Sport Psychology
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Adrian improves performance by:
  • comprehensive sport psychology training,
  • executive coaching (face-to-face or via the internet),
  • two 1-day (Cultivate Courage, Create Change), three 2-day (Develop Direction, Have Health, Thrive), and one 30-session (Happier Horizons) course, and
  • dynamic, interactive Keynote conference speeches
Adrian focuses on research findings (Give him 60 minutes and you won't believe in "stress"!), mental skills training (e.g., Thriving Habit, 7-hour Self-talk Exercise), and performance improvement via increasing mental toughness and happiness.


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CVM TV (Jamaica)
(12 August, 2015)
CVM at Sunrise
Hosts: Orville Higgins

CVM TV (Jamaica)
(16 July, 2014)
CVM at Sunrise
Hosts: Rohan Daley & Orville Higgins
Channel 5 (Belize)
(2 July, 2014)
Open your eyes
Hosts: William Neal & Marleni Cuellar
Love Television (Belize)
(3 July, 2014)
Morning Show
Hosts: Julie Carillo & Armin Arana
Btv (Botswana)
(20 June, 2012)
Breakfast Morning Show
Host: Brian Dioka
TV3 (Ghana)
(24 July, 2012)
Midday News
Host: Joel Acheampong
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Hire Adrian to help your organisation become Number 1 in the world. He will help your people improve their performance by increasing their mental toughness and happiness. This will be achieved by teaching practical techniques and research findings so effectively, your people will consistently use them to create more successful lives.
Be inspired to cultivate courage, develop direction, create change, have health, and thrive.
Be motivated to improve your life by the presentation of research findings focusing on mental toughness, happiness, values, psychology, and health. Learn very effective 60-second relaxation and thought-changing techniques, lifestyle choices demanding more time and greater effort, and intense self-analysis strategies focusing on prioritising values and setting goals. Discover how to put the techniques and research findings together in a time efficient manner, especially with the five-minute Happier Horizons Thriving Habit.
In group sessions, you are encouraged to express your opinions and participate fully, while having the security of knowing that you have the right not to have to contribute or divulge personal details.
Improve performance by increasing mental toughness and happiness
Clear and concise
Attractive, outstanding, and tasteful
Expert, genuine, and practical
Helped 3 organisations become Number 1 in the world

Increasing mental toughness is a major aim because research of scholars have shown that mentally tough people:

  • are less depressed (Brand et al., 2014)
  • less "stressed" (Brand et al., 2014)
  • more optimistic (Nicholls et al., 2008)
  • more satisfied with life (Gerber et al., 2013)
  • happier (Stamp et al., 2015)
  • use more proactive coping methods(Nicholls et al., 2008)
  • exercise more (Brand et al., 2016)
  • sleep better (Brand et al., 2014)
  • perform better on tests (Strycharczyk and Clough, 2014)
  • adjust better to new work demands(Godlewski and Kline, 2012)
  • get better grades at school(Crust et al., 2014)
  • are more skilled batsmen in cricket (Weissensteiner et al., 2012)

Increasing happiness is a major aim because research of scholars have shown that happier people:

