and this will end up in success and happiness, which is the ultimate goal in life. As a physiotherapist becomes hardier, they'll have more confidence in handling a patient and doing assessments of their symptoms. Likewise, if our cricketers or anyone in life becomes hardier, they will have a better performance overall. So the message is always be happy and approach things positively. After your sessions I have become more positive. I started to go more deeper in my studies. I wanted to be a pro in my assessment so I have read more textbooks. I have downloaded the latest textbooks. Before I saw you I really wanted to study and update my knowledge, but my laziness was saying, 'I've already finished my college seven years back.'"
Yuvaraj Karuppannan
Physiotherapist, Malaysia Cricket Association, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Musaeus College Rowing Club
(Colombo, Sri Lanka)

"Our rowing crew were really excited about the Paper Clip technique and they were surprised about the number of negative thoughts they had. They are motivated to think in a less negative way. The training really helped us, especially to think better. It really motivated us and me to think in a positive way. When we do assessments for timing, sometimes I feel like giving up. But after this training I feel like I really should not give up. I think the advice on optimism was really important for that. The key is to see life in a more positive way. Most of the time when people come to see us they appear too intellectual, but you allowed us to talk about what we fear and be more open."
Malki Wijeyesekera
Crew member, Musaeus College Rowing Club, Colombo, Sri Lanka


"It was something different that the girls had not experienced before. They are all talking about what you have taught them and how they could apply it to their practices. They were intrigued by it. I heard them constantly exchanging ideas on how they could apply this to themselves. Their thinking is different from in the past. They are not thinking in a mundane way. They were comparing the number of negative thoughts they had with each other. The interaction with you was very good. They opened up very quickly and were fairly relaxed with you. You were able to engage them well."
Mark Maurice
Coach, Musaeus College Rowing Club, Colombo, Sri Lanka


Philippines Judo Association
(Manila, Philippines)

"We train 2 hours in the morning and 3 hours at night, and in the 6 years that I have been in the national squad, we have never had a sport psychologist. A lot of us in competitions are very nervous, but with your techniques I can now compete in a more relaxed manner."
Eunice Lucero
National Womens Philippines Under 70kg Judo representative, Manila, Philippines


"The players took your sessions seriously. I liked your breathing techniques, as it made me relaxed and calm. In competitions I get angry and think negative thoughts. I have never been fully confident in myself, even though I was a Gold medalist at the South-East Asian Games, but now I can see that if I gain more confidence using your techniques, then I will do even better. I am now going to change the way I think and the way others think of me."
Gilbert Ramirez
Gold medalist, South-East Asian Games (Under 73kg division)
National Mens Philippines Under 73kg Judo representative, Manila, Philippines


"The players were thankful for the opportunity you gave us, as they can use your techniques in the future. Your sessions were helpful for us because you taught us to help ourselves. I liked the breathing, meditation, PMR, and thought stoppage, because when I did them I relaxed, kept the focus on myself, thought clearly, and moved better. The thought stoppage really helps me, as I’m sometimes a negative thinker. What I learnt from you was the need to change my thinking to a positive way."
Helen Dawa
Gold medalist, South-East Asian Games (Under 45kg division)
National Womens Philippines Under 45kg Judo representative, Manila, Philippines


"When I did your techniques I felt so motivated. I learnt that the Filipino quote of ‘to see is to believe’ is not true. It is supposed to be that you need to believe before you see it. The general message of all your techniques is to see the future positively and not negatively. We can do immeasurably things more than what we see by seeing the vision of victory."
Lester Pilar
National Mens Philippines Judo representative, Manila, Philippines


Rajasthan Cricket Association
(Jaipur, India)

"The players know that the mental and the physical factors are correlated with each other. If you are physically fit, but not mentally fit, you can’t do your hundred percent effort in any sport. They grasped your ideas and interacted with you in an enjoyable manner. I liked how you showed us how to overcome barriers in life and do things in a better way. Most of the players don’t speak English well, so you needed to use translators. Both of the women you used translated well and as a result at least 60 to 70 percent of the players understood very clearly what you were teaching and as a result we have become mentally stronger."
Anil Yadav
Coach Under 16 Boys Team, Rajasthan Cricket Association, Jaipur, India


"As a person you are very frank and open with us. Hence the players don’t hesitate to approach you. You behave more like a friend than a coach. Although my English was only good enough to understand 50 to 55 percent of the things you said, you taught me how to become calmer and focus better. I especially liked your PMR, meditation, and mental imagery techniques. You helped me relax and then I got so good at it, you made me do it in front of the boy’s team and I could do it."
Babita Meena
Under 19 cricket player, Rajasthan Cricket Association, Jaipur, India


"I especially liked the aura you created. I really got positive vibes from you before you even introduced yourself – peppy and nice. I think it’s awesome that you were so approachable. You used a translator well and when you didn’t use one, you were very clear and emphasized the more important points. Everyone thought there was stress. I’m sure that even if the players didn’t fully understand due to English problems, they now all understand that there is no such as stress. You were very practical. For instance, you called people to interact, you took us to the field to show us how to use the techniques, and you ensured that everyone got the breathing exercise right. I hope our association brings you back to improve our play."
Danielle Xzara Sharma
Under 19 cricket player, Rajasthan Cricket Association, Jaipur, India


"I really got some concepts clear regarding coordination between mind, body, and soul. We used to think that if someone got injured or needed a rehab program, we would work only on that specific area, but now I understand that I if I can combine the treatment with things like diaphragmatic breathing, then the results will be better. I liked the session on ‘stress’ because you helped me change my perception and my way of thinking."
Deep Tomar
Physiotherapist, Rajasthan Cricket Association, Jaipur, India


"Your approach is very enthusiastic and thus the players were actively involved. This made them curious and helped stimulate them to try and work out what your message was. A lot of our players don’t have a sound educational background, but could understand what you’re saying. On top of that they are young and so they have not experienced a great deal in life and so don’t understand fully things like stress. The players could do and understand the practical things you taught such as the breathing exercises. The players understood the concept of single-mindedness, as they get easily distracted. I liked the 3-minute routine you gave us. It’s very simple and non-time-consuming. Time-consuming activities distract players, so your routine is exceptional.”
Jaya Sharma
India national player and Coach of Senior and Under 19 female Rajasthan Cricket Association teams, Rajasthan Cricket Association, Jaipur, India


"You did a really a great job for us. No-one has taught us these things. We don’t concentrate in our games. I would make bad shots because of lack of focus on the game. My coach use to tell me to choose the right ball to hit, but I didn’t do it well, but we now know how to concentrate in games because of you. Using a translator helped well and thus even the players who didn’t understand English ended up understanding 75% of the material. You removed the meaning of ‘stress’ from my mind and that helped me focus on the most important things in life and will make me a better player. I really liked how you taught us on the field. You made the techniques practical by teaching us how to do the techniques while fielding, batting, and bowling. I can now relax on the field. You are a very excellent teacher of this and I wish that more people in the world could have the opportunity to have the experience I had.”
Shubham Giri
Under 19 cricket player, Rajasthan Cricket Association, Jaipur, India


Royal Golf Club Bahrain
(Riffa, Bahrain)

"You were easy to relate to, especially as you got us to interact. The audience became part of the debate. It was an eye-opener, especially when you talked about the inherent makeup of people resisting change. We know that, but we didnít really know it. Your famous PCPAM was informative and fun. There were really positive events in your sessions. The Pygmalion effect rings a bell practically. When you project a certain positiveness in people itís infective. The key to a successful change is not to pull people down, but to transmit positive energy, thus programming them to succeed. The company was very O driven, but now we are totally E driven, while trying to achieve a balance between O and E driven. We should have had your kind of courses before our transformative approach."
Sanjeev Kumar
Systems and Marketing Manager, Royal Golf Club Bahrain, Bahrain


"The way you present was really good. You made us work. You got us talking and provided us the opportunity to bring up our ideas and think about what we need to change in our personal and professional lives. Even me I started to talk in the sessions. We shared our ideas and problems, especially when you gave us activities. I liked the topics, as the management has changed and yet most employees don't want to change. They want to stick to the same old ways. The PCPAM is a key as to how we can change with the new management. We are trying our best to help our employees to change. I liked the part about the stages of change because it helped me change."
Shamshad Ali
Human Resources Manager, Royal Golf Club Bahrain, Bahrain


Sri Lanka Aquatics Sports Union
(Colombo, Sri Lanka)

"Although our culture fosters shyness and quietness, you were able to get us interactive in a small matter of time. The swimmers became progressively more and more vocal and participated enthusiastically. Very encouragingly, especially considering their young age, most of the swimmers could articulate the main messages of the sessions. The breathing and meditation techniques they learnt will no doubt help them to compose themselves better, be it in their sport, or the rest of their daily pressures of schooling, exams and social surrounding. We all know that exercise is good for our health, but we sometimes take it for granted. How you helped us was by showing practical examples and research studies. That reinvigorated us. The thing I will remember the most is the breathing exercises. Because they make me less tired, more relaxed, and make me feel that I can handle any situation."
Akhry Ameer
General Secretary, Sri Lanka Aquatics Sports Union, Colombo, Sri Lanka


"As a swimmer, motivation is extremely important. I swim about 10 sessions per week, about 3-5km each session. In addition to that, I’ve got to try to juggle swimming and studies at a high level. That is not easy. Not easy at all. At times, I feel like giving up and I feel that I’m searching for motivation that isn’t there. It was a terrible feeling, and as a result, my last season was much more unsuccessful than I’d hoped it would turn out. I thought that there was no way I could solve it and that I was a naturally pessimistic person who, despite the talent that people say I have, don’t have the proper mentality for swimming and I began thinking about giving up my career. More than anything else I learnt from you that positive thinking leads to positive outcomes and I am motivated to change my approach so that I face challenges with a more positive mindset. Your presentations were absolutely great. You gave me hope and encouraged me. You helped me realize that even if I am indeed a pessimist, I can change that. Thank you!"
Kimiko Raheem
National female swimmer and Commonwealth Games representative, Sri Lanka Aquatics Sports Union, Colombo, Sri Lanka


"Swimmers are intelligent and analytical people, so they take their time to judge information and decide if information is based in fact or fantasy. By the end of the program the majority of my swimmers were open and receptive to you and your message. Swimming is a lonely sport therefore any increasing positive thinking will help achieve tough goals. I especially liked how you kept hammering on the positives. You opened my eyes to different, more effective and innovative ways to coach my swimmers and make their lives better in and out of a pool. The information was presented well and backed up by facts. The message of optimism/happiness/positivity will help the swimmers to make better informed choices in their lives."
Manoj Abeysinghe
Member ASCA/SLASU Elite Swimming Coach, Sri Lanka Aquatics Sports Union, Colombo, Sri Lanka


"I thought the sessions were extremely helpful and very informative. I especially liked the diaphragmatic breathing technique because I could actually feel my heart rate drop and my body start to relax which would be a good pre-race technique as a swimmer. It also helped me a lot as a person because I actually want to be a Sports Physiologist and I will be majoring in sports psychology later this year when I go to college. I really liked the experience and the ability of one person to impact so many peoples’ lives. Being happy, having goals and proper values will allow me to be a happier and more successful person and makes anything in life possible."
Matthew Abeysinghe
National male swimmer and youth Olympics semi finalists, Asian youth games medalist, Sri Lanka Aquatics Sports Union, Colombo, Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka Athletics Association
(Colombo, Sri Lanka)

"I’ve never done training like this, but I can now focus on my future targets as I now know I want to win my dream. I now can relax and breathe and not get as confused. The breathing exercises are good. They make me very relaxed. My best time for the 400 meters is 49.9 seconds, but with more training, including your training I’ll be under 45. I know I can do this."
M.D.Geethika Kavinda
400 meter runner, Sri Lanka Athletics Association, Colombo, Sri Lanka


"I was the one that came out with the idea of concentrating before the event. I am really nervous before events, but I learnt how to be relaxed. One thing that really struck me was not to let your short term goals ruin the long-term goals. If I want something now I shouldn’t let that affect my long-term goals. I have a lot of short-term goals and so I need to be careful so that they don’t affect what I really want. I recently cleared 1.71 meters in the Asian Schools Athletic Championship held in China and I think I can bring an Olympic medal to Sri Lanka for the high jump."
M.K Purnima Gunarathna
High jumper, Sri Lanka Athletics Association, Colombo, Sri Lanka


"Before the start of races and when I am in the starting position I hyperventilate, can’t breathe properly and sometimes feel like I need more time. Lots of things come into my mind, like I’m now tall enough. But due to you I’ve learnt how to relax and keep my breathing under control. I have learnt how to ignore the feelings of not being able to breathe properly. I can now focus better and remember your techniques on race day. Many athletes in Sri Lanka don’t know how to focus. They have some problems and so your training helps them avoid problems."
Nadeeshani Henderson
400 meter runner, Sri Lanka Athletics Association, Colombo, Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka Cricket
(Colombo, Sri Lanka)

"I think it's great to do a psychological programme like this, as talking reduces my pressures and gives me a new way of looking at things. I touched a blind area. In other words, I have never concentrated on such things before, even though I knew they were important to my game. The most useful thing we did was talk about fear, as I learnt that fear makes everything, such as my targets, impossible. I now hate the word "stress", especially as many people always use the word 'stress'. I also learnt that happiness is important; if I'm happy, my mindset and body language is positive. Similarly, sleep is also important; I get more concentration. Right from the first session I did with you I thought that I might get something special from you that would benefit me. As the sessions progressed my thinking pattern and lifestyle changed. Because of you I have gone from getting 7 hours sleep to 8 to 8 plus hours sleep each night. Hence, for players like us who are not sure if they want to train mentally, I would say, get out of your normal lifestyle and thinking pattern and give it a go. I don’t now fear things. So when I bowl and get hit, I now think about it more positively, so then I'll bowl the next ball better. Other things I learnt include changing is not easy and doesn't occur in a short period of time; when I need to change something there needs to be an action plan and I have to work at the things that I need to change; and I should always make my cricket life better through concentrating and having a tough mindset. For instance, when I walk to the middle to bat I need to ensure that I play normally by being cool and relaxed and to keep in mind,'not to throw my wicket away'."
Dasun Shanaka
Sri Lanka A Team Cricketer, Colombo, Sri Lanka


"I liked what you and I did. I learnt a lot of things from you. I learnt what happiness is, how we can be a happy person, and how to change. I now know how to manage problems better. Your sessions are very useful for my cricket life. My concentration is now better. Recently I batted all 50 overs in a one day match. I also have more patience now. In the past I have scored 99 and 49, but now I am going past 100. Before your sessions I use to be very aggressive and could only bat 35 overs, but now I believe I can bat all 50 overs many times. The teammates and coaches believe I can do this as well. I have more confidence now due to you. As a result, in the last week I scored 143. I feel you are my good friend and thus the best thing we did was the personal sessions as I can talk to you freely and honestly."
Chamari Athapaththu
Vice-Captain, Sri Lanka womens’ national cricket team, Colombo, Sri Lanka


"I was motivated by your sessions. I picked up a lot of things that I didn’t know. I now try to finish my given task on the day without delays. The PCPAM gave me a lot of good tips towards change. I think and concentrate more on what I really want to do. The breathing exercise helped me concentrate on my day to day work, organise myself, and stop my mind from being distracted. I was able to understand change and how to organise myself towards being more open and change the way I deal with things. I have more positive thoughts towards my actions now. If I want to do something, I understand that I need to do it right now. I have discussed your tips with other people around SLC. Most of the people do not work towards one goal. Instead, they work towards their own agenda. Thus, your tips helped us think about working towards the same goal. I hope that, like me, other people who attended your sessions are also working towards the same goal using your good tips."
Gayathri Wickramasinghe
Marketing and Communications Secretary, Sri Lanka Cricket, Colombo, Sri Lanka


"The audience was interested in what you said. You gave them a chance to discuss the material. We have heard that we need to sleep, but no one taught us the dangers of not getting enough sleep. I had a chat with some of my friends and they didn't know it as well. I didn't understand how psychology could be useful for us. I thought it was only for the players, but then I started to learn that it could help us in our lives. I thought there was stress, but I didn’t know it is fear and how fear could affect my life. So now I know how to control fear. I learnt a lot of other things from you, such as if I get two or more important things, then I need to prioritise them so that my work life is more organised. As a result, I can finish my job properly and without fear. So it all comes back to how I react. If I respond quickly to something, then I don't feel fear unless it's an accident. If I can perceive no fear, then there are no responses. I also learnt how unnecessary fear can damage any part of my body. It all comes back to how I control my fears and situations."
Sudesh Fernando
Accountant, Sri Lanka Cricket, Colombo, Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka Golf Union
(Colombo, Sri Lanka)

"You did really well with clarity, volume selection, equal participation, and keeping everyone alive. Our members were genuinely interested as witnessed by the fact that they sat around long after the sessions were finished. I really liked the positive thinking and the practical examples you choose because we need positive thinking to live a happy life. I’ll remember you stressing the importance of self-confidence. All the audience I spoke to said that your presentation style was very clear. They found your simple mental management techniques easy to apply and useful to help keep out negative thoughts."
Shalomi Ranasinghe
Administrative Secretary, Sri Lanka Golf Union, Colombo, Sri Lanka


"I liked your spirit. You are upbeat and jovial at times and very thorough with what you were doing and the subject matter. You clearly know what you’re talking about. You kept the audience attentive by the way you spoke, your body language, and the clarity of your message. What you taught us can not only be used in golf, but in our daily lives. You taught us how to deal with difficult situations more effectively. Your sessions would have been so good for some of our other golfers because some have many problems. For instance, you came up with two stories that brought out strong emotions and as a result you were able to help them acknowledge their emotions and then do something about them."
Suren Waas
Honorary Assistant Secretary, Sri Lanka Golf Union, Colombo, Sri Lanka


Zimbabwe Cricket Board
(Harare, Zimbabwe)

"You showed me another side of life. It’s like I learnt to look at life differently. Talking about 'stress' and how to overcome things. I liked the information about focusing on what’s important. Many times I have had distractions and I forget about what I should focus on. Hence, remembering what to focus on was important. Sometimes I come to games with challenges in life, like not having breakfast, but I now know that I can change my game and life, by focusing on what matters (not breakfast). I am gaining a clearer mind about what I want to do and what I want to achieve. So I need to be in control and be positive. Every situation has two sides to choose the positive and the negative, so overcome my fears and choose the positive."
Brian Chari
National mens’ cricketer, Zimbabwe Cricket Board, Harare, Zimbabwe


"The way you communicate and install the belief in the person you are working with is the best thing about what you and I did. Confidence plays a big part in our lives, so if we go in to it with the right attitude and belief we’ll produce positive results. As long as I accept that there is no such thing as stress, a lot of challenges I come across will no longer be problems, but will be opportunities for a better life. I felt a lot of weight drop off my shoulders in the first session. I learnt that if I am mentally in a good space with happy thoughts I will make better decisions. What I learnt is that there is always a better route to look at things. I feel a lot of time we sort of give ourselves an excuse to say we are stressed and yet our negative thoughts can be easily avoided, by just accepting the situation in front of us and understanding that we can always ‘break the barriers we put on ourselves’."
Chamu Chibhabha
National mens’ cricketer, Zimbabwe Cricket Board, Harare, Zimbabwe


"The sessions were definitely worthwhile because they made me realise that there is no such thing as a positive or a negative event, just EVENTS which WE LABEL as such. The situation is really just how I see it and I will only feel pressure if I start fearing that my skill level is not adequate enough to cope with the challenge in front of me, i.e., only if I start doubting or second guessing myself. The sessions also served to reinforce the fact that if I can dream it or see it in my mind and continue to believe in myself and persevere, I will become an unstoppable force and I will achieve all those dreams. Lastly I really enjoyed your energy and enthusiasm in how you conducted the sessions."
Hamilton Masakadza
National mens’ cricketer, Zimbabwe Cricket Board, Harare, Zimbabwe


"The most useful thing we did was learn there is no such thing as stress. It’s vital because if by understanding this, I can relax more and make a positive, informed decision that will lead to better performances in my game. The difference between the best in the world and myself is not the skill factor, but the ability to make use of my mental state to the fullest and in a positive way. Therefore, I choose my destiny regardless of what life throws at me. I always have a choice and thus I need to relax more in uncomfortable situations and thus make better decisions. If I am confident, then I will focus on what I need to and ignore the rest."
John Nyumbu
National mens’ cricketer, Zimbabwe Cricket Board, Harare, Zimbabwe


"Because of the sessions I have learnt that it’s not what people say about me, but to take my time and think things through. That will make me become a better person and a trust-worthy person. It’s just about taking one day at a time. Despite what happens in the day, I need to get to where I want to be. So I have to understand that I have so much more control in my life than I think. I should never premeditate stuff, but instead take one day as it comes, never think about tomorrow, and first deal with today. I use to thing about problems, instead of looking for solutions, but now I can focus on things clearer."
Luke Jongwe
National mens’ cricketer, Zimbabwe Cricket Board, Harare, Zimbabwe


"The sessions have been really good. I’ve enjoyed how certain things that don't appear obvious, really are obvious when presented simply. You brought on many a-ha moments. For example, you showed me a t-shirt that said, ‘Thinking too much causes problems’ and that was me for a very long time. I use to do what you told me to avoid: POT (Avoid Perfectionism and Over-Thinking). I was doing POT in order to boost my self-esteem. For instance, I used to want to play certain shots perfectly. I also had huge expectations of myself and from others. When I failed to meet those high expectations I over-thought my failures. Now, I've been turning POT off, as I won’t get to my true potential with POT. I can’t live my life like POT. One thing I have done is adapt the Shona sentence “handidye sadza kumba kwavo’ to help me not worry about the negative stuff people say about me. As a result, I'm more confident in myself and my abilities. I trust myself better and am performing better in training. What you said was quite striking; if I manage to stay positive and not think a bowler will dominate me, but look to play on merit and score, then I can deal with negative thoughts better and not let them affect me. One thing that really stands out to me is a greater realisation of the importance of perception in terms of the choices I make. It’s been a big point. Another thing is being more aware of my thoughts and having positive thoughts. It’s much better to face problems head on and not shy away from them. So being hardy definitely gets me to look at life more positively. It’s more fulfilling. It makes me grow as a person and build character."
Regis Chakabva
National mens’ cricketer, Zimbabwe Cricket Board, Harare, Zimbabwe


"In one word: Incredible. You got me to think out of the box and realise that some of the things that were difficult in the past were really the way I perceived things. You got me to look at things in a simple way and not, as in the past, in a negative way. To be honest it’s mind-blowing. You got me to think deeper. The main message for me was: I have to believe in myself, so that I have confidence, so that I can overcome everything. You showed me the way of how to perceive things to come up with a positive end result. I make it easier on myself if I perceive a situation as positive or fun. It's all about the way I understand, look at, and perceive a certain situation. The hardier I am, the easier things become for me. If I have confidence, I will achieve what I want to achieve. I can ignite a powerful feeling of achievement if I believe in myself. I am more open-minded to the possibility that change can happen for the better, as this builds good character."
Richmond Mutumbami
National mens’ cricketer, Zimbabwe Cricket Board, Harare, Zimbabwe


"I honestly believe the boys have the information within them, but it takes someone gifted to bring those ideas to the surface. A lot of your information was useful, but the breathing technique was most useful. It can get you through a lot of things, be it when you are going to go out to bat, when you’re batting. It wasn’t a brand new idea, as we know about the importance of breathing to handle life, but you showed me practically how to do it. I look at a lot of the guys and notice their lack of self-belief. If we can get them to believe that they belong at this level, then we will get better performances out of them. If we truly believe in ourselves and our skills, then we are unstoppable irrespective of perceived challenges or perceived obstacles. Therefore, we need to think before we act, believe in oneself, believe in one's abilities, keep it simple, and do the job at hand."
Coach Wayne James, Zimbabwe Cricket Association
Assistant Coach, Zimbabwe Cricket Mens’ A Team, Zimbabwe Cricket Board, Harare, Zimbabwe


"I never thought I could be part of the Number 1 team in the world, but now I know there is nothing stopping us. This is surprising as I am a very optimistic woman, almost bordering on a dreamer. You have made me now believe for the first time that my goals for the team are now possible; it’s not looking as foggy. Some of the women, including myself, are thinking more positively due to you. This will take one of the women’s games in particular to the next level. If I can change the way I think, the others can. You made us stronger mentally. You helped us work through difficult situations. The impact you made was eye-opening in that you helped me raise the blinds to be a better all-round cricketer. Hence, if you trained me 2 hours per day for a longer period I think I could double my batting average. The rest of the team and our support staff definitely need to work with you in order to take our cricket to the next level."
Sharne Mayers
National womens’ captain, Zimbabwe Cricket Board, Harare, Zimbabwe


"I realised that I had low self-esteem hence I always doubted myself and tend to overthink, but I have learnt that everything starts in the mind and it’s how I perceive situations that matter. As a top batsmen I have now learnt that batting, as well as in life, I have to have a clear mind and focus on the positive. The more I succeed in small goals I make for myself, the more I become more confident and the more I score and put my team in a better position of winning. In my life, being negative is not an option anymore, because once I see things as positive, I can only work my hardest at making it even better. The most useful thing I learnt from you was the information about being tough in the mind; it’s always, always how I perceive things. We will always have bad situations, but I’ve learnt to see these as opportunities to make myself a better person."
Ashley Ndiraya
National womens’ cricketer, Zimbabwe Cricket Board, Harare, Zimbabwe


"You gave me the tools to be mentally tough. I’ve played cricket for 13 years. Hence, I’ve learnt lots of things from videos, coaching, fitness training etc. As a result, I had got to a saturation point where I knew almost all of the technical things. So it’s now more mental for me than technical. You showed me how to be mentally tough and deal with my emotions, especially when batting. The words that really spoke to me in your sessions were happy, perceive, don’t feel fearful, cortisol, confident, back ourselves up, and mental toughness because I can form a logical sentence from them. When we are happy, we can perceive things in a good way, regardless of whether they are positive or negative. In turn, we feel less fearful and we don’t sabotage ourselves by producing cortisol in our bodies, which boosts our confidence and makes us believe that we need to back ourselves and be mentally tough. In other words, the thing I learnt the most from you is happiness rests on how well we perceive things that happen to us. We have to trust ourselves enough to bring about excellent results for our team. The following I created really does it for me. It hits the nail on the head: Never underestimate the power of a happy and mentally strong individual. Even when the body is faint or beat up, the mind carries with it the key to opening the crucial door of success."
Mary-Anne Musonda
National womens’ cricketer, Zimbabwe Cricket Board, Harare, Zimbabwe


"I have been playing cricket for 10 years now. I would like to think that by now I would be somewhere better. But I have gone through a lot as a player and it affected my performance. Working with Adrian made me realise how important it is to be mentally tough; to be able to block all that is stopping me from being the best. I have learnt how to be confident, how to address situations and most importantly how to be happy. He is making a difference and I would love it if we worked with him more. Most of all I learnt I need to change the way I think. If I do change the way I think then my confidence, mentally toughness, and the way I handle life will improve."
Christabel Chatonzwa
National womens’ cricketer, Zimbabwe Cricket Board, Harare, Zimbabwe


"You knocked some sense into me. Due to you I’m handling situations in cricket and away from cricket better now. After having a session with you I realise it’s all about how I perceive things. Honestly most of the things in the sessions were like, ‘You got me there and you got me there.’ In the past we all go through situations, but after these sessions I realised that it was nothing (nothing at all) and all about how I perceived things. So I should stay happy, stay calm (not get afraid unless necessary), stay confident, stick to the positives, believe in myself, and encourage my teammates to do the same. If I handle situations in a positive way, then I will live a healthy life. So it all comes down to happiness, non-fearing, confidence, hardiness, and my perception leading me to being successful and having a healthy life."
Susan Kudzibatira
National womens’ cricketer, Zimbabwe Cricket Board, Harare, Zimbabwe


"I actually thought I was going to see a shrink and it wasn’t going to be fun. I figured you are a psychologist, so you probably know a lot about psychology, but you probably don’t know about cricket umpiring. However, you actually make it easy to relate to you, your content, and my field. You don’t tell me what to do, but draw things out of me. You make suggestions and at the end of sessions you get me to say what I’ve learnt in my own words, opposed to telling me what to do. If we don’t feel in control, then we are not likely to do it, but you let me take control of how the sessions go, without derailing the actual objectives of what we should be doing. For instance, with akathe one-arm push-up confidence exercise, you didn’t say, ‘Because it’s easy for me, it should be easy for you’, but instead you built my confidence up, got me to try it, without putting me on the spot about it. I also like how you’ve actually applied your material to yourself in many fields. For example, your experience in martial arts and personal training. Having done many sessions, I look forward to doing more. They have really helped and it has come at the right time. I really like the GPCA session because when we are thrown into the deep end it can result in us freezing up, reducing our confidence and performance. But when we are guided into things, we take time to build our confidence, and our confidence grows. So it gives me a firm foundation to start from, so if I don’t do well on one day, I don’t lose everything, but instead just lose one brick. In the past when I have problems I haven’t handled them always well, but I am changing my attitude. I address the elephant in the room so to speak. I face my challenges head on, instead of thinking they will go away. That is good because I learnt that most of our physiological problems are caused by the mental, so if I can get my psyche right, then the physical will usually work itself out. When I am happy I remember better, am more focused, and perform better. On the other hand, fear is not good for my health. So I should take it easy in life and if I can change a situation, then I should work on it. If not, let go and move on."
Langton Rusere
Umpire, Zimbabwe Cricket Board, Harare, Zimbabwe


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Dance Schools
Joffrey Ballet School
(Manhattan, New York)

"Artists, especially dancers, are one of the most self-critical groups of people. We are always striving for perfection and it’s hard not to criticize yourself along the way. Because of this, psychology plays a big role in succeeding in the dance industry. For example, I know that I have a problem with my inner voice. If I do one thing wrong, I take my negative thinking with me through the rest of the day’s classes. Your sessions were inspiring and a good experience. I’ve always tried to teach myself to be more positive, but listening to you made a lot more sense instead of trying to work it out by myself. I knew what I wanted to achieve in my head, but I wasn’t sure how to accomplish it. You taught me how to be more confident in my own skin, stay positive, and how I can take simple steps to get rid of that inner banter and self-sabotage. For instance, NESTS is a simple way to pinpoint aspects that can easily change your life. Initially having the teachers in the room was very daunting, but in the end it was great to feel comfortable and talk about these issues with them. Everyone was at an equal level. The teachers were not superiors, but were just part of the group."
Sophie Trentin
Dancer, Joffrey Ballet School, Manhattan, New York


"The psychological development of dancers is very important, as ballet teaching needs to be brought up to modern contemporary teaching principles. There is some 1950s treatment of children practices that are almost Dickensian. Children now days need a lot more individual assessment of their needs and their learning abilities to be tailored for their development. Hence, I found your sessions very enjoyable, helpful, and relevant to our ballet school. You were very positive and engaging. Often times lectures are just full of information, but you held the audience’s attention due to a logical flow of topics. You provided an excellent learning experience, while being entertaining. As you talk quite quickly and are extremely well organized, time doesn’t drag on. Your PowerPoint slides assist your effective presentations by clearly articulating your message. You’re not artie-fartie, pretentious, or academic. Instead, you have a whole lot of practical techniques that all of us - teachers, administrators, or students, can use to improve our life experiences, pursue our goals, and achieve self-fulfillment and happiness."
Robert Ray
Artistic Director, Joffrey Ballet School, Manhattan, New York


"You have this high energy, but there’s a calmness about you. You’re very open and you’re very approachable. Most psychologists have a door between them and us. You know how to reach out and touch someone. For instance, I liked your suggestion of just giving someone a hug and telling them that they are doing the right thing and they’re not alone. Your tone of voice is soothing. You are always on an upbeat. I never saw you once have any kind of negative state or confusion. Sometimes lecturers are frantic and not prepared, but you just got it out there. You are very explicit about self-improvement and helping others to self-improve. Your material was laid out well with great bullet points and very thorough. You didn’t miss anything. As a result the sessions made me think how to deal with my own negativity and issues in life and how to become more positive and find the positive in negatives. You helped me understand how to accept negative things and how to turn them around into positive events. Although you had such different personalities in the room, you were able to bring together everyone in the room to reach their dreams and goals. You helped us learn to create a more positive outlook and reach out to our peers and students to achieve positive results."
Elizabeth D’Anna
Assistant to the Director, Joffrey Ballet School, Manhattan, New York


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University of Ghana
(Accra, Ghana)

"Your sessions are a good thing, as I have learnt how to think more positively and cope with difficult situations that I find myself in. For example, I am about to have my examinations. I find that difficult, as I don’t know what the examiners are going to do and what kind of questions they will ask me. From your presentations I’ve learnt how to have a more positive mind in this situation, regardless of what the examiners say. It has really helped me a lot. I will just do my best. In the past I had a fear about doing certain procedures, especially in front of some senior doctors, but I now am able to do the procedure without fear. I’m happier inside. If I hadn’t been to your seminars I would not be able to achieve what I have achieved recently and I would not have as much confidence. You involve us. It’s not like a lecture where you talk, talk, talk. You helped us be focused on what we are talking about and be part of the sessions. Your approach is very good and you should continue to do this. They are short, to the point, and not too much that people can’t read. The pictures also helped us understand. Even now I can still remember many of your pictures such as the one with all the people on a train."
Francis Rhule
Final Year Dental Student, University of Ghana Dental School, Accra, Ghana


"These seminars are the most live changing seminars I have participated in. If I have the chance to participate again I won’t hesitate to attend. For me it was timely as I needed something like this. I needed to learn how to become more optimistic so that I can get more things done, as that’s where your true happiness lies, especially as optimistic people achieve more, feel fulfilled, and be happy. I really liked the diaphragmatic breathing, as I use to breathe any way, but now I feel more relaxed and less tense due to your technique. You have been friendly, patient, and helpful. You take your time so that you are sure that everybody understands. After the sessions we would talk about you. The staff really understood you and really enjoyed your presentations. The staff are now talking a lot about your information about fear and how there is no such thing as stress. You helped us think critically."
Joseph Daku
Dental Technical Assistant, University of Ghana Dental School, Accra, Ghana


"At first I didn’t want to come, but the things I heard from you made me think, ‘wow, these things are going to help me, so I need to continue.” For instance, I now see the importance of things like getting enough sleep to study effectively. Your comments about fear made me realize that you are going to help me a lot. You taught me to accept challenges in order to be hardier and to set goals to become happier. I use to not like to set challenges, but I learnt that if I accept challenges, I will become more hardy and successful. I need to be persistent in everything I do and be positive even when events are bad. I realized that there is nothing like stress, but fear. And due to fear we secrete cortisol that affects my health. I will definitely remember the three C’s: challenge, commitment, and control. I never liked challenge, but I realize that if I continue to fear things and not accept challenges then I will lose my life and become poor. I need to tell my friends at school about what you told me, such as about fear and sleep."
Mary Benyah
First Year Dental Student, University of Ghana Dental School, Accra, Ghana


University of Guyana
(Georgetown, Guyana)

"I enjoyed the interaction, role plays, and very practical manner in which the training was conducted. I thought the content was very academic, well researched, with relevant examples, useful acronyms, and yet made simple. I also enjoyed your personality as you allowed the participants to have fun, while knowledge and skills were shared."
Barbara Holder
Lecturer, Social Work Unit, Department of Sociology, University of Guyana, Guyana


"You had some very powerful messages. They will stick, especially the acronyms. They were very relevant to Social Work in terms of intervention and not suffering from burnout in the field. I liked how perception is the determinant of events becoming negative or positive, that the cultivation of courage is a necessary means of overcoming fear, and that meditation is an invaluable form of relaxation. Your ideas and techniques will really help my students struggling with life."
Debbie Hopkinson
Lecturer, Social Work Unit, Department of Sociology, University of Guyana, Guyana