  • are more productive at work (Wright and Cropanzano, 2000)
  • are more creative at work (Amabile et al., 2005)
  • have more favorable supervisor evaluations (Staw, Sutton, & Pelled, 1995)
  • have more energy (Csikszentmihalyi and Wong, 1991)
  • participate in more activities (Csikszentmihalyi and Wong, 1991)
  • are more likely to graduate from college (Frisch et al., 2004)
  • perceive less pain (Salovey and Birnbaum, 1989)
  • exaggerate criticism less (Bower, 1991)
  • have better health (James et al., 1986)
  • live longer (Danner, Snowdon, & Friesen, 2001)
  • are more likely to donate blood (O’Malley & Andrews, 1983)
  • have higher batting averages as cricketers (Totterdell, 2000)
  • Trained 121 organisations in 23 countries:
  • Antigua, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Barbados, Belize, Botswana, China, England, Greece, Ghana, Guyana, India, Indonesia, Jamaica, Malaysia, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Saint Lucia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Trinidad & Tobago, United States, Zimbabwe
  • Conducted many Keynote conference speeches:
  • "Engaging and thought-provoking"
  • Gregory Jones, 2012 Conference Organiser
  • 9th New York Mental Health Symposium
  • "Amazing"
  • Lorrie Prescott, 2011 Conference Organiser
  • 16th NY State Therapeutic Recreation Association conference
  • Written about in 18 newspapers and magazines
  • Appeared on television and radio 30 times
  • Founded Happier Horizons in 2005
  • Previously an Australian researcher and psychologist
  • 7 university qualifications:
  • Master of Psychology (Clinical)
  • Master of Education (Specialising in Sport Psychology)
  • Graduate Certificate in Suicide Prevention Studies
  • Bachelor of Social Science (Honours) (Psychology)
  • Diploma in Education
  • Bachelor of Physical Education
  • Bachelor of Arts
  • gain from the knowledge that "stress" does not exist
  • control your perceptions
  • steadfastly commit to your goals
  • believe you can cope
  • proactively accept challenges
  • focus on actions (not placebos)
  • create a culture of continuous improvement
  • overcome resistance to change
  • reduce self-generated impediments to decision making
  • make good choices
  • build a basis for happiness by proactively nourishing NESTS
  • (Nutrition, Exercise, Sleep, Thoughts, Social support)
  • have a successful professional life
  • enhance your personality by generating better NOISE
  • (Neuroticism, Optimism, Internal locus of control, Self-esteem, Extroversion)
  • perform the 8-steps, 5-minute Happier Horizons Thriving Habit
  • create a clear sense of purpose
  • obtain a more meaningful life
  • consciously determine your most important values
  • set goals based on your most cherished values
  • increase happiness by implementing the Five Ss
  • (Sort, Set, Supervise, Steady, Savour)
  • Increase confidence with GOAT minus POT
  • (Growth mind-set, Observe, Act, Trust Yourself) - (Perfectionism, Over-Thinking)

Are you a motivational speaker?

I am NOT a motivational speaker. Although Conference Organisers describe my speeches as "amazing" and "engaging" and clients believe my services "exude positive energy", I don't use pep talks to whip up audiences into emotional frenzies. You won't hear unjustifiable claims delivered with a rousing rant. Instead, I explain scientifically-proven research facts about mental toughness, happiness, values, psychology, and health and teach practical, time-efficient techniques that work according to both research and thousands of clients in various organisations and countries. You will probably leave my sessions feeling engaged, aware, introspective, and deeply touched, but you won't need me shouting at you via a cd to keep you doing my simple to learn, easy to do techniques that can be immediately implemented!
So what do you do?
I present facts from some brilliant research studies focusing on mental toughness, happiness, values, psychology, and health that are hidden away in academic journals. For instance, do you believe stress exists? Give me 60 minutes and you won’t. I teach practical relaxation, thought-changing, and lifestyle techniques in a unique way that is interesting and helps my audience become better athletes, coaches, managers, employees, and any other kind of person they want to be. Crucially, I show them how to incorporate the information and techniques into their lives in a practical, 60-second, time-efficient manner. Finally, I stimulate conversations about values, so that people question who they are, who they want to be, and what kind of society they want to live in. I do all of this via sport psychology training, executive coaching, group education courses, conference presentations, and media appearances.
What is your teaching philosophy?
We all resist change. So pushing someone to change can be problematic. The individual has to want the change, perceive he/she can do it, and be ready for it. However, people don’t change unless sufficiently persuaded. Hence, I challenge my clients sufficiently so they are motivated to change, but not so much that they become defensive.
What is your overall philosophy?
You will be happier and the world will be a better place when you think and act as us and we - not I and me.