"Happier Horizons was very interactive and thought provoking. It stimulated my interest and motivated me to ensure that I do not allow situations to allow me to become overwhelmed with fear. Moreover, the NOISE technique is very useful and one of the key elements that I am not likely to forget. Your information is very simple, I can think about them at any time, and use as a reminder to care for myself and not become overworked. I liked the acronyms, especially NOISE, and intend to commit myself to make changes in my life along these lines."
Dionne Frank
Lecturer, Social Work Unit, Department of Sociology, University of Guyana, Guyana


"I liked the re-evaluation and challenge of the term stress, the multiple techniques given for reduction of symptoms of fear, and the familiar terminology. Your presentations were a great link to previous knowledge acquired in class. Once our students swam through your accent, they found your sessions fun. They understood and got into your presentation."
Shaneika Bailey
Lecturer, Social Work Unit, Department of Sociology, University of Guyana, Guyana


"I liked your pushup exercise, as it reinforces that if you try, you will succeed. That will be lasting for me. I will use your techniques to deal with problems I've had. You were definitely good for me. I now understand why these techniques work and how to do them more effectively to make my life better. I practiced your relaxation techniques during your sessions and felt less tension."
Shonell Enoe
Lecturer, Social Work Unit, Department of Sociology, University of Guyana, Guyana


Warwick Institute of Education
(Warwick, England)

"It was a great experience for me. It was a great challenge to see things from a different perspective. You helped me realise that we need to love ourselves first. I realise that the power is inside me. It helped me think about my strengths and weaknesses. I liked the way you are very interactive and made us involved. You have a distinctive way to approach each one of the audience and make him or her reflect on the information. It was a great success. You have many questions to stimulate us. You made us think a lot. You made us question ourselves and our actions. You also helped us find our own pathways and solutions. You helped me unlock some doors that have something valuable and this will help me in my personal, emotional, and professional life."
Maria Kaparou
Doctoral Researcher, Warwick Institute of Education, Warwick, England


"You're very generous and giving. You feel like a genuine educator, rather than a psychologist - someone who cares, who gives service, and who is responsible. You have the values I feel matter the most in education, to encourage learning, thinking and changing. You follow a teaching rule I like which is to give more, more and more to the students, until they can't take more. I prefer to have more than less. You bombard us with evidence, exercises, and research. It creates change. You actually made me think about how this applies to so many people. Your training is effective and has more long-term impact than all the training that we have. I won't forget this. You made me do something differently for my own good and for others, I changed straight away."
Rossana Espinoza
Doctoral Researcher, Warwick Institute of Education, Warwick, England


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Georgetown Public Hospital
(Georgetown, Guyana)

"I thought your sessions were really very nice. I liked how you opened us up and made us comfortable and not shy. You were fun and we laughed. The main concept for me was: Man's main task of conquering life's hurdles is to change, challenge, and conquer the way we think. I am amazed of the ability of our brains to be manipulated to create positive environments and positive outcomes no matter the situation. Our brain is fierce! I can now appreciate the thought, 'The mind controls the body'."
Candacy Anthony
Registered Nurse, Accident and Emergency, Georgetown Public Hospital, Guyana


"Your sessions were very educational. As a nurse I learnt that we can help our patients to be more relaxed and as such we can have better patient outcomes. As an individual I now understand that fears bring on tension and man can control the way we perceive situations. With different methods we can control our behavior, our lives can be healthier, and we can create an adaptive way of having control of our life. You taught me to be courageous to overcome my fears, to be optimistic, and that I can achieve anything once I believe. I came into these sessions believing in stress. Now I clearly understand it is fear. Sometimes I have a hard day and feel tense. Then comes the migraine, back ache, and I go home to the family grumpy. But I now understand that I can control how I go about my work. As a result, I can have a better life."
Nalini Persaud
Registered Nurse, Critical Care Specialist, Georgetown Public Hospital, Guyana


"Going over the material a number of times and splitting us into pairs to discuss the information really helped. You made complicated material simple. Because your sessions were so interactive I was able to process what was said. I did not go to sleep. You helped me understand that perception influences behavior and mental disposition, which both in turn influence health. You inspired me to teach my mother. I tell her that she kills her neurons when she gets angry. However with your techniques I can now teach her to be a better person, be relaxed, and less susceptible to colds and illness. What you taught me really stuck with me."
Dianna Sutton
Registered Nurse, Accident and Emergency, Georgetown Public Hospital, Guyana


Mount Saint John's Medical Center

"I like the way you present. Your style is different from what we are use to. Presenters usually come in and just give their talks without including the audience, whereas you included us in the sessions by asking questions and expecting answers. You made us come out of our shells. I found that very refreshing. I am not someone who usually speaks up, but you made me comfortable enough to do so. I especially liked the way you treated everyone equally. You did not make any of us feel stupid although we answered some of the questions incorrectly. I also liked the way you used lots of pictures. It makes the talk more interesting. I could relate to the information better due to the pictures. I would say to myself 'if they can excel, then I can do it too.' I intend to continue to use your techniques, like the diaphragmatic breathing, with my family and I am sure that I can start using it with my patients as well. Many of the patients come to rehab with doubts. I think the breathing exercise will help them relax."
Barbara Bird
Chief Physiotherapist, Mount Saint John's Medical Center, Antigua


"I am now challenging my way of thinking. You always resort to old habits. Now before I say the word stress I ask myself is it really that? I'm thinking about my position and life in a different way. It's almost like the cliché: 'There's nothing to fear, but fear.' I've started doing your breathing exercises. Straight after the first class I went back to my office and started doing it. Now I do it in my home. I'm now almost doing it without thinking about it. I'll give you an example. A man almost ran into me. He saw us coming. I was so mad. I immediately pulled over and started doing the diaphragmatic breathing. We have a very busy schedule; however, one of my staff members said that I have to get to your session. She said it really helped her - not only here, but in her personal life. This is new to her, but she likes this new way of thinking about things. One of the things the audience likes is the way you present and get people interacting. You're very lively and you make people want to listen and I think that that's the first step in the process. When I called a few of the organizations you've worked with in the past, they all had great things to say about the program. But the one comment that stuck with me was when one manager said, 'Overall the program is great, but there is one thing that I would recommend...'I was actually waiting for him to say something negative, but he said, 'The one thing that I would recommend is that you tell someone about it.' To say the least, I was blown away - I did not see that coming - Which made me want to get our hospital involved that much more."
Salma Crump
Marketing and Communications Manager, Mount Saint John's Medical Center, Antigua


"I personally liked your professionalism and the way you knew your topics thoroughly. The participation was very good and the sessions were all very interactive. Usually presenters only give a lecture and hence the audience get tired, go to sleep, or go to the bathroom. I can't remember anyone going to the bathroom or sleeping in any of your 2-hour sessions. Many people talked about how the information pertained to them. You gave them a chance to talk, especially because you provided a recap and asked them what the information meant to them. Hence the audience was very attentive. For instance, you stimulated one of the staff from the psychiatric hospital ("Mental Home") to be very open and that stimulated a lot more discussion. The exercises such as the diaphragmatic breathing, meditation, and thought stoppage were practical and something we need to continue to do. I also liked the pictures you used because they created humour and made people think, like the pictures of the vehicle in Ghana. The session on stress went down great. The group liked the way it was very simple, down to earth, and easily understood."
Charlesworth "Paddy" Daniel
Education and Training Manager, Mount Saint John's Medical Center, Antigua


"I was quite impressed with the idea that there is no such thing as stress - it's only fear. I also liked the breathing exercise as it was calming and relaxing. Some days my tension levels are high, but with the breathing exercise it calms me. I now do the breathing exercise daily. You made people think - not just in the session. We went away with questions. For instance, I went away thinking about past experiences and realised they were fears and not stressors."
Rexcella Ramsey
Registered Nurse/Certified Midwife, Dialysis Unit, Mount Saint John's Medical Center, Antigua


"People would describe me as a happy soul who takes the 'bull by thehorns' approach to life but at the time Adrian came to conduct hispresentation I was definately feeling the grind. He changed my perspectiveon the word 'stress' and now I'm trying hard to 'feel the fear and faceit' with even more self-belief and more importantly self-control, which Ifind spirals out of control when I'm in self-denial. So thank-you Adrian Iwill try breathing deeply when I feel I need a hennessey and ginger...(occasionally at least!)."
Alinah Roberts
Marketing Coordinator, Mount Saint Johns Medical Center


"At first when I heard about the sessions I thought it was stupid. I said to myself: 'This is a waste of time. I have work to do. I don't have time to be here.' I heard your idea that there is no such thing as stress and I thought you were crazy. I tell my children on a daily basis that there is stress and that they are stressing me out and that life is stressful. Then when I started listening to you about stress and when I did the breathing technique, I did 20 breaths in one minute and you said: 'That's crazy.' I tried again and my numbers dropped to under ten. I started seeing the point of becoming calmer. The breathing exercise worked to the point that I almost fell asleep. I am a very aggressive person. They call me 'Tornado.' But when I went back to work, one of the staff members said: 'Tornado that class really working for you man.' I now do the breathing exercise three times a day. I can approach problems now more calmly. I'm a single parent. I have to look after my kids and mum and I don't have the sufficient funds to do what I have to do. So all that goes into your brain and then the headaches start. I'm telling you my head is hurting me every day. You feel like the whole world is on you. My mother has a broken leg. My 14-year old daughter has school problems. No support. A relative also died this week. The death of my relative hit me hard. Now I am talking to my mother about you and my friends about you. I now have so many questions in your classes and that's from a person who originally thought this was a waste of time. I now say: 'It's fear.' Being happier makes you a better person and makes life simpler, calmer, and easier going. I can handle things better with what I was taught by you. All three ladies that came with me put the things you suggested into practice at work now. We talk about you. You are now with us on a daily basis."
Mellissa Thomas,
Sterilisation Clerk, Mount Saint John's Medical Center, Antigua


Narh Bita Hospital
(Tema, Ghana)

"The workshops were exciting and educative. I liked the pictures you used in the presentations. They are mind teasing. For instance, the man in the wheelchair in front of the stairs made me think about it for hours after the presentation finished. I found out new ways of relaxing and refreshing myself. The diaphragmatic breathing and meditation is helping me get sounder sleep. Learning that there is no stress was exciting, I can now perceive things differently. I have a different perception of life. I now can solve problems in life and not worry about them. Hopefully in the future you will address a larger audience, so that more staff can find ways of relaxing and learning more coping techniques. In the future I will do your Thriving Habit as it’s helpful. It takes your mind off other things. It makes you focused."
Emma Asante
Rotational Nurse, Male Ward, Narh Bita Hospital, Tema, Ghana


"Your sessions are brilliant. A lot of people have come to me for advice, but I have not been able to help them well, as I didn’t really know what to do. Now I can help them in a practical manner. I can help them live a more fulfilled life. I like your presentation style. I’ve read a lot about optimism and psychology, but I have never practiced most of the information. You, however, are so practical. When you demonstrate, you tell it as it is. You don’t just talk. You are very down to earth and cheerful. We don’t see you as ‘up there’ and we ‘down there.’ We all blended together. I can now teach my colleagues your techniques. Your Thriving Habit is wonderful. I was able to explain it to people easily. When I taught people the Thriving Habit and asked them to open their eyes they were so relaxed that they didn’t want to stop. It was quite easy to teach, as I was so relaxed myself. I can now teach the staff ward by ward. Midwives see a lot of tense patients, but that can change. We can teach the patients these techniques. You have really changed me to want to do more. I use to think I was working at my limits, but now I believe I am capable of doing more."
Jane Nulenpaalah
Acting Matron, Narh Bita Hospital, Tema, Ghana


"Every day has been educative. I’ve been able to challenge myself more. I use to believe in stress. It was a limitation. I realise that now and if my limitation does not exist, then imagine what I can now do. My thinking is broader. I use to see life in a particular way, but now everything has changed – most of my thoughts are new now. I can do anything now. Nothing actually stands in my way. I can be the most successful person on this planet if I want to and it’s all thanks to you. You made everything seem so practical. It was not theoretical. You made it very simple. It was not like the teacher comes in and reads from a book. You put yourself in our shoes. You see yourself as one of us."
Sadia Salifu
Staff nurse, Narh Bita Hospital, Tema, Ghana


Queen Elizabeth Hospital

"The first time you got me to run your Thriving Habit in front of the group I was nervous. Gradually I gained the confidence to do it again until there was nothing to it. It was pretty okay. I could teach staff members in the orderly department and they need it Ė very much. It is very relaxing and releases the tension from your body. The whole program was positive and you had a very positive attitude and everyone was emotionally interactive and communicating with each other in the group. It was very interesting. I learnt how to be happier and more stable in life. Iíve learnt about the importance of happiness and confidence and that I can do anything in life if I put my mind to it."
Richard Forde
Orderly, Orderlies Department, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Barbados


"I think the staff being exposed to all the information, including the NOISE concept, was good for them to reflect and have a moment of introspection and to see how to use this information in their personal lives, whether at work or socially. The sessions on self-esteem and locus of control caused a lot of interaction, like talking about arrogance. We donít Ďbig-upí ourselves Ė we donít talk about ourselves and highlight our achievements, so it was good to learn that we can do this without being seen as showing off. Although some are shy, they were comfortable, because if they were uncomfortable, then they would not come back. They say they were glad that they came. I was a little unsure of how the audience would receive it but I am happy to say that they were open and able to gain from the sessions. Having one of the staff run the breathing exercises was a good idea as it made them see he was not afraid to do it, so I can as well."
Greselda Evans
Senior Tutor, Human Resources Department, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Barbados


"I think it's a very good program and I would like it extended to all the hospital staff. It's a great way to cope with the demands of life. It's a very demanding place to work. I think if everyone in Queen Elizabeth Hospital could do your program then we would do our jobs more efficiently. I have seen the staff relaxing. The deep breathing exercise worked well. They now have a better understanding of how to relax in difficult situations. They learnt how in just 60 seconds they can relax. I personally found the sessions very enlightening. The sessions are motivating. The interaction is great. For instance, one of the participants who does not speak a great deal actually came out of her shell and participated in class."
Cheryll Bowen
Tutor, Human Resources Department, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Barbados


St. Elizabeth Ann's Health Care & Rehabilitation Center
(Staten Island, New York)

"Adrian McInman's 'Happier Horizons' Program made me re-evaluate the time frames I set myself. I learned to handle stress much better and my interaction with co-workers greatly improved. My fuse use to be so short; like dynamite. Now it's much, much longer. Adrian showed me that I have the ability to be happy and that it's okay to be happy. Now, two years since I wrote the previous five sentences, the three things I remember the most about Adrian's program is that: I have the right to be happy, I can facilitate my own happiness, and my happiness does not depend on others. Adrian made a lasting impact - when I find myself feeling incapable of handling something, I relax and remember that if I believe I can handle it, then I can, and it feels like most of the weight of the stress is gone. In fact, I still have all the material from his lessons and I use them to guide others in a better manner and to ensure others do not influence my positivity and happiness in a negative manner."
Denise DeRenzo
Finance Clerk, St. Elizabeth Ann's Health Care and Rehabilitation Center


"No-one was perceiving you as a scientist, or felt that they were being interviewed and having notes taken on them. They were not on a couch. They were not being evaluated by a psychologist. They were just having a visitor and that made a difference in what you got from them."
Patty Abi-Saab
Recreation Therapist, St. Elizabeth Annís Health Care & Rehabilitation Center, Staten Island, New York



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Public Health Organisations:
Adult Day Care Center at St. Elizabeth Ann's Health Care and Rehabilitation Center
(Staten Island, New York)

"The Happier Horizon program is very beneficial. It can affect the lives of many, many people, and not just our clients. It can be used with everyones' lives. Just about everything in your program I have brought home to my partner. It's very comprehensive. You make us think. You make people really recognise who they are. You've given me a chance to see the person I really am and not just my accomplishments. Our clients also love the program. And you helped change their behaviour. One of the women changed her attitudes towards other clients. She is now more focused and relaxed."
Rosalind Wolf
Certified Fitness Trainer Adult Day Care Center, St. Elizabeth Annís Health Care & Rehabilitation Center, Staten Island, New York


"It was always great to bridge the gap for those who didn't attend often with a review . I like your organization, preparation, and the techniques you used to reinforce the principles from the previous sessions so that there was an integrity and flow. I found the PowerPoint presentations were very helpful because the visual reinforced the verbal. The group exercises were the ones the clients most found practical in terms of what worked for them, as they were able to integrate these techniques into their personal happiness pathways."
Joseph Husstege
Social Worker Adult Day Care Center, St. Elizabeth Annís Health Care & Rehabilitation Center, Staten Island, New York


Center for Prevention and Health Promotion
(Athens, Greece)

"It was really inspiring. It actually verified the truths about my profession and improved my knowledge scientifically. I felt better for myself. You helped me set goals for my own life. I have been thinking about getting more exercise for a while now. The push-up exercise you got me to do in your self-eteem session made me think about this more. Your idea of doing small steps and noticing them made sense and now I am clearer with what I should do. Please come back."
Minou Theodora
Psychologist, Center for Prevention and Health Promotion, Athens, Greece


"It has been a great experience for me as a professional and also as a person. I really believe that it will help me improve my professional skills and allow me to make changes in my personal life. You have helped me become a better friend. For instance, you have taught me how to help people move through the different stages of change more effectively and help people stuck and confused move out of their stage. I can practice your information and techniques to help people move on. I liked the information on self-esteem such as how to construct it. I liked how you showed what to emphasize."
Katerina Chrysanthopoulou
Sociologist, Center for Prevention and Health Promotion, Athens, Greece


"I had the pleasant visit of Mr. Adrian McInman from the program "Happier Horizons". This program came as a referral by one of the cooperating organizations KETHEA (Therapeutic Program in Greece). When I first read the proposition I was a little hesitant to invite Mr. McInman to give seminars at our center. So after a telephone conversation with Adrian within the first 5 minutes I decided that it would be a very interesting and productive seminar. Something about Adrian's charisma convinced me to go ahead. I must say I have no regrets for having invited Adrian to present his program to my staff members. He proved to be very professional and very natural in his presentation which as a matter of fact left a very positive impression with my staff members. I would be more than happy to elaborate more of his program to anyone that wishes to experience this wonderful approach towards healthy lifestyle and I definitely recommend Adrian and his program."
Jack Stanton
Director and Addiction Counsellor, Center for Prevention and Health Promotion, Athens, Greece


(Queens, New York)

"The training gave the staff a great avenue to think about their values and express their feelings. Some of the staff are exchanging their thoughts about the material away from the session – like the information on the word “nigger.” It's lighting a fire in them. The material is very impacting. I liked the core message, especially as I have a criminal justice background, that people can change if they change their values. Our clients come with various values which through these empowerment sessions we have learnt that change is not hard to overcome. The interaction has been good. You made them really think. One of the staff came to me and said this program is making me a better person."
Rodrick Rollock
Supervisor, PSI, Queens, New York


Sunshine Mental and Behavioral Health Education Association
(Hong Kong, China)

"In Hong Kong, it’s easy to hear people say, ‘I’m so stressed.’ Many people here are looking for help to get away from technology, to decompress, and to recover. They join many activities which boosted ‘decompression’ and sometimes these are useless. They meet the problems all over again when they return to work because they don’t even know the causes. You helped us overcome this problem, find the origin of our problem, make friends with our fear, and change our perceptions about our situations. I understand there may be cultural differences between Hong Kong and the other places you’ve been to, but I can assure you that most people would like to make the positive changes you taught us in their lives. Your techniques and information fit our mission well; happiness, mindfulness, and positive psychology are the approaches we use in our association. Once one is physically relaxed, they can become mentally relaxed. Practicing building happiness and gaining more positive energy is fun and our mutual mission."
Stephanie Lau
PR and Marketing Strategist, Sunshine Mental and Behavorial Health Education Association, Hong Kong, China


"As a result of your sessions, stress is gone, as we learnt that stress is not really stress and that we can change our perceptions by overcoming our fears. Fear is gone too, as it is our choice to control ourselves internally. Your information is useful because you teach us what we should focus on, especially our NESTS (Nutrition->Exercise->Sleep->Thought->Social Support), as it can help us focus on the right track to improve our life. Your relaxation sessions were a great interaction process that allowed us to experience step by step how we can relax to reduce fears and avoid thinking negatively. Breathing and relaxation is the door to let us start the healthy journey. No matter what we have learnt, practice, practice and practice is the only way to improve our life."
Terence Lam
Chairman, Sunshine Mental and Behavioral Health Education Association, Hong Kong, China


Twareat Medical Center
(Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia)

"It was very interesting. I didn’t know the details of what you would provide, but as the workshops began, I quickly understood the goals of your sessions. Your information is just as simple as your topics. It’s very, very stimulating because I realize that my self-made jail is a mind state; I don’t exercise and yet all the reasons I use for not exercising are in my head. I am cutting myself from the benefits I could be getting from just doing simple things. I initially walked away from your sessions thinking I already knew the core meaning or the essence of things for my life, but I never bothered trying and saw them as a difficult thing. However, as the sessions progressed, I changed my believe to, ‘I know I can do them; just that easy!’ For instance, you got me eating healthier and thinking about changing myself. Like today, instead of eating fast food I ate chicken pasta with broccoli, mushroom, and green pepper."
Dr. Alghazali Abdulrahman
Emergency General Practitioner, Twareat Medical Center, Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia


"I like things that inspire me and push me to be more productive. This is one of them. You opened my eyes to things that I already knew, but I had never taken the time to think about them deeply. Taking care of my health is now going to be a priority for me because everything else depends on it. During the course there was great interaction. You let us contribute to the course, especially via asking us about our opinions or what we would do in special cases. Your courses are very relevant to people in Saudi Arabia. I’d recommend it to anyone"
Basim Jezani
Associate member, Twareat Medical Center (Business Developer, Global Shaper – Al Khobar Hub), Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia


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Psychiatric Hospitals:
Accra Psychiatric Hospital
(Accra, Ghana)

"I listened attentively to what you said and then I made use of the important facts. The important message was that we all talk about stress, but with your session, I learnt that stress is simply a perception and that controlling your mind is the key. I can use your information well as a psychiatric nurse. You provided us with convincing research that helped motivate me teach my partner your techniques. The group exercises made us participate. It was not just like you talking. We actually participated fully. The sessions were cordial. You didn’t just teach us and as a result we practiced what you taught. My partner now believes that she can sit down and relax with your diaphragmatic breathing technique. Most of the times she feels tired, agitated, and has pains, but after doing the relaxation exercises she was calm and now doesn’t have to use pain killers."
Francis Adjebu
Superintendent, Accra Psychiatric Hospital, Accra, Ghana


"I especially liked the exercises and talking about happiness and optimism. It will help us, especially me. For instance, I often work a lot at home and then I come to work. I've always said I get stressed. Sleeping is often very difficult for me. But I liked the breathing exercise. I taught some of the orderlies how to do the breathing. Then, I went to the children's ward and taught them. The children do little there and we have to do everything for them. For instance, they don't talk and others have epilepsy, but I taught them how to do the diaphragmatic breathing."
Linda Osei
Orderly, Accra Psychiatric Hospital, Accra, Ghana


"I believe that all staff in the psychiatric field should be trained in your information and techniques. It will help them to treat and train our patients more effectively. Iíd never had interactions with a psychologist before, but you showed me how psychology is very important in the treatment of psychiatric patients. Iíve been motivated and learnt a lot. Iíve got to know that in life how you perceive things, will cause a fear in you, or make you happy and be able to handle the issues. I understand the importance of being optimistic and happy. If I am happier, I can control things in life. And if I am optimistic, I will achieve greater things in life. Making me stand in front of the group and translate information into twi boosted my confidence. You were cordial and friendly. As a result, the staff learnt a lot. I especially liked the group exercises, as everyone was doing it and I was very motivated to do it myself.Ē
Noble Asiedu
Staff Nurse, Accra Psychiatric Hospital


Creedmoor Psychiatric Center
(Queens, New York)

"You gave enough questions. You didn't overpower the group. I liked the information, the material that you gave us. One day was mesmerise day. You showed Kofi Annan, Nelson Mandela and others. It was different material from before and they came out of the group and said that was a great group. One of the male clients was raving about it. They call you the Happiness Man."
Diann Green
Mental Health Therapy Aide, Creedmoor Psychiatric Center, Queens, New York


"One of the real positives was you got people to talk and contribute. One thing I did notice was that you helped people participate. You tried to get clients to focus. I thought the visuals were good. I liked the breathing exercises. They were great. You had exercises for them to actually use; how to train your mind to think and what to do when upset, or change your thoughts from negative to positive. The clients would ask: 'Is he coming today?' Three or four of them would ask me personally if you were coming. I liked the different studies you presented to substantiate what you were talking about."
Clarence Daughtry
Social Worker Assistant, Creedmoor Psychiatric Center, Queens, New York


Kingsboro Psychiatric Center
(Brooklyn, New York)

"The Thriving Habit is very helpful (and even more so when itís done as often as recommended!). Iíve known about the various components of the Thriving Habit, but your grouping is the most effective one that I know of: short, well-organized, and comprehensive. It is also easy to learn and conduct in front of (and with) a group (and there are so many group situations that would do well to begin with the Thriving Habit. Iím taking more positive risks. Iím making changes and not waiting for them to be thrust upon me."
Glenda Garrick
Rehabilitation Counselor, Kingsboro Psychiatric Center, Brooklyn, New York


Manhattan Psychiatric Center
(Manhattan, New York)

"The Happier Horizons program is a novel, fresh, non-jargon approach which engages the client to contemplate the issues of self-exploration, self-transformation with the intent of directing the client towards discovering empowerment. The style of presentation was dynamic and energetic. The subject matter most appropriate for our particular population."
Gregory Minaya
Recreation Therapist, Manhattan Psychiatric Center, Manhattan, New York


"I like every thing; your enthusiasm, your knowledge, the fact that the program is based on scientific studies, not preaching or lecturing. I liked the hope you gave; you gave people the hope to change. No one under the sky is perfect, but your program teaches whatever happens, we all still have the capacity to embrace positive outcomes. The learning process was not just formal, instead you tried to inspire the clients to think, giving and sharing their own life experiences, thoughts, and hopes about their future. You attached the scientific studies with mental practice, right here and right now."
Svetlana Kuretsky, MS.ED.
Special Project Program Coordinator, Manhattan Psychiatric Center, Manhattan, New York


Pantang Hospital
(Accra, Ghana)

"It was cool. You really opened up my mind. I learnt a lot. I am going to carry this on to the ward. I have seen many times how patients come to the ward and do not have any relatives helping them – they are rejected by their relatives. When the patients come with their relatives I will educate them about the importance of social support so that the patient can become more optimistic in life and gain a better future. I will tell the relatives that the patient needs them even more now. I now can teach them that stress doesn’t exist and that it really is only fear and how to cope with situations better. I have been coming to many teachings in the past, but your sessions I enjoyed the most. I am really able to take away useful things from your sessions. You created laughter and have a great teaching technique. It was more like a discussion. It was cool and thus the sessions were not boring. I wish it could have been longer and that you will come here in the future."
Nicholas Annor
Staff nurse, Pantang Hospital, Accra, Ghana


"It was so interesting. You have a lot of sense of humour which is so important as a teacher. If all one does is teach, teach, teach, then it would be boring, but you are so friendly that you create a free and non-tense atmosphere. I’m glad that you came down to our level, as you didn’t make us feel like any answer was wrong. Instead, you were motivating. Everyone could contribute. You taught us a good lesson about not playing with cell phones and hence we did not have divided attention. We were all attentive, especially as we were interested in the topics. You helped me build the hopes of my patients and teach them new good habits. This will help our country and make the world a better place to live in. Your sessions help me a lot so that I can give myself, my patients, and my relatives better help and holistic care. I now know that this place can be a better place if I have a better perception. I now see my patients have more potential and that they can capitalize on these potential and not limit themselves. I and my patients can now achieve a lot in life."
Priscilla Glover
Senior Staff Nurse, Pantang Hospital, Accra, Ghana


"You got us very involved so we could understand easily. You used practical examples, especially with role plays. For example, making us take the role of a person who has a child with cancer helped us turn your main ideas into practical advice for our clients. Your sessions were an eye-opener because I wouldn’t have believed a simple breathing technique would be so effective or that 30 minutes of fear could be affected by your body as much as 2 weeks later. We as healthcare professionals are not practicing what we preach. We ask clients to change, but we don’t look after ourselves well. Being tired affects the work we are doing on the wards. We usually work with behavior changes. Hence, if we are in good shape, that is not being irritated by the clients questions and not looking tired, then our clients will respond to our suggestions better. So for me it will help me a lot. As a counselor I see my clients go through so many difficulties and now I can help them better. Drug addicts think they are nothing without drugs, but I can teach them these techniques so they can handle life better and believe they are someone of worth. The sleep test also helped me to decide if I am getting enough sleep to be able to be an optimal mother, wife, and employee."
Rhondi Asiaw
Senior staff nurse, Pantang Hospital, Accra, Ghana


Sbrana Psychiatric Hospital
(Lobatse, Botswana)

"Even though I have been a psychologist for a long time, you came in and showed me how simple psychology can be for me. You connected the dots. I now realize that there is a shorter way of being an effective psychologist and making my clients happier. I like the approach of just focusing on happiness with clients. Listening to clients’ negativity clouds focus and stops me helping them effectively. All the negative things that have happened to them can’t be changed. Hence, why focus on them, when I can focus on my clients proactively improving their lives? Instead I can focus on how to make my clients happier and thus I will be able to see more clients. It will also be easier on me. Psychologists are like sponges. They get exhausted by all the negative stuff and then it takes a toll on you. But you showed me how to focus on happiness all the time with my clients. Hence, I will cope better than if the sessions are all negative and my clients will get results quicker as they really get to focus on what they really want - to be happy. It’s a win-win situation. My clients are focusing on something positive and I am looking after myself better. On a personal level, I have had accomplishments, but I never understood fully how I got there. You have given me the process to repeat accomplishments and not wait for the brief periods of success. In the past I feared to venture out. Instead, I have stuck in situations or places that I am not living up to my full potential. Now I know that I need to get over my fears if I want to become happier. So I am going to go back to my five-year plan and reassess where I am going. I am now not going to limit myself personally and professionally. I now have the formula to become happier."
Vonile Tladi
Head of Clinical Psychology Department, Sbrana Psychiatric Hospital, Lobatse, Botswana


"It was fantastic. Everyone was free to talk to you. They could say whatever they wanted to say. No-one was ever bought down. You allowed everyone to bring on their opinions regardless of whether you believed them or not. So they had the choice to believe you or not. You talked about a lot of things that I have never taken seriously. For instance, we think happiness is very difficult to achieve, but you have shown that it is achievable and that it is the simple things that can have an impact, such as optimism. Most of the time we are chasing big things, such as money and wealth, without knowing that happiness is more important. Money does not make me content, but being happy is very important. You have helped me see how I should have a very high regard for myself."
Otsile Lekgaba
Psychologist, Sbrana Psychiatric Hospital, Lobatse, Botswana


"Your frame of reference or technical terminologies are based on common sense ideas used by common people to explain psychological difficulties faced by patients and people in general. Instead of referring to DSM classification of disorders and diseases you attempted to get the answer what makes us happy, and how our happiness is related to our health. Instead of talking about stress as a valid terminology, you deconstructed the old traditional stress concept to boil down it into its main essence – fear. Your sessions were excellent because you blend our traditional clinical psychology knowledge with popular psychology ideas, to reach more people. It’s not only for sick populations, but also for healthy people. In a way you are doing health promotion work. You are making people aware of what makes people healthy. Your approach and way of organizing the material is very convincing. You utilise research journal articles and more commonsense writings, and summarise them in a way that there is a meaningful theoretical link between these different sources. Your material is comprehensive and convincing. It is hard to argue against your material as it’s so persuasive. As a professional I see the strength and power that you are generating. Your organization of the material is outstanding. You discuss life issues in an interesting way by presenting information from a variety of sources such as Greek philosophers, politicians, journalists, psychologists, and lay people. For the clients it is a very strong message. People can choose to change their lives, behavior, and way they think. What we do in thirty one-on-one sessions, in our clinic, you achieve it in far less sessions, and in a far more effective way, through active participatory group therapeutic or training approaches. I thoroughly recommend your group therapeutic style of brief presentations, to all the hospitals and in Botswana, for few days in every month. Clinical psychologists can work together with you as co-presenters, to build a bigger team. Regular presentations can be done with the providers, staff, and patients. We can all help our patients automatically with your techniques."
Mohammad Mahmudur Rahman
Senior Clinical Psychologist, Head of Department of Clinical Psychology, Princess Marina Hospital, Gaborone, Botswana


South Beach Psychiatric Center
(Staten Island, New York)

"The Happier Horizons program is wonderful. Both clients and staff enjoyed it. Your program gave me a new tool to work with my clients. Hopelessness is the worst indicator in depression for future suicidality and negative outcome, but you provided our clients with hope. By being able to talk about happiness, they realized they can change, regardless of their mental or physical health. They realized that they too can be happy. You made them think. They refocused their thought processes. You taught them that they can change and that they can change radically. I think it is absolutely positive. I predict that Adrian's program and Adrian will one day be on the Oprah Winfrey show and it will open this information to millions of people trying to find happiness. The next Dr. Phil. It's amazing the impression your program has made on the staff and most importantly on all the patients. Our staff are the caretakers of the chronically and severely mentally ill. We needed this program to energize us and the patients. It gave us hope. Hope and happiness go hand in hand and we all saw the numerous benefits of 'Happiness.' We need your tools for our clients. Thank you Adrian for the many years of work and research you spent putting this program together. There is no one who would not benefit from this message. It is a universal concept for all ages."
Dorothy E. Ortiz-Tulla (M.D.)
Psychiatrist, South Beach Psychiatric Center, Staten Island, New York


"I think you have a great way of engaging the clients. I like the way you get them to interact. I think you listen to them well. I think the relaxation exercises are great. I just think the way it's on a positive note is great."
Susan Buonocore, PhD
Associate Psychologist, South Beach Psychiatric Center, Staten Island, New York


"I thought every thing was good. The patients participated in it. They answered questions. Usually they don't put interest into things. The same people came out, which is unusual. I think you are a good public speaker and it has to do with their well-being."
Scott Bondinello
Mental Health Therapist Aide, South Beach Psychiatric Center, Staten Island, New York


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Mental Health Outpatient Facilities:
Department of Mental Health, Saint Michaels Medical Center
(Newark, New Jersey)

"You have made the theoretical practical. Often times in the therapeutic community that is not the case. Often we deal with theories and ideas that are difficult to translate into everyday actions that I can take to improve the quality of my life. Your program made ideas concrete. Happiness as a concept has had no value to me, but now this program has truly made this concept a quality I can make real in my every day living. You directed us to make what we are learning personal and showed us how to do that – how to make it personal. Your energy and presence incarnated the idea of happiness. You were a living example of what you taught. You communicated to me that you are living what you are sharing. Because of the stories of others you shared and sharing your personal history, there was a sense of integrity about what you are teaching."
Brandon Dawson
Department of Mental Health, Saint Michaels Medical Center, Newark, New Jersey


"I thought your program was very interesting. I've done seminars in the past with a large company. Your sessions were educational and interesting. It made me think in a way I haven't done in a long time. I thought it was relevant for our audience and that a lot of other people could benefit as well. Your program was more informative than the other trainings because you allowed us to actually think on our own and to participate. Your sessions were not dictatorial. In your sessions there is discussion through out. It's a free discussion. There were no rules as to what we could or could not say and our comments were never wrong. I felt comfortable saying whatever I believed. There was no fear of retribution for saying what I felt. I liked the whole concept of happiness. We call it happy trails. It's like a pathway to get to this idea of what happiness is."
James Colucci
Registered Nurse Psychiatric Liaison, Department of Mental Health, Saint Michael's Medical Center (Saint James Campus), Newark, New Jersey


"The Happier Horizon program helped our staff participants to take skills they possessed and reframe them for use with clients and patients in a different manner.†It also introduced through the use of current examples and thought-provoking exercises new concepts about personal stress and personal mastery.† Adrian McInman is a relaxed, flexible facilitator who skillfully presents his material, challenges participantsí mindsets and encourages dialogue.† I would recommend this program for both inpatient and outpatient staff."
Benjamin Evans
Director, Clinical Psychiatric Services, Department of Mental Health, Saint Michaelís Medical Center (Saint James Campus), Newark, New Jersey


Heather Whyte Independent Psychologist
(Kingston, Jamaica)

"It was awesome because your approach helps us evaluate ourselves. You made me challenge myself and think about my values and the areas I want to work on. You made me be honest with myself about myself. Being at your session is not just about coming and hearing information. It’s very interactive and your questions provoke self-thought and self-analysis. I also like the way you were willing to sit down on the floor and talk with us. It helped us to feel connected to you. You’ve achieved so much and yet, with this simple gesture, you made me feel that I can do this as well. For instance, I learnt a lot from one of the quotes that you helped provoke from one of the audience members to sum up a session. That will stay with me for a long time."
Heather Whyte
Heather Whyte Independent Psychologist, Kingston, Jamaica


Staten Island Mental Health Society
(Staten Island, New York)

"Adrian was immediately able to capture the respect and attention of a group of adolescents in treatment for substance abuse problems and concurrent mental health problems in the early stages of their treatment, as his manner combined energy, humour, confidence and a sense of sincere mission. The material he presented was interesting, thought provoking and best of all, made excellent sense. Adrian combined several modalities in his approach, stimulating the group with visual, auditory and participatory activity. This was effective in terms of engaging the guarded, sullen teens who had been insulated from any connection with adults and each other. More than one of them were talking about and using the techniques he had taught them long after completion. Adrian welcomed their questions and challenging behaviours. His ability to deconstruct complicated material so that it is age-appropriate for adolescents was nothing short of impressive. His Happier Horizons Program has dynamic universality and is far reaching in its scope. I strongly recommend Adrian McInman's program."
Leonora Ramirez
Assistant Director, Licenced Clinical Social Worker, Certified Alcohol and Substance Abuse Counselor, Staten Island Mental Health Society


West Brighton Clinic at Richmond University Medical Center
(Staten Island, New York)

"I liked the focus of the Happier Horizons program. Your program gave our clients, who are chronically ill psychiatric patients, a good grounding on what are the ingredients of mental health and what they stand to gain. I especially liked the values section of the program. I think all the clients cited those sessions as insightful. People often times get lost in the trees, instead of looking at the larger forest of their values. I thought those sessions were really good for the clients as they were made to determine where they are and where they want to be. Hopefully you have planted some seeds for the clients in the future. I think any one can gain from your program. A strength of the program is that it is grounded in solid research. Your program is a solid path to what it takes to create change in your life. It's a jumping board to other unknown horizons."
Eugenia Rossi
Clinical Social Worker, West Brighton Clinic, Richmond University Medical Center, Staten Island, New York


"I liked your 'Happier Horizons' program because it gave our clients something to think about so they can make changes. I liked the exercises and the interaction amongst the clients - it forces them to participate. That's a good thing because when they participate they usually gain more. I thought they liked it. They really got into. There was a definite interest."
Paul Ingenito
Licensed Master Social Worker, West Brighton Clinic, Richmond University Medical Center, Staten Island, New York


Williamsburg Resource and Treatment Center
(Brooklyn, New York)

"Your relaxation exercises have helped me get better sleep. I use to get up at 3am, but now I sleep for another two hours. I even feel less gassy in my stomach. Your techniques have really helped with this. I find my thinking has changed in lots of ways. Iím more creative. I see other possibilities now. I have made the Thriving Habit a habit and then the rest of my day is glorious. I get so much more done in my days now. I do your techniques with our clients. Any body can do it. It prepares you for the next 24 hours. You can begin as soon as you open your eyes Ė it makes you more active and your day is kind of done. The clients that have been coming regularly are now doing your techniques. Most of the clients donít have to be at your sessions, but they stay for you. They want to be with you. Most of them want to be happier and you are providing them with a different way of looking at things. The clients do the exercises you assign them. That indicates they are definitely interested."
Angie Simpkins
Registered Nurse, Williamsburg Resource and Treatment Center, Brooklyn, New York


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Juvenile Detention Centers:
Horizon Juvenile Detention Center
(The Bronx, New York)

"I think that the thing you have done the most is that you have touched the inner person. You have helped the kids explore how to control their mind and their body. I think they can focus better due to your distraction control, psychological, and relaxation techniques and this gives them confidence. As a result, I've seen the kids you work with exhibit leadership abilities. Your program helps them conduct themselves better and stay focused on social skills. Your program only proves, in my opinion, that consistent programming focusing on self-development with such young people is very beneficial because it leads to feelings of accomplishment."
Eduardo Marcial
Executive Director, Horizon Juvenile Detention Center, The Bronx, New York
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Police Services:
Belize Police Department
(Belize, Central America)

"I work in Crimes Investigation Branch where we have many challenges. For instance, after some location changes there were a lack of resources, especially vehicles. As a result, some of the staff found it difficult to be motivated or get on board with some initiatives. You are helping me see the positive that is in our police department. You’ve encouraged us to be more positive, by choosing to think differently and to change our present attitudes so that other officers become more motivated. I now want to make a bigger difference."
Sergeant Edwina Armstrong
Belize Police Department, Belize City, Belize


"There was a lot of interaction and participation. Most of the recruits, due to their status, realise that it's an opportunity for them to develop from where they are and where they are going. They have to change from a civilian way of thinking to a police officer attitude. They are learning to act professionally. They have to deal with all sorts of people and stay calm and make good judgement. You are teaching them techniques that they can use in their career, so they can make good assessments and decisions."
Sergeant Juan Sam, Instructor at National Police Academy
Belize Police Department, Belmopan, Belize






Trinidad and Tobago Police Service
(Port of Spain, Republic of Trinidad and Tobago)

"The sessions made me realize that I can change and be an instrument of change, by understanding change, planning to be part of change, looking at change as exciting, and supporting my fellow officers by allowing them to look at the pros and cons of change, supporting and encouraging them to talk about, plan, and be agents of change also."
Bede Marchan-Gittens
Assistant Superintendent, Trinidad and Tobago Police Service, Republic of Trinidad and Tobago


"The thing that resonated with me the most is that change starts with the person in the mirror. You need to look at yourself and start there. It's like the serenity Prayer. We are an organization designed to help people. We have to project an image as the upholders of the law. Then we can have a domino effect on the public. Individually we have to view this as a lifestyle and a career - not a job. You made us think about not going one way all the time, but rather you have to be flexible in your actions."
Gregory Hood
Sergeant 12321 Regiment, Trinidad and Tobago Police Service, Republic of Trinidad and Tobago


"You gave me a wake-up call. The most useful part of the sessions was 'perception'. That is, how a person perceives things will affect how they act. The sessions were very relevant for policing, especially as you helped me see situations in a different light. I learnt from the session that change is desirable when a person can see the benefits of changing and wants to make that change. I believe that I can assist that person in believing in themselves and give the necessary support and encouragement that is necessary to make the change."
Dianne Boxill
Sergeant, Trinidad and Tobago Police Service, Republic of Trinidad and Tobago


"I learnt a whole lot of things, such as observing my contribution to the change process; stages an individual goes through when faced with a difficult situation; the Five F's; how to facilitate others to change; NESTS and how to improve my life; how to make better decisions; that it takes time to see changes; the need to implement small changes; and how to create an environment that removes habits. You had a great impact. The sessions were practical and not a textbook. Because you were practical and applicable, we could relate. I hope that the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service will build on this. Your content is applicable to all ranks in the police force and your approach and delivery is more comfortable to accept. What you offered will contribute to changing things."
Terrence Burris
Corporal, Trinidad and Tobago Police Service, Republic of Trinidad and Tobago


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Rape Crisis Centers:
Rape Crisis Society of Trinidad and Tobago
(Port of Spain, Republic of Trinidad and Tobago)

"I especially liked the inclusion of a variety of relaxation techniques in the Happier Horizons Workshop. I intend to utilize these techniques myself and to include them as part of the intervention strategies employed with clients, particularly those who have a history of trauma. You definitely reinforced some of the knowledge that I had and further reminded me of the importance of self-care as a caregiver. Two things in particular that will remain with me are: Embrace changes for they are opportunities to grow; and It is not necessarily what I know but who I am that helps to make me an effective counsellor. In addition, the inclusion of empirical evidence to support the benefits of utilizing the different relaxation techniques was definitely a bonus. In my opinion, the interaction during the workshop was very good. Participants actively contributed to the process by asking questions and appropriately responding to questions posed by the facilitator. In essence, the workshop was worthwhile and I would be willing to attend other Happier Horizons workshops."
Siobhan Burroughs
Therapist, Rape Crisis Society of Trinidad and Tobago


"I liked how every bit of information is supported by several sources of authority on the matter. This helped me to internalize these truths and it significantly reduced the volume of the doubting voices in my mind. I've been to many workshops, but your program is different because your techniques are highly applicable. That made your program extremely worthwhile. I feel very hopeful about continuing to work with some of my more traumatized rape clients now. I'm excited! I now feel as though, regardless of how heinous the rape was, or young young the child is, some degree of emotional stability can be achieved. Your concepts seem very simple now: Negative thoughts = negative effects on the mind, body and interactions = negative spiral of actions. Positive thoughts = positive effects on the mind, body and interactions = positive well being all round."
Amanda Ackbarali-Ramdial
Counsellor and Outreach Officer, Rape Crisis Society of Trinidad and Tobago


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Drug Rehabilitation Centers:
Amethyst House
(Staten Island, New York)

"I think it's a great program. The breathing has helped me immensely. I considered all the things you said. I liked the idea that I can do any thing I want if I put my mind to it. Your group shows our clients it's not a failure if they emotionally relapse. They have the possibility to pick themselves up and start again. I also liked the belief that we really do have the right to be happy. We need more people like you to reinforce this healthy thinking. In corporations you'll do very, very well, as it's so stressful. Everyone is trying to get to the top. And what happens is they end up sick or addicted, or giving up on themselves. Because it will reinforce that they have the right to be happy at work. If a person will be unhappy, then they will be unhappy with their job. And if they are happy they do more productive work."
Lynn Cormier
Recreation Art Therapist, Amethyst House Incorporated, Staten Island, New York


Botswana Substance Abuse Support Network
(Gaborone, Botswana)

"I thought it was really, really good. I liked being able to reflect on myself and put things in perspective. I was able to reflect on what happiness is and I have come to the conclusion that it is an attainable thing. Your training is participatory and engaging. Your reflection questions caused me to self-assess. For instance the social support reflection questions made me appreciate my social support, appreciate my friends and family, and appreciate my colleagues. I will remember the key message that we are all striving to be happy and that contributing to other peoples' happiness can contribute to my own happiness. I liked the message of taking a risk in life is something that may seem scary but worth doing."
Kay Manyanda
Clinical Program Manager, Botswana Substance Abuse Support Network, Gaborone, Botswana


"I was just born at the start of your program. Right from the first day I saw you, I changed the way I think about life. In the past it has always been ‘me, me, me, me, and me’ and I always had negative thoughts. Even when I had positive thoughts I would change that to negative thoughts. You made me realize that change is possible and that if I put my mind to it I can do it. I am now going to eat healthier, get better sleep, and rest. You made me focus on healthier ways of living. You made it so simple that I realized that it is very easy. I can now act on it. I never used to think I was really going to be a success, but I now believe in myself. I will remember your words of ‘setting up people up for success’."
Leah Senwelo
Counselor, Botswana Substance Abuse Support Network, Gaborone, Botswana


"It was an interactive workshop. As a result you made us think. You didn’t just come and give us information like most trainers do. You asked us questions which made us think about our personal lives. The training was well suited for the audience, which were predominantly counselors. Most trainers tell you what you should do with your clients. But your training was what we should do with our lives. As a counselor you have to do what you preach. You can’t tell your clients to go where you haven’t been or can’t go. You hit two birds with one stone. As a counselor we always look at the past and all the negativity, but you showed me how to focus on happiness and move forward. As you said, if we say a whole lot of positive things and one negative thing, then the person will only remember the horrible thing, rather than the positive things. Hence, if I counsel clients only about negative things, then I won’t be as effective and the client will leave feeling terrible if not worse than when they came here. I am now going to focus on happy things going on in my clients’ lives and happy things that could go on. Especially in substance abuse we tend to focus on bad things that lead the client to use drugs or the things they have lost because of drug abuse, but the clients come here to change. So talking about the past and negativity is repetition – not change. Hence, there is no real change. I need to help them move forward. I have always known that it is good to talk to people, especially when you have a problem but every time I think about doing it I did not. My excuse for not confiding in people was that, ‘people are not trustworthy and will disappoint me,’ based on past experiences. Discussing this in your training changed my life. I realized that change only begins as a personal choice, that it is not anyone’s fault that I bottle up my problems. Change in my life comes from me, so instead of looking at what other people did, I choose to look at what I am doing to make me happy."
Portia Diteko
Counselor, Botswana Substance Abuse Support Network, Gaborone, Botswana


Camelot Counseling Center
(Staten Island, New York)

"I think you presented it very well. I liked the way you engaged the clients. I thought you backed up your suggestions with lots of research and no one could disprove you. I thought what you said was right on. You didn't say things just to say things. I liked your rapport with the clients. I think you connected with them. You never, ever talked down to them. The way you spoke to them was straight. Above all else, you were honest. You presented them with a challenge and some responded to that. And I think that worked."
Joseph Giampiccolo
Teacher, Offsite Educational Services at Camelot Counseling Center


Creedmoor Addiction Treatment Center
(Queens, New York)

"I am really impressed with the wonderful job you have been doing within our facility. The 'Happy Hour' groups have been great for my clients, as well as me. I see a lot of differences in the clients: They seem more proactive and act more mature. For instance: One client came in to the program with depression, poor posture, alcohol and drug addiction, and a history of sexual abuse. Prior to leaving our facility she made a conscious decision to change her negative thoughts. Your course inspired her to say: 'I am going to change my negative thoughts to positive ones… I am using NOISE and I am no longer a victim.' She completed her stay in our facility and walked out graced with maturity. Your course has inspired a member of our staff to return to school, which is a true reflection of how powerful your groups are. Personally, I found it very inspirational, educational, and motivating, which makes me want to attend each and every session. I feel that I am in a different direction in my life; more focused and feel free to be me. You have especially helped me to think more clearly and reflect on my life. I have now allowed the wind to take me where ever I am. And most of all, the best things in life are free! Thank you for showing us the freedom within. You have made us very relaxed and your great sense of humor makes creates a positive interaction so the audience does not feel threatened. Thanks to your sessions, my colleagues and I will be able to help our clients with the same positive interaction."
Catherine Murphy
Senior Counselor, CASAC-G, Creedmoor Addiction Treatment Center, Queens Village, New York


"The Happy Horizon Program has been a wonderful complement to our inpatient program. It was well received by patients and staff alike. The presenter Adrian McInman provokes thought and analysis. The techniques of Diaphragmatic Breathing and Progressive Muscle Relaxation are tools I have used in my clinical practice for years and Adrian taught the skills impeccably. A great deal of the material Adrian provides should be copy written. On a personal level I took the program serious and made an active commitment to spend more quality time with my family and constructive time in the workplace and community. To be in the pursuit of Happiness and enjoy the strawberries in life is much more gratifying than being a stick in mud or quicksand. I admire my young sage (Adrian McInman) as he travels the world pollinating happy seeds that hopefully will exponentially flourish. We can honestly change the world one person at a time."
Robert Taylor
Clinical Team Leader, Creedmoor Addiction Treatment Center, Jamaica, Queens, New York


"I liked your program very much. It's worth it's weight in gold. Whatever you charge for it, you could double the price. Your program validates new beliefs while giving you new tools. It's non-threatening, nurturing, while challenging. You keep the audience on the edge of their seats. It's not boring. You give the audience the opportunity to make them get what they want in the program and no one is excluded. The clients are in a tenuous raw part of their life and yet they want to be in your sessions. The interaction has been a great balance of give and take. You don't shy away from a challenge. It pushes individual responsibility and pushes you to take ownership of their life. There is a lot of warm, fluffy talk about empowerment out there. You, however, give the details of how to do it - a blueprint - it's a how to. The diaphragmatic breathing, the progressive muscular relaxation, and the homework assignments were great, especially the gang leader handout. The gang leader was speaking our clients'language and they saw that if he was able to succeed, then there is hope for our clients. The staff took to it like roaches to chocolate. They appreciated the consistency of quality. You eat, live and breathe what you present. The patients and staff really picked up on this."
Gerard Ruiz
Assistant Director, Creedmoor Addiction Treatment Center, Jamaica, Queens, New York


Crossroads Centre

"I am the Human Relations Officer at Crossroads, so I have to interact with everybody in the job. You gave me an opportunity to look at my relationships with the staff and showed me how to bring them to a higher level. I especially liked the session on internal locus of control, because although I already believed it, you helped me heighten my awareness even more. When I review my life, I know I have a lot of talents, but sometimes I fear that I can't do something, but the reality is I have the ammunition that I need within me. Hence, you helped me come up with my ammunition: 'I can, I will, I must'."



"It struck me while looking at your slides that I should look at myself more thoroughly and decide if there is something I should change about myself. For instance, in my relationship I sometimes get a bit uptight and jumpy. However, you have shown me that I have control and that it's simple. I am using your ideas and techniques now. They are simple and they work; release, let go, and my life is better. I teach relaxation, but I don't do it myself. You've stimulated me to do it myself. I now do your techniques in bed and at work."


"I learnt from you that I can control my behavior. I love your breathing exercises, because they help to me calm down. Initially I did 25 breathes in 60 seconds and then you hit it on the head when you said that I had a serious problem. After doing the breathing exercises I began to think better. Normally, I would jump at everything, as I like things my way and in order. Your exercises help me to not let the devil take charge. These techniques are going to stay with me. I now tell myself, 'don't go there,' but rather 'I can adapt.' I am now doing them at my desk at work."


"The group is grasping what you say and believe what you say. They find your material relevant and interesting. For instance, the clinical staff indicated that you have helped them. Likewise, you have helped me to understand things that were baffling me. I am working on some of my faults and in the future I know what I can do to make my life better and my clients' lives better. I now understand on the phone what my clients are going through and are able to deal with them more effectively. I look at addicts differently now. I will use this information to make my life happier. Living on the Happy Horizon - I know I can."


820 River Street Inc.
(Queens, New York)

"The Readers Digest had a section called 'The Most Unforgettable Character that I Have Met'. You fall into that category. Itís not what you do as much, as who you are. Youíre healthy, giving, and charismatic. You and your program are a joy. The clients are learning ways to look at themselves and to find solutions for the problems they are facing. They have many uncertainties Ė housing, food, relationships, METRO cards, health, education Ė you help them achieve a level of confidence in their ability to cope. The use of the acronymn NOISE gives an opportunity to set a pace and focus. It spans a range of human emotions, self-perceptions, and issues. It sets a core for the succeeding sessions. One eventually has to get it. I like the asking of responses, recall, and discussion. Thereís reinforcement and repetition that triggers new feedback and recall. Itís not like a sermon in a church; itís interactional. Thatís the key Ė the clients are informed and put themselves out there."
Sydney Moshette
Administrative Director, 820 River Street Inc, Jamaica, Queens, New York


ďI liked everything you did. I liked the way you showed how people can become confident and get what they want in life. I like the NOISE and what it represents. I liked the optimism section and techniques to become more optimistic. If you exercise the NOISE word, then you will go far in life Ė you live a more positive life. Some of our clients are defiant. Some told me that they would turn up with the intention of trying to break you and cause controversy, but instead you got hem to listen and participate. They got involved. I never thought you would get every one doing the breathing exercise, but now you have virtually everyone doing it and they tell me itís helping them. They tell me that it helps them stay focused, relaxed, and forget about what they are going through. In private sessions they talk about you to me. They try to do what you have taught them.Ē
Daisy Morales
Counselor, 820 River St. Inc,, Jamaica, Queens, New York


Guyana Micro-Projects Programme
(Georgetown, Guyana)

"What you are teaching is very important, especially for our clients, as you are talking about how difficult change is and what I can do to overcome fears associated with change. Addicts are lonely, frightened people as they did negative things in the past and so they are looking over their shoulders all the time. You stimulated our clients sufficiently that they not only participated, but they were actually taking notes. I personally really liked your information and will definitely use your unique tips about how to foster change. I especially liked your acronym WAR and how I can use it to help my clients determine if they are ready to change. Your material is relevant to my clients in Guyana and really can help me help my clients be less likely to relapse."
Steve Sookraj
Counsellor, Guyana Micro-Projects Programme, Guyana


Integrity House
(Newark, New Jersey)

"The clients really love your program. It's their favorite group of the week. We have a population that are hard core – years of addiction, unemployment, mental health, and prison. Part of the reason for your success is because they are getting new information and they are involved. You use a very interactive approach and so the residents and staff give a great deal of input. The way you run it every one is on the same level. It's an open and honest look at your values. You facilitate the process to get everyone thinking. It's not dry and canned. You have a good style. You present some serious stuff, but there's humor involved. We try to teach the clients a concept of right living and that fits in nicely with what you are teaching. I think you are very good. I'm really glad I participated and not only had the program conducted. It's one thing to hear how good it is, but it's another to participate. I would endorse you and your program a thousand percent."
Edward Lyons
Vice President/Clinical Director, Integrity House, Newark, New Jersey


"I enjoy coming to your Happier Horizons program as your sessions are thought-provoking. Your sessions are enlightening for both the staff and the clients alike. There's a lot to think about. You offer insight without necessary an opinion. I find myself engaging in discussions with the clients hours and even days after the session. I have referenced your material with the clients. We were talking about confrontation and we discussed the material you presented, such as with Socrates. I wrote down some of your material and have them in my office. The clients find your program something new and are enjoying it immensely. I haven't heard any negative opinions by our student members and they would like to keep this going. We are using this as a catalyst. I want the student members to help us to continue your work in some form. They are excited about that. On a personal level I am using some of the things you have taught us, with my two younger sons such as confidence building and the values system."
Robert Frascati
Senior Director Adult Male Residential Program, Integrity House, Newark, New Jersey


Integrity House
(Secaucus, New Jersey)

"My supervisor noticed changes in me due to your program. She noticed me being more agreeable, not as up-tight, and more flexible. It's like you opened up a part of my brain and improved my thinking. I took your ideas home with me. I even took a photo of you, put it on my personal MySpace page, and wrote things about you and your program on it. You're a positive influence wherever you go. You really have something going on."
Cathy Giamgeruso
Laboratory Technician, Integrity House, Secaucus, New Jersey


"Your program is very informative. It's a really different perspective. I learnt a lot from you, both information and techniques; like the thought stoppage and diaphragmatic breathing techniques. I incorporate your breathing technique into the meditation I have already been doing. I have been able to implement the therapeutics behind your program. The clients sometimes remind me to do your techniques, so they were obviously getting a lot from your program. I like the way your program can be incorporated into other programs such as Narcotics Anonymous, and your breathing technique can be incorporated into meditation. Your 'we, we, we' concept also fits nicely into Narcotics Anonymous. Every time I sat in your sessions I got something out of it. Best of all for me is that not only have you shown me something that I've never had before, but that it is useful, and I can actually use your techniques and information."
Maurice Gonzalez
Counselor, Integrity House, Secaucus, New Jersey


"It's an excellent program. Your Happier Horizons program is both informative and well-researched. The information about motivational interviewing and the techniques you gave us were the most interesting for me. It fit in with what I'm already doing. I especially liked the diaphragmatic breathing. That's great to use in psychotherapy sessions. The interaction between you and the audience is great. The clients like you and they want you to come back. Your program is outside of the norm and the information is very interesting. The only complaint I have is that I'd actually like the sessions to be longer - at least 90 minutes - or do more sessions, maybe 40."
Perry Bonds
Director, Integrity House, Secaucus, New Jersey


Therapy Center for Dependent Individuals
(Athens, Greece)

"Thank you Adrian for your insight. Keep doing what your doing. You have a very elaborate way of showing that stress is actually fear. I couldn't agree more. I actually liked the presentation of facts and data during the session and also the idea that events on their own are meaningless. It all depends on the meaning you give to each event. I also liked the idea that you help others who suffer much more effectively when you manage to cope better yourself and focus on how to be a positive support for them."
Dr. Anna Tsiboukli
Director, KETHEA (Therapy Center for Dependent Individuals), Athens, Greece


"What you do is amazing. Your program is very useful, especially for people in Athens, Greece, and in fact the whole world. Most people don't know your information. For instance, people may have cancer and they don't know how to get out of these problems. You're very interesting. You explain how stress has actually affected my life. You teach I can have another way and not be stressed. Your exercises are very specific and practical. I can use them easily."
Konstantina Yfanti
Leader, Publishing Department, KETHEA (Therapy Center for Dependent Individuals), Athens, Greece


Kingsboro Addiction Treatment Center
(Brooklyn, New York)

"I've found while doing your program that I can connect and reconnect with the core of who I believe I am. Your program identifies not to buy into the belief system that stress is something you have to live with. I use to entertain negatively – feed the monster. I was ruminating. I can say stop and get back to my purpose and what am I doing. The technique of stopping almost stops unconscious rumination. It works. For me it's a way to acknowledge that enough is enough. For instance, I was driving and thinking about some things and I caught myself ruminating and I said stop and I did three breathes with my eyes open. I just focused on the car in front of me and I said my affirmation and I then felt good. Because of your use of evidence and the way you present information, the clients engage upwards; they put their best foot forward. Because of the participation in the breathing and meditation the clients are like when they leave the gym – on a happiness high – more alert, more positive."
David Laborda
Addiction Counselor III, Kingsboro Addiction Treatment Center, Brooklyn, New York


"For me the program is about the search for self-actualisation and re-evaluating why we operate the way we do. Itís workable. Your program has things that I can implement as a daily routine without having to revamp my whole life. Itís evidence-based. You didnít pull the information out of a hat. Your program also makes sense. It covers everything Ė health and happiness. The whole NOISE concept is good. Itís right there at your finger tips. You can remember it. I donít have to remember a huge concept. Some other books and speakers are over-whelming. They may be credible and have evidence, but they are not plausible. A number of stress reduction programs throw a lot of information that is not concrete. But if you peel away the myth of stress, then your techniques are more feasible and easy to use. Your program and itís NOISE concept gives me a way to center myself. It gives me a framework to deal with outside negative stimuli. I see the changes Iíve made due to your program. For instance, I am more tranquil, more confident, less anxious, and feel more in control of my life. You gave me tools to implement changes and directions on how to change explicitly. The clients get positive results because the techniques are concrete. They see good results and this primes them for more success."
Paul Johnson
Addiction Counsellor II, Kingsboro Addiction Treatment Center, Brooklyn, New York


Mount St. Benedict Drug Rehabilitation Center
(Port of Spain, Republic of Trinidad and Tobago)

"The material is enlightening for people in recovery. You help us identify what is really important in life. You have a strong, strong message. One can miss all your life and then realize that you've missed out on your whole life and happiness, but your message is all encompassing - exercise, nutrition, sleep, thoughts and social support - it's a holistic approach of well-being. And I really agree with you. You present in a way, even though I have the same school of thought, that made me more confident of my decisions."
Marcus Bernard
Therapist, Mount St. Benedict Drug Rehabilitation Center, Port of Spain, Trinidad


"Overall you gave a perspective that we don't need to rush through life. You explain how we should enjoy what's in front of us. For instance, you emphasize sleep, exercise, nutrition, and the company of others. You gave us freedom to laugh and helped the clients understand that they truly are the experts of themselves. You validated many of my beliefs such as the importance of sleep."
Gabrielle Gammon
Therapist, Mount St. Benedict Drug Rehabilitation Center, Port of Spain, Trinidad


"I liked the structure and organization of the information, the practicality and applicability, and that happiness is not evasive, but relies on many things within my control. Your sessions were fun and the experiences shared were surreal. I learnt about your acronyms: PCPAM, NOISE, and the 5Fs. That I was chosen many times and was able to perform better after each period gave me a lot of satisfaction. It made me feel that there are things that I can accomplish and that I can be my own worst enemy. You gave me the opportunity to show that I can grow and laugh while running some of the sessions and that I won't be laughed at. I learned that my social network does not only exist within my family and friends, but I am developing a very strong one at work as well. It was a great experience and I enjoyed every moment of it."
Jeremy de Freitas
Counsellor, Mount St. Benedict Drug Rehabilitation Center


Phoenix Recovery Project
(East Coast Demerara, Guyana)

"You quickly engulfed the group with a sense of unison, almost a tranquil place, and an ease in your sessions that I just couldn't fathom. I liked that. Whatever you said quickly got the attention of our clients. The breathing exercises were phenomenal. And you patiently told us how to do it with various examples. I like the way you discussed Richard Williams, the father of Venus and Serena, especially for the female clients, and how they should never say: 'I can't'."
Lucinda Williams
Senior Counsellor, Phoenix Recovery Project, Guyana


"The first thing that stood out was that you had command of the audience. As hours went by you still had the group's attention. The biggest plus for me was the way you got one of our clients to talk. You had to be phenomenal to be able to do this. That client thrives on being difficult, but he put effort into your session. I liked the things you were saying and appreciated your feedback. The pushup/sense of accomplishment exercise you did with one client was precisely what he needed."
Clarence Young
Coordinator, Phoenix Recovery Project, Guyana


South Beach Addiction Treatment Center
(Staten Island, New York)

"I think your Happier Horizons program is very useful in addiction treatment. My population, by definition, are not happy people. They have found a coping mechanism that does not work. You are offering them a more adaptive healthy coping mechanism. You are teaching them how to be successful and that's very important in addiction treatment. In other words, you're saying: get what you want in life. You are giving them hope, direction, and motivation - how to make their life work in a way that matters, so they have a sense of well-being; so they have a sense of competence. You are teaching them to thrive, not just survive. That's something our clients need to hear and achieve. The patients like the program. You have their attention. They attend, they participate, and they want what you are selling."
Joseph Pais
Director, South Beach Addiction Treatment Center, Staten Island, New York


Verdun House

"When I heard you were coming I changed my vacation days. And it was definitely worthwhile. I thoroughly enjoyed your program. For instance, even during the workshop I was able to apply your techniques. I liked the breathing, the meditation, and the progressive muscular relaxation, because it slows me down and it relaxes me. I was a bit tense in the past few weeks, so this was a good time to do this. I have slept better since I learnt these techniques. Iím now doing the techniques a minimum of two times a day. It works. I like the evidence. I even wrote down many of the journal articles. I like the connection between the different NOISE components. Iíve always been interested in each of them and used them in treatment plans, but I never connected them Ė put all of them together. I never would have thought of putting them together even though these are things we tell the clients to improve. I like your Thriving Habit. Itís brilliant. Itís easy and short and itís fun. Itís easy enough to teach. I canít wait to practice this with my girlfriend. The clients find your sessions enjoyable. One of our more miserable and frustrated clients explained to me that he is less angry and more focused. So for him to grasp the concepts shows how really easy, fun, and simple your techniques are."
Kwayne Farrell
Counsellor, Verdun House, Barbados


"I liked the breathing, the optimism, and the confidence section because you pushed that button on me. The breathing relaxes you so much so that I feel like sleeping. You get home and you feel rejuvenated. Itís like being at the beach. The optimism and confidence section applied to me the most. People tell me Iím quiet, but this helped. You making me do the exercises helped. For instance, teaching me to speak louder and project my voice helped. The clients were very interactive. They were willing to participate and read. They were not reluctant to do the activities. If the clients were uncertain, you were able to clarify their problems. In Barbados we tend to be very serious and not as happy as you would imagine, so hearing what you are teaching and putting the information into practice could change their attitudes in our culture. For instance, our clients are not bickering as much and they are thinking more about what they are planning to do when they leave here."
Lucinda Blenman
Social Worker, Verdun House, Barbados


"I would really recommend your program for anybody interested in self-development. Your program made me refocus. I was quite stressed, but it helped me calm down. I find I now sleep better. It made me realise that if you remain focused on the disciplines of life, then you get more out of it Ė become more proactive, not reactive. Reach for the stars was the main message. You need to charter your own life. The message was pitched appropriately towards the audience. The clients had no problems in comprehending. You encouraged participation. You didnít talk above them. Some of the clients donít normally participate in groups, but with you most of them participated. They enjoyed the exercises because they felt better within themselves. That was reflected in some of the daily journals."
Ruth Parris
Clinical Administrative Assistant, Verdun House, Barbados


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Methadone Centers:
The Lennard Clinic
(Newark, New Jersey)

"Before I came to your sessions I had some clients who I could not get through to. Some of them have been staffed in the sense that they were uncooperative. They were not ready to listen. They didn't want case management sessions. All they wanted to do was drink their methadone and then go away. But now I know how to handle them. Because of your program I know how to make them happy - how to make them laugh. I can help them on many psychological issues now. I now talk to them about introversion-extroversion and self-confidence. Even for me I have developed more confidence in myself. I can relate to people better. I've opened up a lot. I talk to the staff a lot more. It's been great. I enjoyed it especially when you gave us exercises. Some lecturers are straight to the letter with a straight faces, but you are very interactive. You make people stay awake by calling on them."
Adenike Omoloju
Case Manager Ryan White, The Lennard Clinic, Elizabeth, New Jersey


"Just from the name alone I expected that the program would be uplifting and inspiring. You actually surpassed my expectations because it was both therapeutic and didactic. The program was fantastic. It helped decrease my anxiety levels, especially with the breathing techniques. I was most impressed by the journal articles as they backed up your information. That really struck with me. I have used your Happiness Events Worksheets with my clients. It challenged their erroneous thinking and they were able to identify what makes them happy and that they are responsible for their own happiness. I liked the fact that you pinpointed each person, remembered their names, and individualized it for me. The sessions were interactive. We learned from each other and things about each other. You were creative and genuine. It was liked you seized the moment and was not intimated by the masses. You were consistently on time and helpful. You didn't get stuck when people asked challenging questions. You clearly know the material and how to present it."
Doreen Speller
Outpatient Counsellor II, The Lennard Clinic, Elizabeth, New Jersey


"Your program has been very helpful. I'm utilising your information. For instance, I'm now more an extrovert. I get out more. I speak up more, especially when at meetings. I liked your presentation. You leave it up to the floor. You don't let your opinions way on us. Adrian's opinion doesn't influence ours. You respect our opinions. The interaction has been excellent. I've noticed that I and others are more open to listening, new material, and information. I'm more focused. I really liked the internal/external locus of control information. I was able to adapt and use that information in my personal life and personal interests. That information really hit me. I would strongly recommend you to other organizations considering using you."
Garcia Outlaw
Outpatient Counsellor II, The Lennard Clinic, Newark, New Jersey


"You're program is very profound and therapeutic. You have some of the staff clearly interested in what you are talking about. You've got through to many of the staff. They talk about it in the hallways and on other days. For instance, we were having drinks last night and your name came up four times - that's how much you have made an impact. We were talking about your information on impartiality. You're sessions are colourful - they're entertaining. You're not threatened when a staff member does not agree with the information. You say 'if you absorb the information that's fine and if you don't that's fine.' You're flexible. You gave us choices and you were able to adapt to our suggestions. I consider myself well read but you provided so much information. I could have had a conversation on just about every slide you presented."
James Troisi
Outpatient Counsellor, The Lennard Clinic, Elizabeth, New Jersey


"Your program has been great. With almost all of my clients at intake I am now teaching them your breathing techniques. For instance, I had a client this morning who is utilising at his work what you have taught me because I taught him what you taught me. He is a housekeeper. There is one particular room he goes into that is filthy. He was getting upset by this. I taught him the diaphragmatic breathing. I said make that a daily part of your routine. He was using heroin every day. Now he isn't. I'm trying to change his thinking by what you have taught us along with the diaphragmatic breathing you taught us. He now says your three words of 'action causes reaction.'Personally, I'm doing your diaphragmatic breathing. I like the challenge you give us. You make us think - thinking about an overview of yourself. Your 'action causes reaction' is so right. I really liked the four values sessions, as it opened my eyes up. You know that's something to think about. I liked the information from Rokeach. I gave your list of values to a teacher and she had wisdom as the second to last value. I was shocked. It showed you how little we value our education system. The group liked your program, especially with the diaphragmatic breathing at the start of the sessions because it relaxed them and it definitely relaxes me. I think the interaction has been great. It's outstanding, especially when you get everyone laughing."
Jeffrey Cherry
Outpatient Counsellor, The Lennard Clinic, Newark, New Jersey


Your program is useful because it's related to our work, such as developing our clients'strengths. You're able to communicate information that we may have known, but you are able to make us look at it from a different perspective and at a different level. Personally it has been beneficial because I have been able to have a look at my own level of happiness. I realised that some of the things I thought I valued are not as important as they seemed. For instance working long hours as opposed to spending quality time with my daughter. Lately I find myself using the diaphragmatic breathing technique when necessary. That technique has stuck with me. You're enthusiastic and animated. You have the ability to keep everyone's attention and make the training intresting."
Simone Patterson
Outpatient Counsellor II, The Lennard Clinic, Newark, New Jersey


Parkside Recovery
(Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

"Your motivation level is awesome. Although you can tell that you have done this many times before, you are so invigorating that it seems fresh for you. Your program and enthusiasm is excellent. You do not only talk the talk, you walk the walk. What you showed me during 20 minutes in my office, while trying to encourage me to run the program in our institution, was what you delivered. I think your program is excellent. It has very up-to-date research and is cutting edge. I love the empirical aspects. You make a statement and then can back it up eight times over. Thatís an excellent strategy as it removes all doubt. Your program evokes a lot of questions that clinicians ask, but donít answer themselves. Your program gives us a chance for self-exploration - self discovery. You do a real nice job of pacing the information you provide. You present the information in each session in a way that builds up to the point that is applicable and easy to process. This is a challenging crowd to present to, but you have made them very responsive. You are challenging, while also being refreshing and as a result our staff are thinking and participating. You can tell by the way they are answering your questions and providing unsolicited comments that they love your sessions. Having the interaction gives us an opportunity to see where we're at with regard to psychological issues and an opportunity to practice these concepts. The staff seems to enjoy everything in your program because it's refreshing, challenging, and motivating. When I start doing programs again, I am going to bite your style Ė I'm going to replicate the way you present."
Beau Brendley
Clinical Supervisor, Parkside Recovery, Philadelphia, Pa.


"I actually missed your first session. When I got back to work, four of the staff members came up to me and told me how good it was. Unlike training we have had in the past, which causes the staff to rattle off a whole lot of complaints, with your program there were no complaints. They said it was interesting and different. Personally, I like your entire program. I think it is all worthwhile. I don't think we've had any training that has been so interesting and challenging. Most of the training we have had in the past has been dry, boring, and standardized. Your program made us think outside the box. I liked how your program was consistent. Blocking out Monday, Wednesday, and Friday was great. It gave me something to look forward to. Your sessions are a nice break; three hours per week was a diversion to talk about something interesting and relevant. Your program gives us a chance to have internal reflection and gives us a chance to learn techniques that we can give to our clients. I believe in self-affirmations and change, so I think this is another medium for people to change and not have to resort to the self-help section in Barnes and Nobles. The staff are so caught up in the red-tape and get so wrapped up in other work demands that they don't find the time to think about, let alone participate in, self-improvement. However, every one has 60 seconds to do your techniques. Your program is self-care and I think we need to be immersed in self-care to take better care of our clients. I've especially enjoyed the sessions on personality. The personality information was very interesting because it gave me a better understanding of the diversity of the staff. The personality sessions were also confirmation that I am okay – that I'm happy. I can bring the personality information to my clients and meet them where they are. I am able to work with them on these issues because I know where I am on these personality styles."
Anneliese Kissling
Therapist, Parkside Recovery, Philadelphia, Pa.


"Adrian, I believe that your program Happier Horizons really touched some of our staff. The evidence of that was the degree to which the staff engaged in the discussions. You were very well prepared, very knowledgeable about every topic you presented, and you made the audience feel comfortable. You also encouraged discussion, which plays a big part in the effectiveness of the training. What also made it very interesting and comfortable being in your training was that you were not judgmental or critical of what people had to say. I liked some of the techniques you used such as standing at the back of the room to keep the staff engaged and alert. You're technique of getting us to read the information on the screen was excellent because it allowed us to keep active and not get bored like we do with our presenters. You did not make it a lecture – it was an interactive event. Personally, I enjoyed your sessions a lot, especially those where we addressed specific topics in detail. Your program made me think. I learnt a lot from you. I really enjoyed the sessions on values. Those four sessions had a big impact on me. Although I was on the same wavelength as you, your sessions helped me see ways of improving myself and my plans for the future. They helped me improve my inner world. I've been debating doing something for a while now. Maybe fear was stopping me from doing this. So your sessions made me think about getting on and doing the things I want to do. You challenged me to think about what my values are and what I really want to do and then go ahead and do it. My only criticism is that I wish the sessions had been longer. I would have liked to discuss your information in even greater detail. I missed out one of your sessions and I felt that I was actually missing out. It's like watching a movie and you miss an episode and you think I wonder what happened."
Eleni Dimopoulos
Outpatient Therapist, Parkside Recovery, Philadelphia, Pa.


"I think your program is great. For me it's all about learning to change our responses. It's about slowing things down, thinking things through, and learning to recognize what is causing me to feel what I am feeling. It.s also about helping my clients work out what is causing their responses. I think the interaction in the sessions has been great. We often get people come in and talk at us. The staff are not use to someone getting them to talk. You include us and don't talk at us. You constantly draw us out to get us out of our comfort zone and make us not just part of the learning process, but also part of the teaching process. For me all the information has been new. Although I've done diaphragmatic breathing with adolescents, I've never tried it with adults, but I'm now willing to try it on an individual basis with my adult clients due to my experience in your program."
Elvis Rosado
Counselor, Parkside Recovery, Philadelphia, Pa.


"I liked the breathing exercise the most. Some years ago I was going for massages and having trouble with my breathing. By teaching us the diaphragmatic breathing, you helped me focus back on the proper way of breathing and relaxing. In this job it's hard to relax sometimes because we are expected to perform at a certain level, especially paperwork being handed in on time, and so people get anxious, angry, and stressed out. We put the stress on ourselves, like getting the paperwork handed in late and then like our clients, we come up with excuses. The interaction in the sessions is good. You have all the staff awake and it's not like a lecture. You do something that I've always believed in; you walk around. So you keep their attention. You don't loose them. When you present a topic you individualize the information to the particular audience. We also learn from each other in your sessions."
Maria Gentile
Intensive Outpatient Counselor, Parkside Recovery, Philadelphia, Pa.


"I liked the research you provided in your program. You didn't just give your opinion. I like how you involve people. You kept us all involved; we keep the focus and stay on topic. You don't loose the audience. You asked us questions and asked us for our opinion. I liked how you asked us what we would like to hear more of. You gave us choices. Your program is relevant. The more information you provide us, the more information we have to give the clients. Your program is also very beneficial for our own lives. If we improve ourselves, then we are better equipped to help our clients. I notice that when walking down the corridors, the staff are making positive comments about your program. The staff are thinking about what you have presented. The staff are getting something out of it. I liked your topics. The session on stress was great. I was always told that there was stress – society supports stress. So when you said that there is no such thing as stress, but that it is simply a perception, then I realized that's what's going on in many situations. I internalize a lot of what is said in your program. The training has made me more knowledgeable and stimulated me to seek more information. I already teach the breathing and meditation you teach, but I call it 'breathing and relax'. So you confirmed what I was already doing. Your research actually supports a lot of what I am already doing."
Pamela Becton
Outpatient Counselor, Parkside Recovery, Philadelphia, Pa.


"Personally, I greatly enjoyed the Happier Horizons program and my only complaint is that we were unable to allot more than one hour for each scheduled session. I was challenged as a person and, as a result, have evaluated where I am in life in contrast with where I thought I would be. As I worked through the sessions, I identified or reconnected with where I really want to go in life- the values and accomplishments that are important to my happiness. Professionally, I found the sessions of the Happier Horizon Program relevant to the harmonious working environment we seek to create- namely, respecting each other as individuals with varying views and perceptions of life. The sessions presented were not discussed in light of your personal beliefs or thoughts but were directly related to research outcomes that allowed our staff to see how happiness is symbiotic relationship to health, relationship, and perceptions of self. Our staff was given the opportunity to choose to apply the information to themselves and I have no doubt the information learned will be applied by management and staff and shared with our clients as a therapeutic intervention."
Victorine Watson
Clinical Supervisor, Parkside Recovery, Philadelphia, Pa.


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Organisations Servicing The Homeless:
St. Lukes LifeWorks
(Stamford, Connecticut)

"Your Happier Horizons program was like a cocktail in the sense that it was a fusion of a variety of positive psychology concepts.† I now see happiness as a holding company with sub-ordinates such as self-esteem and optimism, all creating a satisfied whole.† The road to happiness is paved in gold, however, not in monetary gold, but in the treasures that lie dormant or active within oneself.† I found Adrian McInmanís course to be highly enlightening because he reaches to all facets of my life: personal effectiveness, health (physical and mental) and personal relationships and also relationship with myself.† He provides the tools that help to change oneís thinking that happiness is not external but internal.† At the same time it inadvertently led me on the road to be more effective in what I do and dissolved my destructive tendencies of procrastination."
John Dunn
Program Administrator, St. Lukes LifeWorks, Stamford, Connecticut


"Your program offered a different way to look at things.† You asked us to dare step outside of our comfort zone.† You offered ways to change in increments that were comfortable to us.† You showed us how to make changes and how we could implement them.† These things were not so hard.† They were actually easy things, once we learnt the reasoning behind why to do them.† I liked the concrete examples of what I, or my clients, can do to set goals for improving self-worth.† I particularly enjoyed the focus on taking responsibility because no matter what happened in the past only you can change the present.† Professionally, your program gave me ways to transmit this message."
Courtney Epps
HIV Prevention Specialist, St. Lukeís LifeWorks Affiiate, Stamford, Connecticut


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Organisations That Help Refugees:
Roza Promotions
(Staten Island, New York)

"I know it was good due to the dialogue that occurred after the sessions - how people expressed their opinions. Way after the workshops, people were still talking. They took it home and talked about it. This is something Liberian people are not use to. I personally liked it. There were a lot of new things I didn't know. I liked the friends and family topic - where you get happiness from. Your program is another way of saying counselling is fine - counselling is okay. There's a stigma in the Liberian community to go to a counsellor - there has to be a real problem. It's looked down upon to see a counsellor, but your group interaction is part of what Liberians do. Some initially worried about being brain-washed, but look how deep one of the older members got. To talk about your wife, your bedroom - that is not normal in our culture. It touched people. I know that due to them speaking about it. It entered some people's homes here. One of the men is in Philadelphia due to what was said in the program. It motivated him."
Rufus Arkoi
Executive Director, Roza Promotions, Staten Island, New York


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Organisations That Help Women:
La Leche League
(Athens, Greece)

"You were very inspiring and very uplifting. The women really enjoyed it. They left with something tangible out of you. They can use the information and techniques with their children and family. Many of us are going through very intense events, so we will use your techniques to help with this. Your information has real relevance for people in Athens and Greece as we are in the midst of really difficult times. The atmosphere is very short-tempered, but you showed us that we can have a different perception. We can be empowered even these in these times."
Laura Foti-Liverakos
Accredited Leader, La Leche League, Athens, Greece


WIN Belize
(Belize, Central America)

"The time I spent with you was well worth every minute, because I am now more equipped to succeed in reaching my goals. You were enlightening. I learnt a lot. I have learnt how to be more confident and make more changes in my life, my family structure, and my work. I liked the opportunity to write a statement about what the various sections meant to me. It made me reflect on what was shown and to come up with my personal statement on how it impacted me. I will remember to take baby steps, because you can’t change things over night. You have to have patience. And I’ll remember the PCPAM, because I can put the model into context and help people better."
Carolyn Reynolds
Executive Director, WIN Belize

"It was very impressive, especially the information on Stages of change. I realized that I go through these stages, but I didn’t know them. It's helped me get out of Contemplation and into Action. I learnt I can create my own change and be as successful as possible. All I have to do is believe in me, have confidence, and say 'Yes I can.' Hence, I can create my own happiness. If I believe it, I can achieve it. During your sessions you inspired me to have the courage to take up a life-changing experience."
Hyacinth Latchman Cuellar
Associate Member, WIN Belize

"I am a risk-taker who likes challenges. I have been involved in several things in my life, especially working with women, Village Council, and Scout and Girl Guide Leadership, but due to your sessions I have more confidence to do whatever I want to do. I now have the foundation to develop myself and other people. I now want to be a role model for other people. To continue to do this in the future, I need to believe in myself and be confident in all that I do."
Olivia Rhaburn
Associate Member, WIN Belize

"Sometimes I doubt myself. In the back of my mind I tell myself, 'I can’t do that.' But I have learnt from you that I need to believe in myself, push harder for what I want, be nice to the people around me, and have confidence and faith in what I do. There were so many things that you said that were useful. In the past I use to say, 'I need luck,' but that’s not true. I need to continuously push for what I want. I need to plan, so that I don't fail. The confidence comes from within me."
Sharlett Andrews
Associate Member, WIN Belize


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Devaux Extended Family
(Cap Estate, Saint Lucia)

“I enjoyed your program a great deal. One of the most interesting sessions is the twist that there is no such thing as stress. I have attended many seminars over the years and not one ever impacted me as yours did. You gave me a completely new perspective which is coinciding with my recently new outlook on life trying to take time for yourself, your family, be happy and enjoy what you have. Your session will impact me (hopefully forever) and I feel, allow me to ‘put into practice' what I am trying to do. I definitely find life's issues a lot easier to handle. I continuously reflect on your teachings (especially the tips and tricks you showed us) to aid me in dealing and coping with daily pressures. I first do some breathing then rationally review the situation looking for a solution, calmly. The answer is always there, it is for you to learn how to find out how you can cope/solve the problem. I have also brought the whole family into a ritual which we make fun for the kids - we all lie down, do some controlled diaphragmatic breathing and meditation and then each write down five things that we are happy or thankful for. It is working wonderfully. The kids now ask to play our “night game” before bed. I would recommend this seminar to any and everyone, from business owners to individuals young and old no matter your background, age or gender. Everyone wants to have a more optimistic and happier outlook on life no matter who they are. Your course is it. You keep people's attention throughout and your humour and ‘down under' accent only add impact to what you are saying.”
Richard Devaux
Cap Estate, Saint Lucia


"What really hit home for me was the healthy living theme in some of your sessions, because we all know what we need to do to be healthy, but we don't always do it. Now that I know that doing the right things will not only lead to good health, but also happiness – no more excuses. Your session on optimism made me question just how optimistic I really am. The session on stress was the most radical for me: the whole idea of there being no such thing as stress was startling but compelling. Now when I feel '‘stressed', I look for the underlying fear; once I identify it, I can choose whether to avoid it or confront it, but just recognizing that I have a choice puts me back in control. Your program is very timely, because the whole world seems to be pursuing happiness in this new millennium. The program is definitely relevant for St. Lucians and people from other Caribbean countries. People of all economic and education levels in St. Lucia would get something out of your sessions. I think your program has universal appeal."
Tracey Devaux
Cap Estate, Saint Lucia


Hameed Extended Family
(Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia)

“It’s an eye-opener, a trigger. I wish my husband could have been here with me during your presentations. I realize that I am not spending enough quality time with my husband and kids. We have enough time, but we don’t find it for the important things. It made me realize that keeping fit will keep my family and me happy, united together, and spending more quality time with one other. Ultimately I want to pass on these good things or ways for my kids to continue when they have their own family.”
Jameela Hameed
Hameed Extended Family, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia


"I learnt a lot. I realize that I spend so much time with my children that I’m not as serious with myself as much as I should be. I need to exercise more and lead my family in a good way. I found the information on exercise and being healthy the most useful. I should not take keeping myself healthy for granted. I should come out of my cocoon, socialize, be positive, be a better mother for my kids, a better healthier wife for my husband, and set a good example for my family and friends. I will pass on these messages which I learnt from you to my siblings and friends so it will help them to lead happier and healthier lives."
Zabina Hameed
Hameed Extended Family, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia


Maphosa Extended Family
(Lobatse, Botswana)

"Your sessions were an eye-opener. I realized some basic truths to overcome our fears and inhibitions. It was liberating. We have so much control and do not have to wait for some external person. Your sessions were practical, you demonstrated in a simple manner. Often we hear that it should be like this, but we never hear the how. But I left the sessions knowing what to do. Knowledge is not enough, but what made the sessions great was that I know what I need to do to accomplish what I want in life. The way you delivered the material was not one-way traffic. The interactions during the sessions and the atmosphere you created helped get your point across and allowed us to express our viewpoints without intimidation or fear."
Mmatalenta Maphosa
Maphosa Extended Family and Friends


"It was excellent. We learnt life skills that are important to have a better life and that I can pass on to people at home, work, and society in general. I especially will remember that if I am happy, then a lot of good things will fall into place. It made me think, opened my thought processes, and helped me look into myself and decide how I can make changes in my life and how I can influence change in others. It was amazing to know how relaxing your diaphragmatic breathing technique is. Although there were a few children and adolescents in the room, with ages as young as 10 years, you kept them engaged during the sessions. As a result they benefited substantially."
Michelle Brown
Maphosa Extended Family and Friends


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Organisations That Help Children:
Botswana National Youth Council
(Gaborone, Botswana)

"This whole process has awakened me to a point I am confident and set in believing in what I am believing without becoming defensive about what I believe in. I don’t need to convince others. It has helped me to stick to my guns – to my values – regardless of what people think. I do not want to be swayed by societal norms. That’s what I appreciate the most about your process. Sometimes we get lost along the way and sometimes it is important to be reminded of what it is that really defines who you really are. Your platform reminds you of this and nudges you towards living your life according to the values you hold dearly. I wish the sessions had been longer than 2 hours so that we can really dissect the topics."
Dudu Neo Morobe
Affiliates Relations Manager, Botswana National Youth Council, Gaborone, Botswana


"It was a good course. It gave us the opportunity to look into ourselves and see what we could change. It gave me the opportunity to think and to appreciate life and its dynamics and how to overcome the challenges of life in a simpler manner. For me, the most simple things matter and we tend to disregard them and instead focus on unimportant complex things. How often do we focus on our values and goals? We all want to succeed in life, but we don’t want to make sacrifices. If you ask people, ‘What do you want to do,’ they are clueless in that they know what they want to achieve, but they do not know how they are going to achieve. There is no goal congruence with our values. Our goals are pointing in one direction and our values are pointing in another direction. And we are caught in between. That’s why some organisations in Botswana are not succeeding as well as they could, because they are confused. Some organisations don’t focus on their mandates. Hence, organisations can’t serve the clients they are meant to be serving. Employees in Botswana oftentimes don’t focus on their organizations, but instead focus on themselves. In one of the Godfather movies Al Pacino is talking to an Italian Archbishop. The Archbishop says, ‘You see this piece of stone. It’s all wet on the outside. Look inside, it’s still dry, but it has always been inside the pond for all the time it has existed. Water has never penetrated it.’ People are the same, as things don’t penetrate them regardless of how many times we are exposed to material. I’m a go-getter, but your course penetrated me. You made me aware. Your mode of presentation allowed us to introspect. It wasn’t complicated, it was very simple, but it touched me deeply. Even after the first day I was looking forward to the next day. I wanted to come more and more as the program progressed. The level of engagement you created in the group was the best thing you did. You really engaged people and helped everyone in the group to open up. You made us relaxed and so you got the best out of us."
Pelaelo Khowe
Director Finance and Administration, Botswana National Youth Council, Gaborone, Botswana


"You made me reassess my frame of reference. Sometimes your values are mostly developed by the people who surround you (e.g., parents, friends in school, people you meet in travels) and they build up your values. For instance, in Japan I learnt time is money. That has been instilled in me. Also growing up with age what you thought was important becomes less important. For instance, now that I have a son, some values have become more important. Like love, has become more important. Your course has been thought provoking and made me reassess if I am aligning my values appropriately. I have been aware of my values but not been putting it into context until now. The interactions amongst the group have been good as we hardly ever interact in a relaxing atmosphere. Things have been a bit tense, but you have helped us put that behind us."
Wanetsha Mosinyi
Public Relations and Strategy Manager, Botswana National Youth Council, Gaborone, Botswan


(Stamford, Connecticut)

"I really liked the chance to learn again. It was especially helpful and beneficial to me and hopefully it will be with those that I work with. I needed a reminder to be a more positive, healthier, and happier person.† Realizing that I have a lot more control over my life then I started to believe was really useful. It is not about just going around day-to-day with things just happening to me, it is the way I perceive the things that are happening to me and around me that makes all the difference.† The way you present your sessions makes it particularly easy to accept your theories.† I liked the "proof, proof, proof".† Any time I had a doubt you were able to clear it up with another study.† You were really proficient at working out ahead of time where people may have some doubts; and then you were able to give us evidence that may not have made them go completely away, but continued to make us want to think and explore."
Lindsey Waggaman
Director, Juvenile Review Board, DOMUS, Stamford, Connecticut


Dunes International School
(Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia)

"When the students did your breathing exercises they relaxed. They were so much more relaxed that they maintained discipline better. They are not fighting as much. In their breaks they use to run around a lot causing problems, now they don’t. They use to bully each other, but now they don’t. I especially like the way you talk to our students. I liked how you explained your ideas and techniques."
Mohammed Quasam
Teacher, Dunes International School, Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia


Gateway College
(Dehiwala, Sri Lanka)

"Your sessions are really helpful for us to plan our future. We can now have a better future because of you as we have been very scared to do things, even to talk about how we feel, but now the sacredness has gone from us. I feel very relaxed and confident in your sessions. The breathing exercises feel good and makes my mind relaxed. I now believe that I can do more as a role model for my athletes. I have to be more open and have my personality to be a better coach. I now have to plan a lot more for my athletes. I also have to determine which stage of change my athletes are in so that I can teach them from that."
Shereen Nugera
Netball Coach, Gateway College, Dehiwala, Sri Lanka


"I enjoyed the sessions as you taught me how to help my athletes better. I will never say, 'no we can’t do that.' Instead, I will now say, 'It may be hard, but we can probably do it' or 'We can do that' and my athletes are more likely to say, 'I can.' The main thing for me out of all the hours training we did was, 'I can't stop the waves, but I learnt how to surf.' In other words, it really came down to, 'I can and I will.' The breathing exercises were good. It allows me to have a good mind. I am now teaching my athletes the techniques."
Sewwandi Nayanathara
Basketball Coach, Gateway College, Negombo, Sri Lanka


"Your sessions are really helpful. You always gave us practical examples. You always got us to involve our practical examples into the conversation. Everyone got involved. We have clinics to upgrade our sports knowledge, but we have never had psychology training. So you helped us prepare ourselves and to be optimistic all the time and set up positive goals. For instance, teaching us how to be very specific with our goals, such as the colour of a house we want, was very useful. It made us more likely to reach our goals. The way you started the class was really nice. We came here to change and you asked, 'Why are you here?' We said, 'To change' and you said, 'Are you really ready to change?' I have changed after these 3 days. I know I have to prepare for my lessons, give my athletes short-term and long-term goals, and be optimistic, especially when setting goals."
Tharindu Fernando
Basketball Coach, Gateway College, and Sri Lankan National Basketball Coach, Colombo, Sri Lanka


3PM International Foundation Limited
(Kingston, Jamaica)

"What I learnt from you was very, very good as I learnt how to effect change in myself and others. In a short time I learnt about people and how they relate to change. I'm definitely going to remember the stages of change and what helpers need to do, as I want to make a change in people and your sessions gave me a tool to better effect change. You definitely got me thinking and peaked my interest. You joke you don’t have a sense of humour, but you do. You engage the audience and you were to the point with your teaching. What I really learnt about myself is that I have potential knowledge, but that I need to apply it more."
Rohan Mohalland
Camp Master, 3PM International Foundation Limited, Kingston, Jamaica

"It was very effective for me. At first I wasn’t really into it, but when you got going I really enjoyed it. I focused on your sessions and found your breathing exercises very relaxing. I realize I wasn't breathing properly. I feel the differences now. I feel more calm and relaxed. I am able to relate to people that I am trying to help better now. Normally if I am trying to help someone and they're not taking my advice, I probably would get frustrated and probably not help them as much as I can or should. But due to your sessions, I now know that it takes time to change and everyone is different when it comes to change."
Amanda-Jo Anderson
Volunteer, 3PM International Foundation Limited, Kingston, Jamaica

"It was an amazing experience. I learnt a lot about change, such as how to help others go through the stages of change. It was an eye-opener, just like the information on how there is no such thing as stress, but instead it is your perception of fears. It was refreshing to think about my values as well as to add a few I never thought much about. You made me think about which values I consider the most important. I liked the interaction. You were very open and you ensured that we all interacted well. I'll definitely remember the importance of perception and that I'm always in control, no matter what."
Carel Dookie
Director, 3PM International Foundation Limited, Kingston, Jamaica

"It was comfortable and seamless. Sometimes people respond out of their own cultural and social biases, but you had no hang-ups. You were well received and they trusted the process. You actually added to their processes. Although you gave information, you also gave them space to self-reflect. I liked the self-evaluation process. The question and answer sections with the rating scales were very useful, as it forced people to look at themselves and see where they are functioning. We often don't have time to do that internal reflection, as we are focusing on working and living our lives. I was also able to process your information and then think through how I could integrate it with what I do and transmit it to the audience using my own skills. The sessions were very impactful for the youth and volunteers, along with the professional organisations that also attended the sessions. They should have long-term results on many levels. I liked the Tai Chi as it was unconventional and a way to process your information on a physical level. The Tai Chi could express the diaphragmatic breathing techniques taught."
Coretta Johnson
Founder and Executive Director, 3PM International Foundation Limited, Kingston, Jamaica


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Organisations That Help The Elderly:
Adult Day Health Care Program at Sea View Hospital Rehabilitation Center & Home
(Staten Island, New York)

"I was very impressed. The presentations were very professional, yet they were also very down-to-earth. As the instructor, you were excellent. Your agenda was thorough. You were faithful and never late. One could see how much you love your own program. You and the program was so organized. Before the series began, you presented us with great backup material. Your material is very good and very appropriate for all. At times I thought your material might be a little too difficult for some of our advanced elderly, but it wasn't, as you challenged them and they responded well. Each person actually understood the main concepts of each session. Each workshop was exceptionally interactive. This was the best part of each session. I just loved the interaction and how each person became so engrossed and engaged. You didn't wait for the interaction to happen, you motivated each person. The staff really enjoyed and loved the sessions. I wish all the staff could have participated, as all that did go, received a lot out of it. I didn't realize just how intelligent some of the clients were; the staff also were impressed. It didn't matter if each participant was a person with degrees, or a person who has memory problems. Each person got something from each session. You got to all of them and I thought that was the best part of the program. I really enjoyed each workshop that I attended." "By the way, thank you."
Theresa Rafferty
Director, Adult Day Health Care, Seaview Hospital Rehabilitation Center and Home, Staten Island, New York


"Like every one else, I myself have learned a lot from your Happier Horizons program. This program taught us to stay calm, to take a positive approach to circumstances that bother me, try to be optimistic, believe in your self, and stay focused on our goals. New York is a very fast track society and we need to calm down. I think our society is full of anger. One of the things that was reinforced for me in this program was that happiness comes from the inside. It's your choice. Go out and socialise, extend your happier horizons with others, exercise, eat a healthy diet, and take a moment at least three times a day by meditating with your breathing technique."
Emelita Harrison
Patient Care Technician, Seaview Adult Day Health Care Program, Seaview Hospital Rehabilitation Center and Home, Staten Island, New York


"Your program was excellent. I really enjoyed it. The program helps people open up more. The clients who don't usually talk are talking more now. They don't usually talk as much. Some of the clients go to bowling on Wednesdays. When they got back from bowling they would rush upstairs to participate in as much of the session as possible. They didn't want to miss any of it. I noticed that my clients, for example, Bill Smith, has changed. Bill lost weight because of the program. He was able to train himself to have more will-power to stick to his diet. For Mary Shea, who is legally blind, attending the program was like her ears turned into her eyes. She's very willing and able to do anything that a seeing person can do. It's even helped me - I'm happier now. I liked the meditation. It's helping me with my university study. I got to use some of your material, especially on the possibilities of changing happiness, with my university studies. While attending Happier Horizons I realized that I took people that I love for granted, especially my parents. I even realized that I took certain occasions and times for granted. I learned from the program not to procrastinate, to be persistent in all I do, take life as it goes and not to worry about the future. I'm going to be more adventurous and willing to experience new things.
Christie Zacarias
Patient Care Technician, Adult Day Health Care, Seaview Hospital Rehabilitation Center and Home, Staten Island, New York


Adult Day Health Care Program at Morningside House
(The Bronx, New York)

"You were very interesting. You were something different. You gave a lot of information from all around the world, not just the United States, about human psychology and different aspects of happiness. You were very sociable, had a positive attitude, and used your voice well. I liked the way you took into account our clients varied backgrounds; their culture, life experiences, and work experiences. And I liked your visuals: Nelson Mandela, Einstein, Australia. After each session the clients and staff would keep talking about what you had discussed and the techniques you had taught them."
Elvira Balk
Music Therapist, Adult Day Health Care Program at Morningside House, The Bronx, New York


Classic Residence by the Hyatt
(Yonkers, New York)

"Your program is great. The residents love it. They find you stimulating. They find you entertaining. They like your sense of humour and find you easy to be around. The interaction is beautiful. It's not a lecture – it's an open discussion. You make them think. It was very practical as the residents now know how to meditate. So now in our news program we start off by doing your meditation and breathing techniques. So this way they are able to sit back, relax, and breathe. This will allow them to think through what has happened in the news and help them contribute more effectively. For me personally the best part was that I can do this."
Aida Carino
Lifestyle Coordinator, Classic Residence by the Hyatt, Yonkers, New York


Dr. Susan Smith McKinney Neponsit Adult Day Health Care Center
(Queens, New York)

"I liked the usage of pictures in conjunction with the presentations, as they gave a good explanation of what you are aiming at. I liked your sense of friendliness to the clients and your receptiveness to their abilities and disabilities. I liked your initiative shown towards the language barriers we have here. Writing some of the slides in Russian was great as it attracted their interest. I found your exercises worked and were a good learning tool for reinforcement. Some people look at life as if it's out of their control, but "Happier Horizons" empowers individuals to see life differently. The clients learnt that everyone has the ability to change if they want to. You reached our clients at different levels. For instance, one of the ladies has a better sense of the techniques she has learnt from you. With one man, just to remember your name is a fabulous interaction. You were able to reverse a depressed state of mind in one of the female clients. It decreased her social isolation, increased her receptiveness to discussion, and increased her expression of her feelings. You gave them a nice exposure to have a sense of control over their lives."
Beth Gutman
Senior Activity Therapist, Dr Susan Smith McKinney Neponsit Adult Day Health Care Center, Queens, New York


Fay J Linder Assistive Living
(Commack, Long Island, New York)

"You were great. I think your program has given the residents a chance to understand how much control they have in their lives – that they are not victims of their environment. You really brought out in me and the residents what stress is and isn't. They now understand what they perceive is the key. They don't have to be neurotic about everything. You made them more aware of themselves. For instance, one woman told me that you gave her reasons why we act the way we do. It has helped her filter her own thoughts. I now have a better understanding of how we create a lot of our problems ourselves. For instance, we focus on stress – like a cliché. Instead, we need to focus on what we are doing - that's more helpful. You made me question where I am on continuums from being cool as a cucumber to being neurotic. It helped me a lot. The interaction between you and the audience was very personable and receptive. You use a lot of humour. Your program is a very valuable tool. We are now going to do two minutes of diaphragmatic breathing and meditation at the start and end of our fitness sessions."
Susan Fliss
Recreation Therapist, Fay J Linder Assistive Living, Commack, Long Island, New York


Gurwin Jewish Center
(Commack, Long Island, New York)

"I think it was great. Having the statistics to back up your opinions was very useful, as we have a lot of sceptics. Having both the visual and auditory information was helpful as different people learn in different ways. You have a lot of energy, you get people involved, and you kept them on their toes. Any body can gain from this message; staff and clients alike. So when are you coming back?"
Christine Schomberg
Recreation Therapist, Gurwin Jewish Center, Commack, Long Island, New York


"I thought the information is helpful for everyone - of all ages. I really liked the information on television viewing - we are so prone to seeing television as entertainment, but it's just passive. You had a ton of information, very well researched, and you gave credit to the authors of the original information. Your information was recent. That was very important. Backing up your information with pictures was great - everyone likes visual. I think it really hit home to a lot of the staff because they are not getting enough sleep and enough exercise. It was a wake-up call. We need to intervene in our own lives and ask ourselves what do we want out of life?"
Carolyn O'Brien
Assistant Director of Recreation Therapy, Gurwin Jewish Center, Commack, Long Island, New York


Hayes Manor
(Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

"The clients love your program. The program is useful for them. They really enjoy it. The clients have learnt to control their emotions. You are more effective than a regular psychiatrist. Everyone has problems and everyone's problems are different, however, what you teach them is useful for all of them. I personally learned from this program that people, places, and things can affect my outlook on life. I learned how to control my thoughts and I use the 5 steps you taught in the course now, instead of using negative thinking. I now realize that I have a choice. I am doing the diaphragmatic breathing you taught me and it has helped me become more relaxed."
Mildred Anderson
Activities Assistant, Hayes Manor, Philadelphia


"I like the way my residents are really involved in this. You don't leave any of them out and it's something that every one can participate in. You challenge them – I like that. The residents actually wait for you as much as half an hour before you arrive. Some of the residents are teaching the other residents. Me personally, I liked sharing my flow experiences with the residents. The medical profession is quick to write out a prescription for drugs, whereas you are trying to teach the residents that they have the ability to make themselves happy. There was a shooting the other day and my car was all shot up by stray bullets. It looked like the wild, wild west. My husband could not believe how calm I was, because I am usually the one to freak out. And then it dawned on me that I just kept a positive reaction to the situation because what I learnt in your sessions – to keep a positive attitude."
Joanne Nelson
Activities Director Assistant, Hayes Manor, Philadelphia


Huntington Hills Adult Day Health Care
(Melville, New York)

"The interaction was good between you and the clients. You discussed things with the group and more importantly you interacted with them individually. You gave them something to utilize such as how to reduce their anxiety. You gave them concrete techniques to do - not just information. The main message for me was that I am in control of how much anxiety I have and if I let things get to me."
Valerie Lellig
Recreation Therapist, Huntington Hills Adult Day Health Care, Mellville, Long Island, New York


Morningside House
(The Bronx, New York)

"You were great. The residents really liked your program. And you made a big impact on me, so much so that I want to hire you as a consultant in the not too distant future. Your style was great. I think your language was good, your tempo great, and your delivery very energetic. I liked the key message that regardless of your circumstances, you can still do things to empower yourself."
Paul Bufano
Director of Recreation Therapy, The Bronx, New York


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